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#10 – The Lost Prototype “Killer” Robot

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Originally designed to be a part of the ultimate in killer robots, this robot was eventually scrapped once they found better technology to create a better one.  Years later, she was reactivated once she found out her “little” sister was causing the chaos she was intended to cause, and must now pursue her sister, not to prove that she can be a better killer robot, but to get revenge on her creators, and fight towards an age where humans and robots don’t have to fight each other.  She might have to get herself fixed up first, though.

Day 10: Buffy the Fluffy Sheep

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#10 Buffy the Fluffy Sheep
(A sheep in wolfs clothing!) Streamed this one on my iPad using the app “SketchClub” and got some great help from the great members on there. This is what resulted from those 2 hours of streaming! 🙂 Enjoy~

#10 – Experimental Cyborg Type Blizzard Cold

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Type Blizzard Cold is another of the mad scientist’s transformation of a human subject.  She is given robotc hands that allow her to freeze targets using an extremely cold liquid.  Aware that she was transformed by a madman, Cold immediately betrays him and leads the rest of the subjects out of his lab.  Having a strong sense of justice, she uses her new weapons against criminals and evildoers instead.

#10 Lisha Okoro – The Map

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Lisha Okoro was a well respected and liked priest in her small community in Nigeria. She was kind hearted and caring and easy to like. She lived a quiet, peaceful life and was content. That was until the comet came.

After the events, now dubbed ‘The Rune Awakening’ Lisha is a hunted woman, always on the run.

The comet burned the sky for a second and the god runes power was stirred. Lisha’s church had been sent a rune as it traveled the globe so all the churches of her country could behold it. It was in her safe keeping when it awoke.

Washing over her body the pale blue light of the rune absorbed into her. It granted her insight. The runes energy made it so Lisha could pass her hand over anything and see something others couldn’t. If she passed her hand over a pregnant woman she would tell the sex of the child, pass if over an apple and she could tell the location of the tree it came from.

It is not for these gifts that she is hunted. It is for what Lisha can see when she passes her hand over a map that makes her the prize so many are after. Because when Lisha uses insight over a map of any kind she can see where all the other runes are, if they have been absorbed and if the original rune stone is still with the host.

Lisha Okoro is the map to power.

#10 Candle-Prophets

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Living candle-prophets. Known as Lidontztdoha in their language and Guillemet, for their rather strangely-shaped hoods. They speak in fragments of an unknown danger to the whole world, often burning up after delivering the message outright. Their lifespans are quite short and it’s not very uncommon to find them travel in groups.

The messages they tell to are often complete strangers who have nothing to do with each other, which makes the job of finding the whole message all the more difficult. Even more so, when the people hunted down for the prophecy’s words have forgotten them entirely.

Whether this was intentional on the candle-prophets’ part is unclear.

#10 – Mandy

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Mandy is a high school student who, after having recently been transferred to another school, runs into a group of students who want to become contestants of their favorite game show.  Mandy feels that she may need to make sure that they don’t end up getting in too much trouble.

#10 – Shawn

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This is Shawn!  She doesn’t really have a story yet…

The larger version is a lot better, but it’s also HUGE.

Day 10: The Huehe

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Huehe (pronounced “hweh”) are creatures that make their homes largely in damp forests and in coastal areas, although smaller populations can be found in more frigid regions.  They are predators but rarely attack people, choosing to hang back from populated areas for the most part.  Huehe are very peculiar because their growth rate is completely unpredicted.  While all Huehe are born at about the size of an average newborn kitten, their sizes at adulthood vary wildly.  Some stay tiny their entire life, while others can get as big as horses.  Bigger specimens have been reported but are extremely rare.
People have spent generations breeding Huehe for different sizes and uses.  Many people keep the smaller Huehe as pets, and farmers/traders tend to use the larger ones for transportation.  There are a million other uses for the creatures though, and the people of the world won’t be done exploiting the species any time soon!