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Day 1: The Chicken You Would Not Eat

| November 2, 2013 | 3 Comments

JFKDay1_13Character Concept by Josie Character Design by Jesse Kiefer

Okay this character was the result of a conversation my good friend had with his daughter… she told me “I’ll let you draw that!” I took it to be a challenge… so I did.


Dad: Josie, if chickens had heads that looked like a worm’s head would you still eat it?

Josie: No way! But I can think of something even worse?

Dad: What’s that?

Josie: What if chickens that had heads that were screaming, bloodthirsty clown heads? Would you still eat them dad?

Dad: Nope, I’d be too busy peeing my pants and I’m guessing petting zoos wouldn’t be very popular.


Dad: Josie

Josie: Yes dad?

Dad: You win.

#1 Richard Gold

| November 1, 2010 | 4 Comments

In the not too distant, future where cloning technology is available for purchase on the internet via a site called Dave’s List (Nephew to a very famous Craig and blacksheep of the family), sometimes people need things dead. One thing in particular is clowns, after the clown plague of 2033 when clowns were cloned out of control by rogue government spawning technologies it became a necessity. With some spawning stations still on line and hidden through out the world, the call goes out to those brave souls who can face down the terror that is rubber chickens and balloon swords.

Enter into this mix Richard Gold, Clown Killer. A contract-for-hire government sanctioned hunter of clowns operating without permit.

At his 4th birthday party, Richard Gold was scared by a clown and wet his pants. It was something he would never forgive that face painted tart for. When he was 12, while exploring his schools boiler room, he came across another clown who tried to attack him with a bundle of balloons. Barely managing to escape the assault, he pledged that one day he would find a way to stop these helium huffing morons.

Operating rogue for several years he was finally able to legitimize himself when the licensing came down the pipe to take out the Cloned Clowns of San Diego. Little did he realize these weren’t your average clowns though and soon he would be thrust into the world where is only option was to Kill Matt!

He is Richard Gold, Clown Killer.

(Temp image till I access better scanner)