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Ghost Keepers

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Day20-Ghost Keepers-01

Round Panda

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Day17-Round Panda-01

Big Bug

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Day9-Big Bug-01-01

Death God Apprentice

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Day1-Death God Apprentice-01

11/25/2012: Delves-in-Shadows, Kainan Warlock

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NAME: Delves-in-Shadows  SPECIES: Kainan  ORIGIN: The World Strider

Delves-In-Shadows is one of the final twelve specimens of the mysterious, sorcererous species known as the Kainan. Watching from their spire-city on the back of the World Strider, the Kainan travel from world to world, devouring the life force of sapient beings and absorbing the secrets left seeping from their broken minds. Ever perfecting their black arts, the Kainan are unable to cast spells of the White Circle, suffering a near-debilitating fear of such magic.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#3 – Vermilion / Ronnie Boyd

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Real name: Donald Boyd Jr. Goes by Ronnie.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Skin tone: African American

Ronnie heals twice as fast as normal with no scarring. Aside from that, his supersuit makes him nearly invulnerable. He was given an old, worthless but pretty blanket by his archeologist uncle. When he wrapped himself in it, it transformed to a rubber-like suit that acts as a second skin. He added boots, a belt with pouch that holds essentials, and goggles with night-vision capabilities.



#23_The Harbinger

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"The Harbinger"

"The Harbinger"

#19 Boss Gravity

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Boss Gravity

Boss Gravity

“What goes up…”
An up-and-coming boxer who was constantly tempted to turn to a life of crime, the man now known as Boss Gravity was injured in the same accident that resulted in The Smart Brothers having to leave their old headquarters. B.G. lost his arms, and that made the choice between boxing and crime. He was refitted with experimental “gravity arms” designed for work in deep space, and began taking over the illegal super-science racket with the same single-minded determination that had led him to victory in the ring.

“I’m that fundamental force mayne.”
A lot of crime lords, mafiosos and thugs, all unhappy with his domination of the experimental tech racket, have tried to bring him down. Most of them have either knuckled under or disappeared. His street name comes from the resulting truism, in crime as well as science: “You can’t fight gravity.”

“I don’t think you understand the gravity of your situation.”
The cops have turned to the Smart Brothers out of desperation, and they’ve managed to disrupt Boss Gravity’s operations. He realizes that they’re responsible for his condition, and has begun plans to destroy them, utterly.

Also, and it’s a small thing? Some chump-ass rapper’s out there calling himself Boss Gravity, “as an homage”, “out of respect”. This just get’s under B.G.’s skin, and he sees it as an example of how the universe is out to get him. He’s vowed to end this rapper’s career as well.

“These arrogant assholes always thinkin’ they can fly. But Gravity — it always brings you down in the end.”

#17 Gunsmoke Jones

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Gunsmoke Jones

Gunsmoke Jones

“Any simpleton can make a gun out of metal, but a true and living gunslinger can carve a firearm from anything that is at hand. Furthermore, one’s wits and one’s will are the only true substances one can always guarantee will be at hand. And what wonderful weapons we shall make from them, such songs of fire as to make the gods think second thoughts.”

– Canto XVII, Liber Magnum

Gunsmoke Jones was named such since he was born during a bandit attack. “He come into this world with gunsmoke,” said his father. “Mos’ likely gon’ leave it that way too.” A quiet and curious country boy, while wandering around the Amygdalene Plains he discovers an old, heavy book – The Liber Magnum. He had never heard of the Liber Magnum –literally the “great book” but known to those who keep track of such things as “The Book of The Greater Weapon” — yet he finds that he has an aptitude for its instructions. By mastering its disciplines and creating a weapon with nothing put pure thought, he defeats the bandits who’ve preyed on his town. His folks, and the other villagers, are thankful but also a little scared and worried. They consult the town’s rusty old infobot, who tells him to go to The Eternal City, a utopian metropolis (according to the robot’s outdated databanks), and speak to the Bureau of Memetic Transmission. They should have answers. But his family don’t trust the city, and tell him to be careful and come straight back. As he begins his long journey, following the Gilded Highway to the Eternal City he learns more from the book. The book does not only help him to create constructs and make his mind faster than bullets, but it also whispers dark truths about the world that kind of disturb him. He starts to wonder, is this how the wider world truly is, or are the ideas in the book just colonizing his mind for their own purposes? Hopefully the Bureau of Memetic Transmission in the city will be able to take the book back and sort all of this out…


#2 Blazing Arrow

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Blazing Arrow

Blazing Arrow

“I got my arrow/ I got my bow I got my fire /and I’m walking through the darkness/ slowly on a tightrope wire” – Blackalicious, “Intro: Bow & Fire”

The young man known to the gods of Earth as the Blazing Arrow was exploring abandoned buildings in a run-down part of his postindustrial hometown, when he happened across a magic compound bow.  For it turns out that, in their endless intrigues and squabbles, the gods can get careless with their power, allowing it to manifest on Earth in ways mortals can use.
When he picks it up, he transforms, in clothes and in aspect (into amore idealized version of himself). He is given the name Blazing Arrow by a goddess he helps, and now he takes on the gods, keeping them in check so that humanity can develop freely.

Some of the mythological/conceptual arrows he has include:
“The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”

The Arrow of Time – accelerates entropy

Cupid’s arrow

Artemis’ arrows of silver moonlight

Astras – Hindu supernatural weapons most often invoked into arrows


Loki’s mistletoe arrow, which killed Baldr (seeks out hidden weaknesses)

Arrows of the Egyptian goddess Neith – the blazing arrow (limitless sun) and weaving arrow


Track: Blackalicious, “Intro: Bow & Fire”

(notes: here is precisely what I had beforehand, from my notebook: “Blazing Arrow: Black archer hero

Someone who uses magic arrows, the favor of a goddess s/he released from a crystal prison… rather than trick arrows a la green arrow or hawkeye, s/he fights with the idea of an arrow. speed, velocity, direction, piercing, cupid, robin hood, artemis, wayfinding, divination, ancient arrowheads.”)



#19 – Onyx

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I'm the HARDEST thing breathin'!

Born on a planet with a heavy iron core, Onyx’s race developed a thick, black, metallic skin to survive the immense gravity the core created.  But despite their penchant for high-scale physicality, Onyx’s people are thinkers — specialized craftsmen of space-bound avionics.  Bored with the life of a builder, Onyx took to the stars to pursue his dream of adventure and heroics, like in the holo-toons he watched as a child.