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#3 The Black Fist

| November 2, 2010 | 0 Comments

One of the preexisting conditions I put on myself for the Challenge was, “Minimize the number of characters with colors in their names.” I could put the same condition on animal names, but I’m sure I’ll need a crutch by Entry 17.  At this rate, I’m predicting at least four characters with colors in their names, but let’s not jump ahead…

Black Fist is a re-imagining of a character I created waaay back in 1999 for, if I’m not mistaken, one of the first prototypes of what would be called, “webcomics.” We can argue this at a later date…

Concept: Xavier Exley is the world’s biggest movie star. A multiple award winner, the most sought after actor in the world, and cover boy of a dozen different magazines a week. He influences studios, heads of state, and millions of fans internationally. Think Brad Pitt or George Clooney. If he wanted to, he could probably propagate world peace, but he’s more concerned with world pieces.

Design: This is a lay-up. The best looking movie star in history. With one (fatal) flaw. Exley’s right hand is, by all appearances, dead, with a sort of necrosis that covers his entire hand. It is also the source of his power. Exley’s touch saps life energy at a slow rate, but if he punches you, he absorbs that energy at a greater rate. Don’t fight the Black Fist; you will die!

By the way, that’s not a goatee/beard on his chin…it’s a necktie that’s under his vest (or as Tony Lee would say, “waistcoat.”)

EDIT: Fellow 30 Characters Challenger, Greg Giordano (aka flameape), did the awesome Darwyn-esque version of Black Fist you see above.  He misnamed it, but I think we all know what he meant.  Thanks, Greg!  Check out his entries in the Challenge here!

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