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Day 2: Newton The Anxious Adventure Newt

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Day Twelve: Your Man

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Here comes the man you’ve been waiting for.


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The Cuban Missile

He’s smokin’ HOT.


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An ear-piercing gone wrong left her with a dimensional porthole warping her already infected ear lobe. Kids, make sure those metal implements you’re sticking into yourselves aren’t of non-terrestrial origin.

#5-The Roasted Jalapeno

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The Roasted Jalapeno

Day 30 – Katarina the Dragon Slayer as a child

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Katarina at 9 years old

Day 29 – Twinkle

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Twinkle, an 8 year old vigilante

Day 13 Craig ‘The Mustache’ Bailey

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Afflicted with abnormal facial hair, Craig earned his nickname from merciless classmates. He was introduced to cage fighting as a form of venting his growing aggression. Now a tournament champ, he delivers beatings to anyone who dares call him ‘Mustache’.

His obsesion with being hairless extends to his wife.

#12 Road Rage

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Whew…made it with 5 minutes left in the day…

I don’t have time to type up the whole origin story tonight and still upload it while it is still the 12th. I’ll add it tomorrow!


Car fanatic and avid fan of all things NASCAR, Jimmy John Jacobs had a need for speed he always tried to feed. Collecting speeding tickets like a redneck collects spare tractor parts, Jimmy’s trouble with the law was getting further and further out of hand. During a car chase, Jimmy’s adrenaline addiction finally got the best of him. While outrunning the police, Jimmy’s 69 Camaro was topping 125 mph and he began to see the limits of his driving ability. Attempting to race through an industrial park in the darkness of night at that speed was a foolish decision that nearly cost Jimmy his life. Losing control of his car, Jimmy drove into a dumping area that contained hundreds of drums containing hazardous material that would be loaded in special trucks for disposal the following morning. Among those materials was a dangerous compound developed for the molecular acceleration of rocket fuels. As Jimmy’s car spun wildly, he was tossed out of his window while his car plunged into explosive blasts as it crashed into other materials in the dump. Luckily, Jimmy was safe from the explosion, but was slammed into the barrels of the accelerating fluids. His skin soaked it in and he immediately began to toxify.  The police and emergency crew were able to arrest Jimmy and admit him into medical care. While in a comatose state Jimmy began to recover as his own molecular structure began to adapt with the acceleration compound. He began to recover immediately and awoke to the sensation that the world around him was happening in slow motion. At first he believed he was drugged, but soon found he could calibrate his senses to change speed. He laughed as he quickly snuck out of the hospital at lightning speed. Now, disguised as Road Rage, Jimmy rushes from one new problem he creates for himself to another. But he has so much running at speeds of up to 350 miles per hour that he doesn’t seem to care.

#12: Boost

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A power amplifier, Boost.

Young Sara Walsh has a special ability; she can enter the bodies of people and amplify their abilities, particularly super humans. A power booster, Sara was abducted from her home by the Archangel Corporation’s private military group and brought in for tests on the the potential her ability can do for their living weapons. The discovered that her ability gives no drawbacks to anyone using her, as she absorbs all the damage an overloaded person would normally take and with her healing factor, stay alive to do it again. This went on for years, until the Front Line, now waging a war with the Archangel Corporation, free her during a facility transfer. Rescued, the Front Line attempts to offer her membership into the group, yet Sara only wants to see her family, only to find out that the truth was, it was her own family that sold her to the Archangel Corporation.

Betrayed and now having a reason to fight Archangel, Sara joins the Front Line under the code name, Boost, where the team implements her as a support/rescue operative and provide her asylum and treatments with the Loman Organization.

Abilities: Boost has the ability to amplify another individuals abilities. This is achieved by her essentially shutting off the body’s own limit controls in tandem with her own energy pouring into the subject to increase one’s abilities exponentially. To prevent the physical and mental pain that would occur should an individual “overclock” themselves, Boost absorbs all the stress and pain into her own body and takes the hit for them. Her healing factor enables her to recover from these injuries, yet if she uses or absorbs too much, her body will physically shut down so that it can recover completely.  Boost has also recently learned to use her ability offensively by “overloading” an individual by amplifying them to the point that they themselves pass out from the shockwave of pain, yet she still receives the pain backlash, albeit in a reduced capacity.

Creation: I can not take complete credit for the credit for the character, save for her design and name, as she was given to me by former owner of Brainstorm Comics, Robert Kimmons, as he told of a superhero character he used that would amplify other character’s abilities, yet didn’t have an explanation on how her powers would work. I supplied one based on Naruto’s Guy and Rock Lee’s own ability to release their own mental limits, and he offered to let me use the character for my own comic use. The offensive use of her ability came from watching Scryed’s Scheris Adjani’s Alter, Eternal Devote, used to deliver shocks of pain to an enemy, so I included it into her ability list. Her  first name was actually based on a girl I knew in college and for a long while, her visual design was based on her, until recent as I had to draw this character from off the top of my head and I was also updating her attire for this challenge.

Day 11 Skeet

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Day 11 Skeet for the 30 Characters Challenge!

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Day 10 Crimson Bullet

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Canadian Speedster, the Crimson Bullet.

#10 Iron-Chef

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Here is my 10th character in a series of related characters for a funny super-hero comic project I have been planning to make.

This one is IRON-CHEF:

Built by a genius billionaire with money and time to spare, Iron-Chef is an indestructible and lightning quick cuisine creating robot. Designed to be a body guard when not busy in the kitchen, he was also programmed with state-of-the-art technology and the instincts of quadruple black-belt ninja. When his careless master accidentally died in a house fire he caused with a cigar, Iron-Chef looked for a new place to protect and to serve – serve food, that is. Luckily, a super hero squad posted several needed positions including a robot, a master of martial arts, and a gourmet chef. Iron-chef’s problems were solved and he now fills a need in the community and in the bellies of his teammates.

#9 Lightning Rod

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Here is my ninth character for this challenge from a project I am working on. Intended to be a tongue-in-cheek twist to the genre, here is Lightning Rod:

Rodney Fasano was all brawn and no brain. Clumsy and awkward in many ways, he loved to exercise and lift weights on the shores of New Jersey. Always stumbling into a fall of some kind, accident proneness was his specialty. Ever the great hope of football and basketball coaches, Rodney always dropped the ball and tripped over his feet. Adding to his accidents was his attitude that got him into extra trouble. Always covering for his clumsiness by agreeing to carry out idiotic dares, Rodney never really knew the joke was on him. Thus, when he was dared to lift the front end of a sedan over his head, he just wouldn’t quit trying until he eventually slipped and fell, dropping the front of the car on top if his head. Crushing his skull and breaking his arms, Rodney had to have metal plates, rods and pins implanted into his body. His luck didn’t run out there. Shortly after leaving the hospital, Rodney was feeling depressed during a rainstorm. To cheer himself up, he decided to go outside and play in the puddles. While jumping into a particularly large and muddy puddle, the lightening in the air was drawn to his inner metal and struck him there in the puddle. His eyes rolled back as the voltage coursed through his body and shot out through the rods in his arms. His hair stood straight up and he pooped himself. He survived and found that his body suffered no damage. His head plate and inner metal had charged with electrons to become a sort of electromagnet. In time, he discovered he could willfully collect and charge electrons in the air even when no storms were present, and then shoot this lightning through his hands. He also discovered that sometimes when he was falling or tripping over something that the jolt off fear from falling would involuntarily cause the lightning to shoot out as well. Thus, Rodney became a liability. He was arrested by super heroes when he innocently blew up a car that he accidentally walked in front of while going to a health pill store. Rather than imprison an innocent man, the heroes took him in and have since been working exhaustedly to help him control his powers and use them for good. Happy to feel like he is helping, Rodney does his best as the electrifying personality known as Lightning Rod (a name he gave himself believing it to be clever).

Sam Medina – Day 7

| November 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

Huacal the Traitor

Day 6 Chyler

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Gave an older character a revamp.

Day 5 Giant Nerd

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Day 3 “Stick Up Kid”

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Here’s # 3 entry for the 30 Characters challenge. I’ve had this idea for a character for a few days now and have been having a tough time settling on any one sketch. I’m not even 100% sure of this one but it’s much closer to what I intended.

These characters will all have a somewhat Hip Hop theme and will take place on earth and in space with a graffiti/underground comic cartoon style. I’m kind of doing a lot of copying of style at this point but I hope to arrive on a style I can call my own eventually.

Thanks for Checkin in! More updates to come throughout the weekend.

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Buy #30! Inhuman Issue #1 – Notebook

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Soshika Lypha doesn’t much like Humans. When her commanding officer orders her to help release Grey from a military controlled psychiatric ward, she has no choice but to come face to face with one. Only now, the Rulerist military wants him back…

A dark sci-fi comic about a schizophrenic, an intergalactic struggle, jaded aliens and the meaning of humanity. When Grey is freed from a hospital, no one could have expected the entire force of the Rulerist military to come after him…


Day 1 The Meteorologist

| November 3, 2011 | 6 Comments

Connie Jung won beauty pageants and used the scholarship money to put herself through school. Instead of becoming a respected journalist she is assigned to be the “cute” weather girl at the local station.

After quitting her job she is nearly hit by a meteorite. The radiation transforms her in unexpected ways. She uses her new gravity powers to take revenge on the world of men that have spurned her.

Day 1 – Bucktooth

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#1 Zeb G. Goose

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Zeb G. Goose

Zeb is the little brother of the famous and fabled Gonzogoose! Gonzogoose helped raise the little tyke after Zeb’s father died when he was a kid. The two were very close… until Zeb hit puberty.

Now, Zeb is the bane of Gonzo’s existence! The two couldn’t be more different if they tried. Zeb is the everlasting conundrum that Gonzo can’t for the life of him figure out. But they’re brothers and they love each other and support one another. Well, Gonzo supports. Zeb games.

That’s right, Zeb is a gamer. Online MMORPGs mostly, from Worlds of Warfare to Dingos and Dragons, Zeb spends almost all of his time glued to the computer screen amassing gold or fighting bosses. The rest of the time is used for sleeping and eating and watching Anime.

Zeb has tried to be in bands and tried to be a skateboarder, but games won out over all that useless active crap. It’s much more rewarding getting the precious Sword of Izic, or some other nonsense like that.

Zeb’s close friends call him Zeeby, a name Gonzo is not allowed to utter lest he get popped upside the head with a Dr. Piper soda can, the drink Zeb is most addicted to and downs a dozen of a day. For, like, energy of course, to keep gaming!

Zeb also believes the world will end, not by fire or flood, but by zombie apocalypse. “Oh, it’s gonna happen.”


This is the first supporting character for my (eventual) webcomic strip, aptly titled “Gonzogoose”. It’s a character and name I’m known for across the internet, and the strip will be a humor strip loosely based on my life. This particular character is truly based off my little brother, so it makes perfect sense he’d be the first supporting character I create!

Eventually, the Gonzogoose strip will appear at the retooled www.gonzogoose.com. Currently, the site serves as my lettering and logo design portfolio, but it will be divided into three parts: Gonzogoose Productions, Gonzogoose Design and the Gonzogoose webcomic.

So there you have it, a little extra background on the inspiration of this character and more to come! HONK!

P.S. While I’m here, be sure to check out www.wannabezcomic.com. Updates every Tuesday and Friday! 🙂