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Day 12: Manny the Magic Monkey

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#12 Manny the Magic Monkey
Someone please tell me how to draw fur lol… Anyways, I’m behind a day. I’ll catch up! I have to.

#12 – The Sweater Marine

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This sweater loving warrior is willing to fight in the name of sweaters, especially the ones that have hoods on them.

#12 – The Melee Combatant Warrior Guy

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A mysterious combantant with a ridiculously long title, “The Melee Combatant Warrior Guy”.

He may claim to be a pro combatant, but in reality, he’s nothing but an absolute loser.

#12 Garret, Brother of the Silent Sword.

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The great city of Saal is on the borders of many realms and kingdoms and as such is home to a diverse range of people, whether they call Saal home or are just passing through. Garret is neither; he is one of the few who are assigned to Saal.

As part of the guild of the Silent Sword, Garret is an assassin of the highest order. Trained from birth in the ways of the blade and the dark magics of the shadow the brothers and sisters of the silent sword are the most feared and sort after assassins in the world. Once fully trained and inducted into the guild fully, with the forging and naming of their Silent Sword, they are assigned to a city or province. They will live and die here, assassinating only those they are hired to, a silent sword never being drawn unless is has been paid to be drawn.

Garret has been in Saal for nine years and has taken countless lives over that time. His sword, Tace tasting the blood of noblewoman, brutish men, messengers and priests alike.

The message appeared in the same way as all the others, a vision of the target shown in a mirror. Their name appearing like smoke around them. The man standing before Garret today was the strong and powerful figure of King Dontas Godart. Before the king had even reached Saal a bounty had fallen on his head, and it had fallen to Garret to answer the call. He knew of the king of Elmore, he had heard the stories of the great and noble ruler of the realm, and the woe that had befallen him. Garret knew that Dontas being in Saal meant a changing of the times, he Dontas would be the man to slay him, yet he fastened Tace to around his waist and went to find the king who would be his killer. 

#12 – Meg

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Megumi (or Meg, as she prefers to call herself) was an ordinary high school junior who just wanted to grow up to become an expert swimmer.  That was, until Julia moved to her school, and founded a club dedicated to obstacle courses and game shows.  Shortly afterwards, Meg was dragged into the club and it slowly began to interfere with her swimming practice sessions.


Meg became furious at Julia for founding the club in the first place, and threatened to sabotage her course by adding a large swimming pool in the middle of it, but Mandy stopped her on the grounds that she doesn’t want anyone to get in trouble while she’s around.  However, Meg and Julia would pretty much hate each other, and Meg, being older than Julia, claims that she has no right to boss her around (or anyone else in the club for the matter, as they are also older than Julia)


Outside of arguments with Julia, Meg is actually a really nice girl.  She likes helping anyone in need, and she is also very sociable.


Meg is 17 years old.

#12 – Zit

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This is Zit! She lives by her own rules and does what she wants.  She is also a kyute kitty gurl and likes beating people up for fun.