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#28 – Sportsman of the Sports

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A wannabe who just invades any sports events that goes on.

#28 – Frankie the Spectator Mermaid.

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Frankie is a young mermaid who is said to occasionally visit places where swimming competitions are held.  It appears that she really admires the human swimmers.

#28 – Emma O’Grady.

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The end of 2012 was nearing; the days grew darker as the cold winter nights set in. They kept growing darker, and darker. We never made it to Christmas that year. The old gods rose as the Mayan calendar had predicted. In one night hell was unleashed on earth. Twisted and changed in to the image of the old ones. Mankind pushed to the brink of extinction. Demons and foul creatures of the deepest darkest nightmares began to walk the streets of our old neighborhoods. Anyone in the way was put to his or her death, or worse. Mankind hangs on by a thread. A few hide just trying to survive.

One stands up to face them.

As the old ones rose something long since dominant from the world stirred in young Emma O’Grady. She was to be the last hope of humanity to survive. She was the guardian of the light. Passed down through the ages, the guardian of the light is the one soul who has the chance to push the darkness back. It is how they where put to slumber last time they rose.

With the power now stirring inside her Emma pushes out into the wastes of her old world to face her destiny. Helping any and all she finds on her way as she battles and bashes beasts of all shapes and size. Emma is granted the courage and strength to stand against the threats before her by the light inside. The forces of pure evil stand against her, the light her only sources of guidance and instruction her in her mission.

She is a long way from her days spent learning art history at college and spending her weekends working behind a bar. Emma must face off against the very beings that created fear and hatred, and she must win if things are ever to be the same again.

#28 – Estelle

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Another space pilot person; Based off a Sprite I made from this site!

#28 – Jennifer

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Jennifer was the leader of a small group of rebels who often caused trouble in the city, hoping to further their own selfish goals at the expense of others.  And then she met a rival in the form of Sandy, whose mission was to apprehend her in the first place.  When they met, a battle occurred, and Jennifer nearly defeated Sandy, but Sandy managed to defeat her and she eventually found herself in a prison.


From that day forward, Jennifer vowed to ensure the defeat of Sandy.  However, Drew and her army started to attack, and Jennifer is left with no choice but to team up with the very warrior she is trying to defeat.