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2013 Challenge: Day 26:- Tumblin’ Joe

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Tumblin' Joe


Never trust a drifter.

Characters 10-20/30

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10/30 – Roxie the Racer Queen. Figured on some Mad Max post-apocalyptic type thing. I wanted to draw a squished up minibike, like Akira Toriyama would back in the day.

11/30 – Funcrusher Plus. Upgrade on Funcrusher, the 2.0 if you will. It was inevitable.

12/30 – Razorblade Romantic. Another character based off a memorable album title (HIM’s Razorblade Romance). Mostly, I just wanted to draw a dude with a pompadour and a razorblade.

13/30 – The Blind Boxer. This was the last one I’d done after a very long night, kinda copped out with a quick brush pen illustration. Blind Shaolin fighter.

14/30 – Clean-Up. After some lazy submissions, felt like doing some detail work on this one.

15/30 – Det. Robert Booker. Straight laced, no nonsense cop.

16/30 – Piggy Pig. Booker’s partner. Name’s how the criminal element in town refer to him.

17/30 – The Persistent Hunter. Undead cowboy bounty hunter.

18/30 – The Hermit. Wizened old ninja master hermit type.

19/30 – Grimace the Goblin. Another late night cop out.

20/30 – Riot Grrl. DIY vigilante heroine protecting her city.

Day 16 Sebastian

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“I’m the Sheriff of this here moon.”

#6 Deadeye Huitzilo the Vaquero

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In the late nineteenth century, a group of gringo treasure hunters popped south of the border hoping to find some fabled Aztec gold. Instead, they left emptyhanded, only leaving about two dozen or so disintered Aztec burial grounds in their greedy wake. One of those tombs was that of the emperor. Shortly thereafter, his sworn protector, Huitzilo felt himself dragged back to the mortal coil only to walk the Earth again, seeking to punish the defilers, even if it takes eternity.
The weapons might be different these days, but brutality never changes.

Sorry it’s not colored & like the others I did. I’m opting to spend the time catching up. If I’ve the extra time, I’ll go back & add them.

On the list of jumping off points I had for characters “cowboy mummy” was a joke but was something I kept going back to trying to rationalize. It suddenly clicked when I figured there was a better chance of an Aztec mummy than your garden variety Egyptian bandaged number wandering the old west; so I went that route. His name is based on Huitzilopochtli, who wikipedia tells me was the Aztec god of war. The word has something to do with hummingbirds, which I thought would also have a cool connotation as to how quick a shot he is, despite rigor & the frailty of a corpse.

#9 Sleezy Shuster

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My Internet was down yesterday, so I wasn’t able to post an entry. I’ll make up for it with a double-post today.


Day 7: “Dinosaur Detective”

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#8_Padre Emmanuel San Justicia

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"Padre Emmanuel San Justicia"

"Padre Emmanuel San Justicia"

#2 MachineHead

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The original MachineHead was actually an old cowboy action figure I had as a kid.His head was removed by the lawnmower and I wedged a part from a G.I. Joe jet into the hole where his head went.This version is named Colton Park,and he lost his head to a shotgun while raiding a drug den.Doctors were able to save his body and science was able to replace his head with a cybernetic prosthesis