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Characters 21-30/30 (Mission Complete!!)

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21/30 – Amelia. She’s a ghost!

22/30 – Blech. Another WTF creature.

23/30 – Righteous Slaughter. A true founding father of this great nation.

24/30 – Avenging Pequot Warrior. In honor of the 700 massacred Pequot Native Americans.

25/30 – Slugger. He punches things. In space.

26/30 – Fluffy the Pirate. Named after one of my PAX Enforcer brothers, I mostly just wanted to draw a pirate with a Lemmy.

27/30 – Artslinger. This is the front turnaround for another contest, but I drew it in November, so whatever. Think having powers like Green Lantern, but through art supplies.

28/30 – The Scholar. Ended up looking like Gordon Freeman. Unintentional.

29/30 – Tengu. I didn’t draw any anthropomorphic creatures for this thing. Not my bag, really. Still, gotta cover all the bases.

30/30 – s133pDEAD! Okay, so it’s kind of a cop out, but I’m super stoked to have completed this challenge and also my beard deserves to be immortalized!

#28 The Mapper

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 A rider on a quest to create a working map of the Transit system, for his own edification and the betterment of other travelers.

You have seen the Mapper, if you have ever taken public transit or even hung out near a bus stop.  A little bit sketchy-looking, lost in his own world, constantly scribbling in his notebook, pausing occasionally to work something out, bobbing his head minutely to the silent output of his oversized studio quality headphones.  He’s never even looked in your direction once. Music and mapping are the fundamental building blocks of his world.  Everything else is ephemera.

[co-created with Ken Barnes]

#17 Skyclad

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The pod containing abstract creation material (we would probably refer to it as “genetic”) shot off into space, its planet of launch destroyed as per the Protocols of Ta’aru. Rather than a midwestern farm, however, the pod landed at the annual radical arts festival known as Burning Man. The material assembled itself into an infant and was found by a couple of Burners, who saw it as a magical occurrence they had manifested and adopted the infant as their own.

Champion of the Burning Lands, she was raised according to the Principles of Black Rock City. A fierce DIY warrior priestess, she is naked and unashamed, in control of her fiery spinning poi as her mother taught her, and wielding the Tesla blade made by her father. Radical self-sufficiency, radical self-expression, constant invention and radical inclusion are the watchwords of this nomadic adventurer.

She possesses the usual powers of a Champion of Ta’aru: flight, superhuman strength and durability, heightened senses, an inquisitive, activist nature, and the ability to focus her chi into energy that can be projected. Her ‘Special’ is the ability to heal physical, mental, and spiritual damage/trauma.

# 17: Hayden Seer

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A speedy summoner, Hayden Seer.

Hayden Seer was an aspiring artist in the state of Washington. As a child, Hayden discovered he can make his doodles come to life and be his playmates. These were fairly harmless and were mainly used to entertain himself with, until upon his teens, when preparing for an upcoming gallery, his pictures came to life and ran rampart throughout the gallery. Hayden’s parents, office workers for the the Loman Organization, brought Hayden to the Loman Institute where he would better understand his ability. However, Hayden’s ability is a rare case, as summoners usually make contracts and call forth existing entities, not create them from thin air. This puzzle led many Mages within the Loman Institute to learn from him, yet Hayden is still trying to understand the full extent of his abilities through trial and error and from adapting the current tenants of magic and applying them to his particular form of magic.

As a Mage Agent of Loman, Hayden is a field operative, like Deidra Edelweiss, who employs magic as their primary weapon in combat, yet as a Mage, Hayden also works as a Mage counselor and researcher in studying the arcane arts.

Abilities: Hayden is a specialist in a rare form of summoning magic; where he summons images that are his own creation. As such, Hayden carries around a portfolio book with drawings that he has drawn and summons them via a blood seal offering. The creatures that Hayden summons exist as long as Hayden is willing to offer the blood for their continued existence as size determines the blood offerings, as a larger creature will require more blood and a shorter duration compared to a smaller creature and a longer time limit. As such, Hayden usually keeps his summoned creatures between 90 seconds to 15 minutes summons no more than three creatures, as such any longer or any larger and Hayden begins to feel the effects of blood loss immediately.

Hayden is also proficient in other fields of magic, particular sealing, barrier, and not surprisingly, summoning magic. Hayden also understands tracking magic and light healing magic to cope with blood loss and to heal himself from fatigue. Aside from summoning magic, Hayden is adept at kinetomancy, speed magic, where Hayden accelerates his reflexes so as to be a more evasive target to opponents, add to his combat training, and Hayden is a capable fighter, when not summoning creatures.

Hayden has completed basic small arms and close quarters combat training, so he is capable of hand to hand and using small arms weapons.

Creation: Hayden was one of the first of three characters that came to me in my idea for Loman. It was a dream I was reading or watching a show with these “supernatural agents” where there was an element witch, an art summoner, and a legendary weapons specialist. Hayden was going to be a POV character as he will be introduced to the team around issue two. The name came around just using Hayden and the mythical troupe of a seer. His outfit was modeled after  the dream, where I saw such a robe, yet the detailing is modeled after a manga characters coat I saw. Originally, Hayden’s sketchbook was to be strapped to his back, but I changed it to be more portable and it will be attached to his hip, like a personal firearm. The creatures were going to be based around stylized or exagerrated representations of my own library of characters, so as to make it my own personal Easter Egg of ideas.

#11 (The Infinite) Tess Himmel

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The Infinite Tess Himmel

(The Infinite) Tess Himmel

Poor Tess. She’s always to vast or too small. Never the right size. She touches the infinite, it courses through her — it’s kind of her job to keep the universe going, just by being her. But she also feels, sometimes, ever so small, and then, when one can float in a bubble or get lost in the tall grass, the world seems full of gifts.

Her father was a German immigrant, her mother is Mongolian. A burgeoning punk/artist, her desperate parents sent her at 13 to the Madewell Girls’ Academy, a private ultraconservative Christian academy run by ex-radicals and bikers. They berated her, telling her she was small, nothing, a worm before Christ. Her rebellious nature meant she spent a lot of time in the Get Close to God room, essentially a small closet. She escaped into her imagination, and met an angelic being who offered her a deal: if she agreed to take on the responsibility of the Infinite, she would be allowed to escape. The Infinite wished to be mortal, but needed someone to mind the store while it was gone. Tess was determined to have the proper nature for the job.

After that Tess escaped the Academy easily, going to the City of Angels and blocking out her painful memories of that place. But eventually, she tires of the responsibility of the Infinite, and when she tires, she also remembers the Academy, and begins to feel smaller. (Since she still has the Power of the Infinite, she actually gets very small and this causes trouble until she can get her mind right again).

But the Infinite has gotten lost, and forgotten its true nature. The angelic being returns and tells her that if she ever wants to return to a human life again, she needs to find it, or she’ll have to be the Infinite for eternity.  She agrees to help search, but she has mixed feelings about being a normal person again.

Track: Big Harp, “Everybody Pays”

Sam Medina – Day 10

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Day 8 – Creator

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Creator of worlds

He stared at the world’s which sprang up within his hands. Worlds he had unknowingly created through the years.  He looked in amazement and horror with the realization that he must now take responsibility for all the souls he has created.

Character No. 6- Henry London

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Came out much more "mullet-y" than I wanted. Oh well.







Name: Henry London

Age: 24

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: English Teacher, Guitarist

Short Background:

Despite his size and messy looks, Henry is somewhat a gentle giant. When he isn’t working on his paintings, he spends a lot of time playing his guitar. He tries to be encouraging and is often seen trying to help others. Very much a big brother figure and always looking to work with others.

Henry never really thought about traveling, but when he was offered a chance to teach abroad, he jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime. It was also a chance to see the place where his grandfather once lived during his time in the military. He never knew what he was getting into, but hopefully he can achieve these goals without alienating the people he left behind (including his girlfriend). Only time will tell if he can survive in unfamiliar territory.

Really, he doesn’t have any truly defining features. He wears a lot of t-shirts and dresses very casually (perhaps more so than his bosses would like). Jeans and perhaps some khakis on occasion. He is not cut out to be a businessman or hold a white collar job, but he puts a lot of effort into everything he does.

Sam Medina – Day 4

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Flatiron, one badass beaver

Day# 27 A Pair of Gorths (with writer James S. Allen)

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#27 A Pair of Gorths, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen

#27 A Pair of Gorths, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen

#27 A Pair of Gorths, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen

(#25)Rok’sla has an excerpt that introduces the Gorths in James S. Allen’s novel Alien Artifacts. Here is another small excerpt from Alien Artifacts featuring the Gorths:


“Behind them, the tortured entry door finally yielded, a large mass of it slumping away to one side.  Two Gorth pirates leapt through the opening, sailed over the still molten metal, and landed in a crouch, prepared to deal instant death with the blasters they waved about with disturbing eagerness.  Enragingly, however, the quarry they had pursued so relentlessly to this place refused to reveal themselves and be properly blasted.  In unconscious tribute to the forces of natural selection that had shaped them from ferociously thoughtless killers to thoughtfully ferocious killers, they refrained from blasting one another.  It was a near thing.”


Afternote: This was supposed to be #26, but I had a power failure and lost my work so I had to start over again. Also the reason the Gorths are uncoloured as yet. No biggie, though. I hope to have a third character from Alien Artifacts ready for tomorrow.