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#2 The Gentleman Hobo

| November 2, 2010 | 6 Comments
Listen well, youngster, and pass over that can of sustenance.  Do not think me a trespassing vagrant.  And, I beseech you, consider me not a penniless loner, devoid of means and home.  Be assured, I have both in abundance.   My distinguished chapeau may hang in any rail car in all the world, for I move among them like chambers of the most palatial manse.  They are all connected, that’s how!  Before automobiles and aeroplanes, before even the Northern aggression, the fate of the very Earth relied upon trains.  Rails bonded the lands of all nations, and instant traverse between them allowed we protectors of this world the privilege of responding immediately to the enemy.  As chief of these scant intrepid souls manning the precipice of Armageddon, I devised the method of our transport, a secret I shall not divulge, even to you my new friend.  We repelled the invaders then, but they have returned from their sojourn in perdition to learn that only five of us remain, a mere quintet of enfeebled champions to cross the face of the planet in her defense.  I must rally more to the front, conjure rail-riders of this generation to further our ways and again stave off the great evils to come.  Perhaps you are the first.