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Shadow Flower

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30 characters  day3shadowflower


Shadow Flower- it’s a nice name at first- until you realize this flower kills! Shadow Flower is an assassin who moves through the darkest shadows. Between alleys, under houses and buildings, long hallways, behind doors and in closests-any dark and shadowy place is a place her to hide and strike from. But she can do more- Shadow Flower can project a solid shadow to do her hands-on dirty work for her. This projection is a monstrous form of her inner self and strikes without mercy- and without evidence!

#22 – Black Betty (Beth Black)

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Most good criminals work to avoid violence. They understand that, once enough bodies pile up, no matter whose they are, law enforcement is essentially forced to investigate the matter and look into who or what is creating such a glut of cadavers.

Beth Black is not one of those people.

Too chaotic, unorganized and untrustworthy to be an assassin of the highest order, Beth Black is the kind of woman who believes that, if you’re going to kill someone, you should send a message in the process. None of Beth’s kills can be described as much less than “spectacular” or alternatively, “grisly”. Beth is the kind of woman who will leave her target hanging from a hook, wearing a Colombian Necktie when a simple bullet would do.

A firm proponent of psychological warfare as much as her own deadly prowess, Bethis not simply a ruffian from the wrong side of the tracks. She was the valedictorian of her class in New Orleans, before leaving on a scholarship for Louisiana State University. Always combative, manipulative and disruptive, Beth dropped out of college in her sophomore year when she decided she found the curriculum disinteresting and worthless. Beth floated around the Gulf Coast for two years, working as a bartender, an exotic dancer and dealing drugs in her free time before falling afoul of a local street gang. When the leader beat and attempted to rape her, she disemboweled and beheaded him,

Beth found the experience so liberating, so fulfilling, she decided to make a career of it. She is, arguably, a sadist, and slowly discovered that that fact was no accident, that she was not “normal”, and that she gained power, and ability through inflicting pain and suffering on others. Beth has been met by other heroes before, never to good ends, and most agree, her power resides in her ability to cause people physical pain, and to feed on that. She has a pathological desire to see anyone she has focused her gaze upon bleed.

Beth a highly intelligent woman who loves inverting expectations of her. She prefers any number of bladed weapons, and believes herself to be the walking incarnation of what a woman should be, playing by her own rules and forcing men to play by hers. She considers her “work” something of a ongoing class in modern anthropology, on how society deals with violence, and how a woman committing that violence destroys expectations.

An immensely versatile criminal, Beth’s biggest failing is her predilection for violence. It is exceedingly difficult for her to simply commit a crime without harming anyone. However, she has proved an adept thief and a fine liar. Promiscuous, careless about others, she was wormed her way into the lives of others, causing pain and havoc just to see how they would react.

#16 – Peter “Stump” Merson

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Being a hitman isn’t a profession that sees a lot of veterans. But Stump is an anomaly, an old head, a man who has been killing people professionally, on and off, for nearly thirty years now.

Stump does not consider himself much of a criminal, and in all other walks of life, is a straightlaced, law-obiding, rather boring man of 51 with a taste for jazz and wine. He’s a calm, even-tempered man with, although he can’t hide frustration from anyone when it shows. But he views his profession as being like prostitution. It has been around for as long as two people have had grudges against one another.

Stump operates by a few simple rules. Never take any contracts locally (or regionally, if he can help it). Never get to know the victim any more than you have to. If you end up killing more people than the contract asked for, you have failed, more bodies brings more police.

By his count, Stump has killed 97 people over the years, completing his contracts in the same, dilligent, straightforward manner. However he’s aging now, and increasingly finds himself wanting to end his career and begin the next phase of his life.

Stump is very particular about his weaponry, preferring simpler weapons with less moving parts, like pump-action shotguns and close quarters to plinking someone from long distance with a rifle.

While he has taken on less contracts over the years, he still finds work regularly, and finds himself in enough demand that he can pick and choose which contracts to take. However, for all of his knowledge and savvy, as the world has moved forward with technology, his analog skills have left him behind in some places. As such, four years ago he agreed to begin working with 29-year-old Ethan Woodman, a fast-talking technophile and neophyte he finds as annoying as he is useful. The pair’s relationship is at times adversarial, at other times, has all the closeness of a father and a son.

Stump got his nickname due to his short, squat stature, something he is regularly made fun of for, but has proved somewhat invaluable to him, along with his largely unremarkable looks.

#17- Tahj

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#05 – Hoshimaru

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Herewith follow the fragmented facts we know for sure surrounding the Sicario class “humane afterlife delivery emissary system (H.A.D.E.S.)” known as Hoshimaru:

•His name means “round star” in Japanese.

•He was created, licensed, and bonded by the Smiling Knives Organization, a transplanetary-scale zaibatsu founded in the 22nd century that uses genetic engineering and organic cybernetics to create Next-Nature Operatives™: soldiers, explorers, assassins,  caretakers, and in this case, a Bespoke Shamanic hit man.

•Genetic material was legally obtained from existing Commons-Registered DNA arks and seed banks. Like regular barn owls, he is capable of silent flight, can turn his head 270 degrees.and possesses the greatest ability to listen for prey of any animal.

•He smells like maple syrup, but not as sweet… more like butterscotch.

•Barn owls have been thought, by various cultures, to be harbingers of imminent death; the souls of the wicked; or witches. They are also thought to have the gift of prophecy.

•In Hoshimaru’s case, the latter is true, though his creators seem unaware of this fact, and he has not chosen to enlighten them.

•His method of dispatching a victim is as follows: He literally draws death into his ancient Greek coin bearing the blessing of Athena and aims it at the victim. Death then devours them, on swift and silent wings.

•He seems incapable of speech. A partial catalogue of the sounds he makes are: hissing, screeching, shrill twittering, froglike croaking, snapping sounds, tongue clicking.

11/3/2012: Mother Myshe, Human Priestess of Arac

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NAME: Mysh Ki Tarako  ORIGIN: Noctis Secunia  OCCUPATION: Priestess

Followers of Arac, the god of night-flying hunters, are some of the most feared assassins in the known Multiverse. Among their shadowy ranks, Mother Myshe is a legend. A ruthless killer blindly faithful to Arac’s dogma, Myshe’s services go to the highest bidder, provided they’re willing to pay her patron’s dark price. From Nexus City, Myshe curates her master’s hidden temple, sending initiates into the trans-universal webway to fulfill the macabre wishes of her clientele.

Model designed in TinkerCAD and Sculptris (3D print pending…)


#23 Mynah

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Her parents, firm believers in specialized education, proudly enrolled their daughter in the Starling Academy. The top school in the arts of assassination & espionage they really hoped their daughter would follow in their footsteps. They had high hopes for her, but even they were pleasantly surprised to see how well she was excelling. Only one other student in the school’s storied history has shown as much overall promise & potential. But at present, there’s no better student enrolled than the one designated Mynah.

Her specialty is disguise & mimicry. With enough time & planning, there’s nowhere she wouldn’t be able to infiltrate. And she’s still got two years until graduation, meaning she can only improve.


A character I’m shoehorning into an old story idea, because I saw a neat coat I couldn’t replicate in the drawing. Basically it’s about this girl who got shipped off to an all-girls’ assassin school. She excelled & pissed off a lot of students & faculty, only to go off & live a quiet life of medical administration in the big city. Scorned, the classmates & teachers occasionally show up to try & seek their revenge. When the protagionist finally gets fed up, she goes back to shut down the school so people will just leave her the hell alone. The cheesy gimmick was that all of the girls were given bird species code names (Goldfinch, Cardinal, Ptarmigan, etc), & the staff had legendary bird names (Phoenix, Roc, Ziz, Etc). The main character was the only person who found it extremely cheesy too, with the other characters way into it.

While I don’t have much intention of ever going back to this story, I saw a girl wearing a coat with ridiculous feathers on it. She looked non-descript otherwise, but the coat was a bit over the top. Anyway, it made me think of this story & I decided to try & wedge another character into it. I started rushing & the coat turned out pretty crappy though. Anyway, in the context of the story, it only seemed to make sense that if you’re trying to shut down a school, there would be some star student somehow involved in the fray. The whole premise is very manga to me so I marked it as such even if it’s not overtly so.

#9 hemlock

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hemlock, elven assassin

hemlock, elven assassin


Hemlock, she goes by this name as her real name is very much a secret and in all honesty perhaps even forgotten, is part of a cadre of elves that perform political assassinations and other crimes for the feuding families-all for a price of course.

Day 9 Paris

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Paris is my Khajit thief / assasin Ive used in both Morrowind and Oblivion. He is named after the prince in Romeo and Juliet not the girl who is famous for having sex on tape.

# 6 : Deathmask

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A mercenary who is willing to take on and defeat Superhumans, The Deathmask.

Considered one of the best in field of Superhuman Assassination, the Deathmask has the best record in Superhuman and Paranormal kills in the growing field of super mercenary work. A tactile and hands-on warrior, the Deathmask confronts his quarry head-on and is not shy in revealing himself to the public as a method of self promotion to boost both his demand and ego in demonstrating that he was the one who killed said superpower, starting with his systematic slaughter of  San Diego’s crime team, The FreeLancers and the public battle and death of Philly’s iconic hero, The Patriot. Though is main operation is Superhuman Assassination, the Deathmask will take on execution orders on dignitaries, political and underworld leaders, and radicals, as they are merely the exhibition towards his main event, the masked hero. The Deathmask has been hired also by world governments in eliminating foreign superpowers as a method of controlling the escalating superhuman arms race.

Even scarier is that the identity of the Deathmask is currently unknown, as the mercenary is as elusive as he is deadly, placing him on the Watchlists of Interpol, the FBI, CIA, MI6, and The SOTF (Superhuman Observational Task Force).

Abilities: The Deathmask is a skilled martial artist and weapons specialist, showing skills in krav maga, jujitsu, and akido and proficiencies in long and short edge weapons. He demonstrates excellent proficiency in small and automatic weaponry, while also proficient in long-range weaponry.

The Deathmask’s suit is made of a combination carbon and kevlar armor weave with carbon nanotubule fibers, for enhanced protection, strength and power output. His cape and cowl are made from a memory cloth fiber with an optic-camoflague and glide function. The cape is attached to the main shoulder housing where it can retract and release on command.  The Buckle and Shoulder Clasps are mini power generators that allow the Deathmask’s suit to power its abilities while charge ports power up his main weapons.

Deathmask wields a series of staves that house  carbon “memory” polymers that, when channeled with an electrical current, manifest in various weapons, such as swords and axes. A mini battery in some Units enable the creation of throwing blades and unless a current is running through the staves, the polymers go inert and disperse. This prevents the Deathmask’s own weapons from being used against him. The Memory polymers are not just limited to his staves, but are also housed in the knuckles on his gauntlets.

Creation: This character started off as my redesign of the Marvel mercenary, the Taskmaster. When I showed this to my friend, Carlos, he suggested that since I spent a lot of time and effort in designing this character, why don’t I use it to create a new character, to which I did. While elements of the Taskmaster costume remain, I altered his boots and gloves, discarding his emblemic “T” on his belt, while adding new details on the uniform to finish the character.


No. 8- Oscar Ortiz

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Tiny head, big body.

Name: Oscar Ortiz

Age: 28

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican-American

Occupation: Former Assassin, Convenience Store Clerk.

Short Background:
If there was one thing Oscar lacked, it was self-control. Out of all of the assassin’s in the Reaper’s Guild, he was the most impulsive and thoughtless. It made him many enemies but also made him one of the best. He was so good that he was given the code name Basilisk. Once you saw him, you were already dead. He was that good, but the problem was that he knew it.

However, it is that same impulsiveness and cockiness ends up leading the Guild’s worst enemies right back to them. While many of the assassin’s (including Oscar) manage to escape, they are now targets and out in the open. Many of the remaining assassin’s blame Oscar and their idea of payback is not a simple slap on the wrist.

In order to lay low, Oscar takes up a job that will not draw attention to himself. He finds work at a convenience store in a dangerous neighborhood. A place where people don’t ask questions and, as long as you can survive, you are allowed a little privacy.

Unfortunately, Oscar’s luck may run out as he ends up caught between his worst enemies and his former peers.

Oscar is trying very hard not to be noticed and does his best to blend in with his surroundings. He dresses very “urban” (hoodies, wifebeaters, jeans, etc.) and has even taken on an accent to better fit in. Physically, he is very muscular but not to the point of being a caricature. If I had to compare him to anyone in terms of physique, he’d probably be along the lines of Ricky Steamboat in his prime. In short, this guy isn’t perfect but a still BAMF.

#6 Mosh

| November 7, 2011 | 3 Comments

A level 3 Porter, Mosh is quite a bitch. Years of being able to be anywhere at any time has twisted her somewhat; being an international assassin for hire for the last 5 years has made her quite the target for nearly every country. Her only out: joining the other circus freaks on the team…

#18 – Tabby Chi-Ome

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Tabby Chi-Ome is a highly sought after assassin and information thief. She’s looking to setup a brand new school to teach all she knows of fighting and thievery. Tabby is having trouble putting together a business plan and often finds herself chatting with clients and soon to be victims to get a better understanding of how to grow her business.