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#14 – The Death Marine

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This mysterious woman sets out to wreak havoc on the world and kill as many who oppose her as possible.

#14 – Delusional Detective

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An unnamed detective who wounds up believing that everyone is a suspect no thanks to one hell of a headache

#14 Vireo Corsant

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To the far east of the great and proud city of Saal is the jungle kingdom of the old race, the Ivory Elves. Living at one with nature in the magnificent yet dangerous jungles of Locaviurta, the ivory Elves are fearsome warriors and hunters, protective of their lands and traditions. Living under the darkened canopy of the jungle has left their skin ivory white, and their eyes perfect for low light conditions. Tall and lean the elves are an intimidating site to behold.

The elves are a rare site outside of the Locaviurta jungle, however each elf is given the choice to leave and explore the world at the age of maturity. Most return home within a year, others find a new life in the other realms and free cities.

The Ivory Elves live in large tribal communities, but are all look to one elf, chosen by the people as their leader. Vireo Corsant was that leader.

A migration of storm Trolls had moved down from their mountain home to the jungle in search of food. Their numbers had grown too large to all be supported by the mountainous regions. The trolls had been eating livestock, elven mounts and even a few elves out on hunts. The outcry of the Elves for justice and retribution for their lost brothers and sisters, lead Vireo to gather a band of his most fearsome warriors together. They headed out to confront the Trolls.

Within a day of tracking them the band of elves where set upon by the huge hulking Trolls. The battle was savage and brutal but over fast. Out numbered and out powered by the Trolls only Vireo escaped with his life.

Returning to his tribe alone Vireo was exiled and stripped of his rank as leader. Left with nothing but his sword and loyal jungle cat mount, Greenshadow Vireo left.

From that day forth he pledged to wander the lands in hope of redeeming himself in the eyes of the Ivory Elves.

Forty years later Vireo and Greenshadow are passing through Saal on the trail of an Ogre when news of a King looking for an army sweeps through the city. Vireo hears all the tales of this great King Dontas Godart and feels a kinship with him.

Vireo decided at once that helping this man is the new path he must take. For if Dontas can return home proud to his people, there is hope still for Vireo.

#14 – Austin

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Austin is a high school junior and aspiring contestant for one of his favorite game shows.  In fact, he and his friends have always wanted to go on that show ever since they watched it for the first time.  When one of the transfer students, Julia, moved to the school, he learned that she wanted to build an obstacle course.


Austin also found out that Julia started a club dedicated to game shows and obstacle courses, and dragged fellow transfer student Mandy, his classmate Megumi (a.k.a. Meg), and his girlfriend Vanessa into it.  Curious about the sophomore’s club, he decided to join it himself, and offered to help Mandy supervise her and ensure that no one gets into too much trouble.  After all, they are very upset at Julia for starting the club.  Though Austin loves game shows, he is very concerned that Julia will eventually get everyone in trouble…


…and he may never forgive himself if that happens.


Austin is very athletic, and he is very aware of the things that goes on between him and other people such as his friends, family, and of course, the other club members.  While his dream is to be on his favorite game show along with his friends, he also wants to be a host for a game show at some point or another.


Austin is 16 years old.

#14 – Ciel

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This is Ciel!  He’s a space pilot in this story I’m working on,  and the brother of the girl I drew for day six.

He’s a guy whose done a lot of time/space travel and junk.

(btw, wow it’s already been 2 weeks already!)