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11/30/2012: Malithraxus, Void Dragon

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NAME: Malithraxus  SPECIES: Dragon (Observer-Spawn) ORIGIN: ???

Spawned in the cosmic winds and seeded with an intelligence from beyond the Bulk, the cosmic dragon, Malithraxus was born to raze the pillars of reality and birth new life into its smoldering foundation. A being of pure magic, it soars aloft on vast, membranous wings, dripping with the scintillating colors of creation. Its claws and fangs rend through flesh and starship hulls with equal ease, casting those within screaming silently into the void. Its breath is the fire of chaos, giving new form to all that it touches. It is the harbinger of violent change. It has hears the voices of Nexus City, crying for a savior to release them from their prisons of biological and mechanical conformity.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#10 The Event

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The Event

A being of incomprehensible power from another dimension, the Event first
made himself known in 1984 when he abducted the world’s heroes and villains for the first Invisible War in the Invisiverse.

A giant being, his motivation is as unknown as his face. The Event pulled heroes and villains both to the Invisiverse for a grand battle. It was only Dr. Omnibus and his trans-dimensional plothole that allowed everyone to escape, but not before Squadron Leader died in the fracas.