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Day 1: Donnie the Dino-Dragon

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Eh, its just your causal Dino-Dragon hanging out with his lil brother. Day 1, complete!

#1 – Some Armored Jerk

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This troublemaker likes running around in armor and getting into fights with whomever he sees.  It doesn’t help that he augmented himself with cybernetics specifically for being a jerk.


This man appears to be in his early to mid 20s.  Everyone assumes he has the brain of an adolescent, though.

Challenge Day #1: Headhuntress: Fiora

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Headhunter Fiora

A succubus from the depths of Abaddon. On the hunt for blood, and a fascination with skulls, she uses a compulsion spell to seduce and lure her prey to their deaths. Thus, stripping them of everything that gives them life, draining every last drop of blood and removing the head from the body.

DAY 1: The Eternal

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Before humanity there was the Eternal, a vagabon-esque alien with the power to create worlds. Where is he now? Nobody knows…

Ancient Emperor from Snake Luster & the Monster Pirates

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First character is one who should play a marginal role in a graphic novel I am trying to develop. This is an ancient king who ruled an empire of a world a bit different than ours. The characters are searching for his crown, which has some special power to it and will give the empire a ruler again, taking control from the council which has ruled for centuries. This is late because of issues I am having with my computer.

Day 1 – Donald Griddle

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So it begins. Although I can’t say it’s a great start Donald Griddle. Griddle  is a single father. His daughter Crystal is the center of his existance, he works for a construction company filing permits and working mostly with paperwork. When he comes home to Crystal he says it’s all worth it.

#1 – Roger

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Roger is a young man who, while realizing the terror that’s going on, must avoid the threats ahead.

Day 1: Ariwn

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Ariwn is an upcoming mate for the next mating season. He specializes in meal making and feathering grooming.  He is part of a species known as Forian. They are lizard like people with features growing from their bodies. At least in the male forian’s case, the females tend to be more bird like then lizard.

Female Forians are the ones who run the tribe. They happen to be bigger and stronger and more liking to be better warriors then the males. The males are smaller and gentler, and don’t even develop full wings like the females. In most families there tends to be 1 head female and as many mates as her borrow can hold or she can provide for. The average is usually 1 female to 3 males. While the females scavenge or go to war with the other tribes the males (sometimes even females who wish to stay back and be a mate instead) tend to the children and the care of their homes.


#1 – Ulrike Sommerheim

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Agidyne! Hi everyone,

I’ll use this as my introductory post.  I know I’m a day behind but I won’t be in a moment!  I decided to participate in this challenge just because it sounded like a lot of fun and I really am enjoying not only the creative part of it, but also keeping up with everyone’s posts so far.  Anyway, I don’t really consider myself an artist but I don’t think I’m horrible either.  I’m a writer by trade and can always use some good characters so hopefully after this I’ll have close to 30 usable ones.

I was a little stumped on what to do to start this off.  I really wanted to go into it ‘pure’ and not create a character I’ve already thought about or something and it was getting hard to figure out where to start.  So as a warm up I decided to create a character for the Persona series of games…which I’m totally obsessed with…I think she would fit right in on Inaba, in case anyone sees this and wants to totally redo “The Golden” before it comes out.

Ulrike is a German transfer student (not a foreign exchange student as her family has moved here).  She is on the tennis team and uses the tools of her trade as ranged weapons against the shadows inside the TV.  I couldn’t stop laughing when I thought about her serving the tarot card to summon her persona so that’s what I decided to go with for her image here.  I like to think that she’d be of the Star Arcana and when you spend time social linking with her you learn that she’s struggling with whether she wants to devote more of herself to tennis and become a professional or play less competitively and more for fun.  I like to think she and Rise would get along really well, but she won’t be as mean to Kanji as Rise is.  When she gets a crit with her Racket and ball she volleys the ball back at the shadows a few times until it comes back to her and goes out so she gets the point.

#1 Henry – Day 1

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Day 1 – Henry, he is mid 30s amish farmer and neighbor from cross the field. He will be most be in book 1 of The Adventures of Lucky Lady.

#1 Trotsky, the Snowman

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 Thumpetty thump thump, Thumpety thump thump, Look at Trotsky go. Thumpetty thump thump, Thumpety thump thump, Serving as the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs

#1 Trotsky, the Snowman

There must have been some magic
in that old beret they found
for when they placed it on his head
he discovered class consciousness.

#1 – first wave

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first wave zombie

The Charpel clan has learned to graft power tools on to the limbs of zombies, and power them with batteries and gas which are stored in the chest cavity.
This is the first wave of zombies that march forward to batter the barricades and defences of anyone that the Charpel clan wants to destroy.

#1: The Atomic Marine

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Ralph Gordon Blake, or “The Atomic Marine”, as he likes to call himself, is an 18 year old goofball who claims that he is some sort of “space marine” whose mission is to hunt and take down “an invading horde”, despite the fact that there is no invading horde, and that he is in present day Earth.  However, he is too stubborn to realize this and continues his pointless crusade against the imaginary horde, which happens to be completely normal criminals in reality.


At a young age, after watching a movie with space marines fighting aliens in it, Ralph vowed that one day, he would become the best space marine he could ever be when he grows up.  While it didn’t turn him into a bully, he did, however, begin donning a fake armor plate, magenta pants, and military boots when he turned 16.  Two years after that, he decided that he would now start going after what he believes is an invading horde, without realizing that he is nothing more than a really goofy vigilante.


Generally, Ralph is a nice guy, but he is just a goofball.  He doesn’t like being reminded about the fact that he isn’t really a space marine, and that the invading horde is nothing more than a figment of his imagination.


Not to mention he’s armed with a fake pistol that doesn’t even fire any kind of ammunition…

Character 1 Day 1

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Day 1

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So… day 1, I didn’t think really much when I draw her. Her name is Rani, she brought spring and joy with her. Grass grows and flowers bloom wherever she goes, said to be the descendant of nature herself.

#1 Scott Rivers

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This is Scott Rivers! He’s a 16 year old magical boy with the ability to control demons, and is the best friend of the main protagonist (who I have not drawn yet oops).

There’s a little more stuff under the cut which is about the story and junk yeahh

(btw if I’m doing something wrong with the upload rules/SOMETHING ELSE, please tell me!!!)

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Day one: Bridgette Ouvry

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Bridgette OuvryBridgette Ouvry is the daughter of wealthy parents Henry and Millicent Ouvry. Handed down from house maid to house maid, Bridgette at one time was reckless in her pursuit of creature comforts, but after the birth of her first child (Benjamin), she began to settle down. Now her life is fraught with new tension. She has fallen in love with a middle-eastern boy from England, whose family objects to his relationship with Bridgette. Her estranged parents have been arrested for tax evasion, and the feds have seized their assets. Bridgette now lives with her ex house maid, Beatrice in a cramped one room apartment with Bea’s fiance Doug, Benji, and now Bea’s Mother Adele. Bridgette clings to sanity as the walls of her world close in.


Day 1: Sebyn

| November 1, 2010 | 7 Comments

Unfortunately my day one post is sort of a quickie!  I’ve been busy and am leaving to see Tim & Eric in Seattle tonight so not a whole lot of draw time.  Anyway, this is Sebyn.  He belongs to an as of yet unnamed race of creatures who probably inhabit some distant planet etc.

He hails from a small inland village on said planet.  Sebyn is an easygoing guy who gets along with his fellow villagers and whose main role in town is helping out one of the shopkeepers.  He probably has a love interest and big dreams, but we’ll have to wait & see!

PS lots of great submissions so far, keep it up y’all!