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#23- Retsnom

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true monster

11/22/2012: Kusk, Child of Horus Weapons Dealer

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NAME: Kusk  SPECIES: Child of Horus  ORIGIN:  High Realm of Horus

Born to Clutch Startalon, Kusk was forced to leave the High Realm of Horus when the Favored of Anubis invaded, laying siege to his clutchs’ palace. Fleeing through the Hall of the Sun, Kusk eventually found his way to Nexus City. There, he develops energy weapons patterned from the technology of his home world and sells them to the warring gangs in the Undercity, Zero Syndicate criminals, and anyone else willing to pay for his wares. Though kind and affable, Kusk cares little for who ends up with his weaponry, his only concern gathering sufficient funds to return to his home with an army of mercenaries so he can liberate his people.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending…)


Day# 29 – Myrll (with writer, James S. Allen)

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#29 Myrll, a Fincali female, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen

#29 Myrll, a Fincali female, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen

Myrll is another Character from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen. This concept sketcb took me two days to pull together this far. She is an exeptionally intelligent ‘avianoid” of the Fincali race. As you can see from the art, the Fincali evolved from bird-like creatures. In Fincali mythology it is said that upon a time, the race actually had the power of flight using their own wings.

Here is a brief excert from the author describing Stephen and Rowen, young Xenoarchaeologists, first encountering Myrll:


It was a Fincali.

Inside one of the glass fronted shops was an adult Fincali, pounding with both hands on the glass wall and shouting at them.  Well, not exactly shouting.  Fincali were not particularly equipped for shouting.  It was really more like wild trilling and screeching.  But for a Fincali, it was the equivalent of shouting.

As they drew near, they saw that the Fincali was wearing an envirosuit.  One of the sleeves of the suit bore the emblem of Universalis University.  The Fincali she as they were now able to distinguish by the distinctive crest of plumage that very conveniently differentiated male and female Fincali to other races – flapped her arms about wildly as they approached and then slumped against the wall and slid to the floor.

Great Goatha’s Infinite Orifices!” Stephen exclaimed.  “I hope she’s not dead.  Quick! Let’s get her out of there.”


Afternote: This one was really, really hard for me to draw. Large bird legs in perspective, how to get her looking natural, poised and balanced. Really tough!  In the end I simply ran out of time. Oh, and that thing in her hand is not an alien cosmetic bag its a kind of ray emitting weapon, and she’s an expert shot.

I hope you enjoy this in spite of its flaws. ;`)