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#27 – The Caped Anti-Assassin

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Just your ordinary average civilian turned wannabe superhero.  This one, in particular, likes hunting and beating up assassins, including the ones aspiring to be assassins.

#27 – Feng ‘Fire Tiger’ Lin.

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You don’t get a reputation like the one ‘Fire Tiger’ has without being feared. An expert in the fighting style Krav Maga, and a cocky punk to boot, Feng makes a living for himself as hired muscle for the local ‘businessman’ Kang Quo.

Kang is the man around Feng’s community; the guy grew up here but went on to make a name, and a lot of money for himself. He owns a few fancy restaurants up town and that gives him the space and legitimatise he needs to run his less than legitimate gang. Gun running, protection rackets, dugs, stolen cars, Kang’s gangs have their fingers in a lot of pies. No one dares touch him though.

When you wrong Mr. Quo in anyway Feng Lin will arrive to teach you a lesson, a lesson with his fists. None have needed to be taught the lesson twice. While Feng isn’t exactly in love with his job, it pays well and its something he’s good at. He can’t turn his back on that.

Kang brought Feng in when he was young, he’d been running with a small time gang and getting into a lot of trouble. Kang saw the kid had some talent with his fists and wanted that talent working for him, so he gave Feng some work.

Now Feng is the guy all the locals are scarred off, he’s the last person they want to see. That’s the worst part of the job, being feared by everyone around you makes for a lonely life, but if he ever tried to leave the employment of Mr. Quo he’d have no life. Lonely is better than dead, or so Feng thought.

No one knew where he came from or who he was, he simply called himself Thunder fist. He’d turned up one night and made some trouble for one of Quo’s gangs, he didn’t kill any of the gang just made sure they wouldn’t be doing any work for a while. It’s hard to intimidate people with broken arms.

This Thunder Fist was getting under the skin of Quo, none of his men could find this guy let alone stop him, he called in Feng. Kang made it clear that if he couldn’t stop this guy then he’d best never show his face in town again.

Feng wasn’t given much choice, Thunder fist found him. Thunder and fire make for a pretty volatile mix.

#27 – The One Known as Nightmare

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Calling herself “Nightmare”, this psychopathic naga is highly focused on taking revenge on the very clan that had kicked her out due to several crimes.  Her real name is currently unknown.

#27 –

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octopus lady

#27 – Joshua the Lone Swordsman

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Joshua is a swordsman who is consistently hunting down a particular rival of his whom he seeks revenge against after a humiliating defeat.  Despite this, he is a man of honor and will not harm anyone he doesn’t consider a threat.