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#16 Serefe

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#16 Serefe


When you play with fire, you will get burnt. Guaranteed.

#12 Gastor

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#12 Gastor


Always hiding under the cloak. Is there a reason?

Day 9: Cloned Researcher

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Cloned ResearcherPlaying piece for my WIP, 3D print-and-play board game, Demonstar.


Day 4: Fenny Paige the Ferret Pirate

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Day 4: Fenny Paige!
This time around, I used an app called Shuffle! by Silver. In turn, adds a little more “character” to this Character Challenge. In any case, enjoy the ferret!

The Primreaper

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The Primreaper – frizzing my hair, dropping food on me and ripping holes into my clothes whenever it can.


Riding off into the sunset

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Last Day as we all ride off into the sunset.


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I thought I would surprise you today by not having the character colored in. These character just pop out of me head all the time.


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 Sea Humonster, Mane Wyvern. When a mutated octopus slid it’s way into Mane’s cranium, it grew… more ways than one. It became him. During the final moments of Mane’s consciousness  the mutant assumed control and burst it’s tentacles out.  Some people who knew him could still see his facial features remain in the newly sculpted concoction.


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The pirate decides to try a new profession.

Capt. Bucksnort

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This mighty land pirate travels the land in search of gems and gold. Don’t cross him or he will do you in.


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Buster, a mysterious figure. Forged in a 45 minute sculpting session in hopes to create a recorded event. He’s Silly.

Performing Now

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Your attention to the highwire for our latest act.

Whaza Bug

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It’s a new kind of bug.

What a Zoo

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It’s a new kind of Zoo with lots to do. Ride a hippo or paint a zebra. How about teaching giraffe how to dance.

Circus Bear

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Ladies, Gentlemen and children of all ages. Let me direct your attention to the center ring where bob the bear will razzle and dazzle you with his feats of magic.


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Once in a while you can glimpse the great huffawaff deep in the jungle.


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Bob lives deep in the jungle and is rare to see.


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MonsterBoo lives in my shoe and tickles my toes to say hello.

Lazy Panda

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Just hanging out and seeing what comes by.

Whatever it may be?

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There are all types of magical creatures in the world, sometimes all it takes to see them is to believe they exist.


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Doge is not like the other dwarfs. He is kind and silly and cares nothing about gems and gold.

# 20 : The Jackal

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A technological cultist, The Jackal

Once a former Loman Field Agent, Farwed Zachari came upon the Heliopolis Society and instead of preventing their operations of stealing one of the recently discovered  Emerald Tablets of Thoth, assisted in their escape and killed two of his comrades. Now a member of the Heliopolis Society, Farwed was placed within the Order of Set and donned the guise of Set’s son, Anubis. As Agent Anubis, Farwed raided and stole experimental equipment from the Loman Institutes Research Labs and became the Heliopolis Society’s top agent.

Farwed began to take on contract work on the side and gave himself the handle , The Jackal, as a nod to his membership with the Heliopolis Society. Farwed’s biggest crime was the attempted highjacking of the Loman Organization’s top airship, The Abraxis. Though the Loman Organization’s personnel were successful in fending off the invasion, The Jackal still eluded capture and is still in possession of classified experimental tech.

Abilities: As a former Loman Agent, Zachari is knowledgeable of occult and ancient cultures, while trained in weapons and hand to hand combat. As a member of the Heliopolis Society, Zachari has expanded his knowledge in all aspects of the occult, while under the Order of Set, Zachari now possesses knowledge of black magic, particularly death curses.

In addition to mystical talents, Zachari possesses a prototype nanotech/memory cloth hybrid body armor with a neural interface that enables the suit to shapeshift into components to aid the user. These abilities also include a stealth mode and physical enhancements that make The Jackal an imposing threat.

Creation: Initially, The Jackal was going to be a tiger themed villain for a superhero comic, but once the project was abandoned, I set about in reworking the look. I came up with the Jackal idea and was setting him up as a street level foe, with a Ghost Rider spiked biker suit and chain belt. Then when working on the Loman Organization, I figured a way to implement him via elements of the real-life Heliopolis Society, which was an antagonistic force in Dark Horse’s Edward Gray comics, and my fictional Order of Set cult idea. His suit is based on previous X-Men leather outfits, with the Gantz suits being the heavy influence on his visual style, while making key areas around the suit (collar & gloves) resemble something Egyptian. I also practiced a lot on drawing that head, from every angle and from every look to nail it down. In fact, when one of my friends was making a Jackal themed character, I instructed him on designing the character’s helmet based on my own experiences in drawing jackal-inspired headwear. Just wanted to make that special anecdote known.


# 19 : Lord Masque

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Vampiric club owner, Lord Masque.

Owner of Danse Macabre, Lord Masque is the main proprietor of this gothic themed nightclub which celebrates Victorian and vampiric subcultures with exotic burlesque shows and modern industrial music, while secretly a hotspot for vampire meetings and gatherings. Lord Masque is an unabashed vampire who prides himself on cashing in on humanity’ obsession with vampires while lavishing in the sheer debauchery that his club brings about.

Little is known of his true name, as he has kept that his most closely guarded secret, thoug hrumor cites him as a profound influence to Vlad Tepes and Bram Stoker, while some say he was The Ripper himself, and even more believe him to be one of the Old Ones within the Vampire Bloodline Houses. The only concret fact given is that his whole body was disfigured from an unknown encounter, and he has work protective attire for most of his undead life, with the mask being the sole remaining cover for his disfigurement.

Lord Masque uses his name as a corporate mascot, while he uses proxies and underlings to carry out his daytime activities, while he represents the “face” of Danse Macabre. To avoid an incursion with the Loman Organization, Lord Masque acts as an informant to the Organization in regards to vampire culture and in return, Lord Masque makes sure his vampire patrons do not feed on any of the human patrons under their Protectorate Accords. Though that hasn’t stopped select vampires, even Lord Masque, from side-stepping such rules, which some agents, particularly Adam Mortensen, seeks to expose Lord Masque, of such wrongdoing.Until such a thing happens, Lord Masque enjoys his nights out in his club, while behind closed doors, plots to overthrow the current Vampire Houses and restore his true “Self” into prominence.

Abilities: Lord Masque is a true vampire of an ancient bloodline. As such, he possesses abilities prevalent in most vampires; such as superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. He is capable of hypnotizing through vocal stimuli, yet is vulnerable to sunlight, silver , and garlic.

Lord Masque possess  a solid business acumen and is a shrewd politician, from running a niche -themed club and exploding it into a trendy hotspot while deftly preventing it from being overwhelmed from pressure on both the Vampire Houses and the Loman Organization. Secretly, Lord Masque desires to destroy all his threats, yet favors clandestine tactics over brute force.

Creation: Lord Masque was essentially just my high school idea of having a vampire wearing a mask to conceal his true identity, ala Phantom of the Opera. The nightclub idea most likely came from watching TruBlood, with Blade subtext, and thinking that a Vampire would be fairly smart in running a club that capitalizes on people’s fascination with vampires and gothic subculture by running a club that celebrates it. I then integrated him into the Loman universe as being an informant on Vampire culture while still keeping a villainous undercut with him, as a clever villain is one who doesn’t want to get caught.

# 18 : Captain Tobias ” Toby” MacArthur

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The overseer of Team Zeus, Captain Tobias “Toby” MacArthur.

Before he was commander of Team Zeus, Tobias MacArthur served in the Navy for several years before his first encounter with the paranormal. It occurred while his ship was on port in Morroco, where several of his crew were seduced, driven mad, and killed by the female djinn, Aisha Qandisha. Tobias confronted her after she claimed her latest victim, yet she too, made Tobias the recipient of an oncoming storm of demonic and spiritual entities, until agents from the Loman Organization warded her away and saved Tobias from having his mind broken.The experience resulted in Tobias from being discharged from the Navy due to mental issues, yet “Captain Toby” was determined to prove that he was not mad. Tobias actively sought out the existence of the “Lo-Men” and eventually met with the enigmatic Arthur Loman,

From there, Captain Tobias MacArthur was hired into the Loman Organization as a Field Officer and encountered even more supernatural and preternatural phenomena, including the capture and enrollment of Walter Ramsey. Eventually, Tobias was promoted to the rank of Ship Captain and is one of the first Aerial Captains to command an airship. His ship, The Abraxis, is the Loman Organization’s main mobile command center, and as such, is the first response to any and all threats or conflicts within the supernatural community. This responsibility is one Tobias bears greatly, and the lives of each and everyone of his crew affects him as Tobias never forgot what Aish Qandisha did to his crew mates, and that memory is what propels him to command his crew and bear their pains upon his own.

Abilities: Tobias uses the combined knowledge from both is time in the Navy and in Loman to command his crew and maintain order in his ship. As such, Tobias does not often engage in field operations, unless as a delegate or emissary with the various races and entities that the Loman Organization deals with.

Even so, Tobias still maintains his military exercise regiment and weapons training so that he is still fit and disciplined, even in his old age.

Tobias is a respected and capable commanding officer, as he is able to effortlessly issue commands to his field agents, discuss a pan-dimensional treaty, and conduct a guest lecture without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened with his responsibilities.

Creation: The commanding officer idea was easy, the name was the most imaginative part, as his name comes from a female friends father, who owns his ship and we call him “Captain Toby”.

# 17: Hayden Seer

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A speedy summoner, Hayden Seer.

Hayden Seer was an aspiring artist in the state of Washington. As a child, Hayden discovered he can make his doodles come to life and be his playmates. These were fairly harmless and were mainly used to entertain himself with, until upon his teens, when preparing for an upcoming gallery, his pictures came to life and ran rampart throughout the gallery. Hayden’s parents, office workers for the the Loman Organization, brought Hayden to the Loman Institute where he would better understand his ability. However, Hayden’s ability is a rare case, as summoners usually make contracts and call forth existing entities, not create them from thin air. This puzzle led many Mages within the Loman Institute to learn from him, yet Hayden is still trying to understand the full extent of his abilities through trial and error and from adapting the current tenants of magic and applying them to his particular form of magic.

As a Mage Agent of Loman, Hayden is a field operative, like Deidra Edelweiss, who employs magic as their primary weapon in combat, yet as a Mage, Hayden also works as a Mage counselor and researcher in studying the arcane arts.

Abilities: Hayden is a specialist in a rare form of summoning magic; where he summons images that are his own creation. As such, Hayden carries around a portfolio book with drawings that he has drawn and summons them via a blood seal offering. The creatures that Hayden summons exist as long as Hayden is willing to offer the blood for their continued existence as size determines the blood offerings, as a larger creature will require more blood and a shorter duration compared to a smaller creature and a longer time limit. As such, Hayden usually keeps his summoned creatures between 90 seconds to 15 minutes summons no more than three creatures, as such any longer or any larger and Hayden begins to feel the effects of blood loss immediately.

Hayden is also proficient in other fields of magic, particular sealing, barrier, and not surprisingly, summoning magic. Hayden also understands tracking magic and light healing magic to cope with blood loss and to heal himself from fatigue. Aside from summoning magic, Hayden is adept at kinetomancy, speed magic, where Hayden accelerates his reflexes so as to be a more evasive target to opponents, add to his combat training, and Hayden is a capable fighter, when not summoning creatures.

Hayden has completed basic small arms and close quarters combat training, so he is capable of hand to hand and using small arms weapons.

Creation: Hayden was one of the first of three characters that came to me in my idea for Loman. It was a dream I was reading or watching a show with these “supernatural agents” where there was an element witch, an art summoner, and a legendary weapons specialist. Hayden was going to be a POV character as he will be introduced to the team around issue two. The name came around just using Hayden and the mythical troupe of a seer. His outfit was modeled after  the dream, where I saw such a robe, yet the detailing is modeled after a manga characters coat I saw. Originally, Hayden’s sketchbook was to be strapped to his back, but I changed it to be more portable and it will be attached to his hip, like a personal firearm. The creatures were going to be based around stylized or exagerrated representations of my own library of characters, so as to make it my own personal Easter Egg of ideas.

#12: Boost

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A power amplifier, Boost.

Young Sara Walsh has a special ability; she can enter the bodies of people and amplify their abilities, particularly super humans. A power booster, Sara was abducted from her home by the Archangel Corporation’s private military group and brought in for tests on the the potential her ability can do for their living weapons. The discovered that her ability gives no drawbacks to anyone using her, as she absorbs all the damage an overloaded person would normally take and with her healing factor, stay alive to do it again. This went on for years, until the Front Line, now waging a war with the Archangel Corporation, free her during a facility transfer. Rescued, the Front Line attempts to offer her membership into the group, yet Sara only wants to see her family, only to find out that the truth was, it was her own family that sold her to the Archangel Corporation.

Betrayed and now having a reason to fight Archangel, Sara joins the Front Line under the code name, Boost, where the team implements her as a support/rescue operative and provide her asylum and treatments with the Loman Organization.

Abilities: Boost has the ability to amplify another individuals abilities. This is achieved by her essentially shutting off the body’s own limit controls in tandem with her own energy pouring into the subject to increase one’s abilities exponentially. To prevent the physical and mental pain that would occur should an individual “overclock” themselves, Boost absorbs all the stress and pain into her own body and takes the hit for them. Her healing factor enables her to recover from these injuries, yet if she uses or absorbs too much, her body will physically shut down so that it can recover completely.  Boost has also recently learned to use her ability offensively by “overloading” an individual by amplifying them to the point that they themselves pass out from the shockwave of pain, yet she still receives the pain backlash, albeit in a reduced capacity.

Creation: I can not take complete credit for the credit for the character, save for her design and name, as she was given to me by former owner of Brainstorm Comics, Robert Kimmons, as he told of a superhero character he used that would amplify other character’s abilities, yet didn’t have an explanation on how her powers would work. I supplied one based on Naruto’s Guy and Rock Lee’s own ability to release their own mental limits, and he offered to let me use the character for my own comic use. The offensive use of her ability came from watching Scryed’s Scheris Adjani’s Alter, Eternal Devote, used to deliver shocks of pain to an enemy, so I included it into her ability list. Her  first name was actually based on a girl I knew in college and for a long while, her visual design was based on her, until recent as I had to draw this character from off the top of my head and I was also updating her attire for this challenge.

#5: The Imp

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The Imp is a mischievous thief  who is notorious for causing pranks during his crime spree and has a reputation for being extremely difficult to capture. This acrobatic troublemaker is not only infamous for his criminal pranks, but famous within the public school systems as a rebel within the Establishment. Even the heroes in the Superhuman community find it difficult to apprehend him as his crimes usually end up with the object returned after a number of days, plus the publicity backlash that comes with any hero who attempts to arrest the Imp. His crimes seem based on the the simple fact that The Imp is looking for a challenge to his skills and once he succeeds and claims his quarry, he sees no further point in keeping the object of his affection.

The Imp’s list of crimes range from:

– Stealing the Millenium Park’s Cloud Gate (The Bean) and replacing it with a Giant Inflatable Bouncy Castle, full of Beans.

– Disrupting the Bank of America Marathon by introducing laxatives into the runner’s courtesy drinks, while he infiltrates the corporate headquarters and, I kid you not, rearrange the office furniture while taking the list and emptying out the accounts of several of the wealthiest people within the City.

– Spray Painting ” What’cha Talking About, Willis?!” across the Sears Tower, upon its announcement that the Sears Tower will be called Willis Tower.

– Stealing the Lion Statues at the Art Institute, and if that wasn’t incredible enough, made a mock sculpture of it with a series of stools and kitten plushies.

– Released fireworks within the United Center during a Bulls Game, activating the sprinkler systems (which were filled with paint) and amidst the chaos, stole the mascot costume of Benny The Bull.

Abilities: The Imp is an amazing acrobat, demonstrating skills of an Olympic Class athlete, while showing elements of parkour and free-running to increase his evasive ability. The Imp also carries a numerous objects to aid in his crimes from smoke bombs to grappling hooks, even a special “Taser Touch” where the Imp’s hands set off a charge, stunning his obstacles. The Imp has also demonstrated the ability of climbing and clinging to any surface, possibly due to either his Electrical Gloves, or a preternatural ability.

Design: This is actually more of a recent creation, as I rummage through various costume concepts and was intrigued by a Spider-Man concept with the padding, so I played around with the design and combining the agility and creating a monster persona around the outfit, I created the Imp. His methods and personality seem more of a “off the top of my head” type of writing and it works for this character, as I now do see him more as a Neutral type who operates as a villain type, yet due to his persona as more of a prankster than a malicious supervillain,The Imp belongs in that rare “tweener” category in wrestling where he does heelish acts, but is cheered by the public as a face.

Day 3 “Stick Up Kid”

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Here’s # 3 entry for the 30 Characters challenge. I’ve had this idea for a character for a few days now and have been having a tough time settling on any one sketch. I’m not even 100% sure of this one but it’s much closer to what I intended.

These characters will all have a somewhat Hip Hop theme and will take place on earth and in space with a graffiti/underground comic cartoon style. I’m kind of doing a lot of copying of style at this point but I hope to arrive on a style I can call my own eventually.

Thanks for Checkin in! More updates to come throughout the weekend.

God Bless,
-Marshall aka Calmplex

Also Find me on Twitter, Facebook,YouTube, and DeviantArt. You can also email me here

Sam Medina – Day 5

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Mossar Khal, High Inquistor of the Stone Prophets

#4: Sliver

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# 4 : Sliver

A mysterious and dangerous hunter, the enigmatic mercenary called Sliver.

Sliver was once a man who lost his arm in an archaeological site digging out a Medieval armory. Though lacking an arm, he managed to procure a strange gauntlet. This gauntlet, unbeknownst to him ,was one piece of a complete suit of enchanted armor  of an ancient warlord that, legend has it, possessed a mind of its own.  This gauntlet possessed the man and overtook his will to become the Hunter known as Sliver,  whose only goal is to procure the remaining pieces of his Cursed Armor so that it can be whole again. He is currently in possession of at least two known components of the Cursed Armor, the Right Gauntlet and the Helm,  which was taken from the Smitsonian and the cloak from the Field Museum.

While the Armor thefts are a concern, its the fact that whenever Sliver comes to to collect or follow a lead on a Cursed Armor piece, he leaves behind a trail of bodies in his wake, which makes Sliver a Most Wanted Superhuman in all law enforcement and federal government agencies. Sliver is also wanted as a top assassin due to his relentless pursuit of becoming complete, neither any opposition or reasoning will stop Sliver from achieving his goals.

Abilities: The Cursed Arm possesses metamorphic properties that encases its host in a metallic coating that protects the user from almost any known weapon. The hand is capable of extending its fingers into impossible lengths and are capable of transforming into various weapons, such as swords, spears, and hooks, for use in combat and defense, as pieces of the armor are capable of projecting spikes out of its exposed plating. The Cursed Helm is another addition that essential suppresses the host’s identity and becomes its own entity, while providing the main means of speech and info in his search for his missing Armor.The Helmet also possesses the same metamorphic properties as the Arm. Sliver wears a kevlar woven bodysuit and the remnants of its previous wielders cloak.

Creation Notes: This character was inspired from me looking at a book on the Art of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at a Barnes & Noble and saw a helmet from a list of concept sketches for Sauron, and this character stems from that one picture, while taking a nod from Witchblade regarding the weapon arm. The look and style changed throughout high school and I felt it was best to showcase this character. The pose is also based off a previous drawing of Sliver as that was my favorite pose for the character.

2011 Challenger: Antoine “Guerlot” Gagnon

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Can anyone please tell me where the bar is?
Name: Antoine Gagnon
Nickname: Guerlot (means “drunk” in French Canadian Slang)
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 180lbs
Sex: yes please!
Interests: Music, Movies, Golf, Comics!
Comic: The Drunken Fools
Other Project: The Webcomic Alliance

You know when a guy would buy a sport car or a motorcycle for his mid-life crisis? Well, I didn’t. Instead, I bought a bunch of pens & pencils and decided to learn how to draw. That was three years ago. Now enjoying the life of an artist, after work hours!

Now today, when someone is asking me “You do a comic?”, I like to pretend that I do. I do a digital comic available here: The Drunken Fools . 

I am also very proud of being part of the Webcomic Alliance, providing tips, tutorials and entertainment to the webcomic community.

What brought me to the 30 Charcaters Challenge?  Tyler’s good look.

Okay, not really! I want to try drawing outside my comfort zone, which is my current comic. Hopefully, I’ll make it to the end!