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The Wau(Wow) Boy

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Day12-The Wau Boy-01

Balloon Boy in Pyjamas

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Day10-Balloon Boy

No Durian Head Boy

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Day5-No Durian Head Boy-01

Little Planty Boy

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Day4-Little Planty-01

Day Eighteen: Goblin’ Boy

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Ocean#26 & #27- Chinese waiter Yong & grumpy tree boy Flint

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Yong & Flint

“I walk ever so lightly like the light-hearten heart I carry around all day~”

“Fine…. just don’t come near me. I don’t want any Chinese Dim Sum or Chinese anything.”

#2 Henry

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chop chop chop

Little Henry went exploring in the woods, axe in hand and mischief on his mind…

#17 Gunsmoke Jones

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Gunsmoke Jones

Gunsmoke Jones

“Any simpleton can make a gun out of metal, but a true and living gunslinger can carve a firearm from anything that is at hand. Furthermore, one’s wits and one’s will are the only true substances one can always guarantee will be at hand. And what wonderful weapons we shall make from them, such songs of fire as to make the gods think second thoughts.”

– Canto XVII, Liber Magnum

Gunsmoke Jones was named such since he was born during a bandit attack. “He come into this world with gunsmoke,” said his father. “Mos’ likely gon’ leave it that way too.” A quiet and curious country boy, while wandering around the Amygdalene Plains he discovers an old, heavy book – The Liber Magnum. He had never heard of the Liber Magnum –literally the “great book” but known to those who keep track of such things as “The Book of The Greater Weapon” — yet he finds that he has an aptitude for its instructions. By mastering its disciplines and creating a weapon with nothing put pure thought, he defeats the bandits who’ve preyed on his town. His folks, and the other villagers, are thankful but also a little scared and worried. They consult the town’s rusty old infobot, who tells him to go to The Eternal City, a utopian metropolis (according to the robot’s outdated databanks), and speak to the Bureau of Memetic Transmission. They should have answers. But his family don’t trust the city, and tell him to be careful and come straight back. As he begins his long journey, following the Gilded Highway to the Eternal City he learns more from the book. The book does not only help him to create constructs and make his mind faster than bullets, but it also whispers dark truths about the world that kind of disturb him. He starts to wonder, is this how the wider world truly is, or are the ideas in the book just colonizing his mind for their own purposes? Hopefully the Bureau of Memetic Transmission in the city will be able to take the book back and sort all of this out…


#10 – Sandy Allenson

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Day 10 - Sandy Allenson by George WardSandy is a university student who is experience life away from home for the first time.  This isn’t that unusual it itself, but he also likes to experiment with gender roles.  He wants to be a transvestite and spends his free time trying to look and act like a woman.  He’s a bit shy about his alternate life style and tries to act normal whenever he’s around people of either gender.

#5 Magicbot And Company

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Golems?  Undead Minions? Elemental Warriors?  No, not for Magicbot.  He summons companions of a more… exotic… nature.


#1_Can Billy Come Out and Play?

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"Can Billy Come Out and Play?"

Day# 19 Sly Peter

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#19 SlyPeter for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#19 SlyPeter for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Sly Peter

Peter Vale (aka Sly Peter) was already established at Maple Public School when Aedre arrived on the scene, and was a couple of grades ahead of her. But since she was an outcast, basically friendless, she had time to notice things about people. And the things she noticed about Peter Vale was that he was a nasty sneaky boy who took pleasure in hurting things smaller than himself –specially if he didn’t get caught doing it.

He was the kind of boy who pulled the wings off live flies and watched them buzz around until either they died or he grew bored with the sport. But not only flies; butterflies too, and if he knew it bothered you (especially if you were a girl) he would follow you around with the poor wingless creatures, sticking them under your nose, so he could get double the enjoyment from the pain he was causing.

He was the kind of boy who tripped the weaker kids in the hall in such a way they didn’t see who it was, or who pinched the little ones he knew were afraid of him –pretty hard, too. Mean and mean-spirited, he was always on the lookout for nasty things he could do to the other kids and to small animals, and get away with it. And if he couldn’t find anything he would make up nasty stories and spread them around.

He would befriend any new kids until he found out everything he wanted to know about them and their family, find out their secrets, blackmail them, and gradually be meaner and meaner to them, until they finally broke away from him.

Aedre watched him, and seeing his methods determined to have nothing to do with him in spite of her need for friendship and the touch of another human being. Therefore when he got around to trying to befriend Aedre, who was as socially ungraceful as wild animal, she scorned him, telling him hotly that she was aware of his sneaky tricks. He denied this in the face of the truth, apparently hurt, for that was his last bastion of defense: no one could prove anything he did. Thus he swore that he would make her sorry for her accusations.

#3 Ghoul Boy

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Ghoul Boy is an amorphous Imp/Obnoxious Spirit that runs around annoying the other monsters, they try to shrug him off, which only makes him more determined to hang around with them, and learn their ways of Monstering. This character is based on a Halloween costume I cobbled together from a Skeleton Mask, a Black Balaclava, a cape and no, not my skinless bare muscled body, for a Halloween party when I was about 7 or 8? My original costume included a thin black jumper, and thin Black jeans. I think this re-design looks a bit more freaky or edgy, as Ghoul Boy can will his body to morph from skeleton to human-like shapes. I’ll upload the Photo if I can find it again.