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#24 – Startling Metal

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Startling Metal is among the deadliest in experimental androids.  She was granted the most cutting edge in technology, and she is particularly brutal when it comes to using it.  She has been ordered to find and eliminate a specific target, and she’ll rip through anything in her path if she has to.

#24 – Dana the Harpy

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Dana is a harpy who is looking to help others who regularly have trouble with everyday problems.  She is a very nice person.

#24 – Madame Emilie Zehetner.

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The sultry, seductive and charming anthropomorphic cougar who runs the local den of iniquity, The Cats Meow. Russian born Emilie ended up in America when she ran away from home with her then lover. The relationship went south as most of those hot and passionate ones do. A few wrong moves later and she ended up in debt to a local crook by the name of Finnegan, he was a scrawny, dirty Irish weasel but he had a lot of hired muscle, big ugly mutts, Emilie couldn’t do anything.

As luck would have it Finnegan and his boys weren’t much to look at so had to use their ill-gotten gains to charm a lady of the night. There favorite haunt was the Cats Meow, a really classy joint, crooks and cops alike loved this place for its beautiful women. It was one of the only places in the city to have a white tiger take an interest in you. The then Madame, Silvia was a fierce fox of a lass, she was kind and gentle until you crossed her. As it goes she got wind of Emilie’s troubles through Olive, a pretty little otter who happened to be Finnegan’s girl, well that’s how he saw it.

From the moment Silvia laid eyes on Emilie she couldn’t let any harm come to her at the hands of that fool Finnegan. She stepped in, paying off this petty debt owed and taking Emilie in. She never intended for it to happen, she just wanted to look after her. But once the local boys got a look at Emilie they where all asking after her. Emilie was flattered by all the attention and she could use the money, she had vowed to pay Silvia back for her kindness and more.

Emilie became one of the best girls Silvia had ever seen at work. It didn’t take her long to catch the eye of Dennis Haines. He was a good guy, nicest bear you could want to meet. He was a local detective, had a wife and kids at home but an appetite for the ladies that no one woman could satisfy.

He came to see Emilie every Wednesday with out fail. Told his wife he was going to the gym with some of the beat cops. Emilie kept him in good shape that was about as much truth as there was to it. Silvia could see the old bear fooling for her but didn’t step in. She figured it would be good to have the local detective inclined to be in her favor.

The years passed and Dennis still made his visits, though they grew less and less, his hunger for lust had been ousted by his old back. Emilie and Silvia had been come close, friends is how most would see them, but there was a bond between them that was almost paternal, so when the worst happened and Silvia passed, so did the Cats Meow, to Emilie.

Finnegan only got uglier with age so was still in need of Emilie’s new home. She loves to hear Finnegan call her Madame; she demands respect of those who wish to visit her halls. Dennis sends her flowers every valentine’s day to show he still thinks of her, it’s a nice thought but life has hardened Emilie up, she knows it’s just a gesture.

The flowers are still beautiful though.

#24 – Patrick

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Patrick is Stanley’s older brother.  After training hand to hand combat with a combat master, he returns to his home to find out that his brother has found a sword out in the middle of nowhere.  Not surprised by this, Pat thought his brother would simply use it to fight against evil monsters and wizards that would try to take sword for their own goals.


…To his own shock, Stanley plans on returning the sword to its original owner, whoever it may be, and he believes that the only way to do so is to wander around and ask people of importance who the sword belongs to.  Pat fears that this may lead to his little brother’s death, so he enlists the aid of his two closest friends, Danny and Linda, to supervise Stanley and protect him from any harm if necessary.


Due to his methods of supervision and defense, Patrick may come off as a bit overprotective.  However, he values the safety of his little brother.


Patrick is approximately 25 years old.

#24 – Frankie

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Another mahou shounen