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#29 – Donovan the Strange Heat

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Donovan was always that weird kid who everyone made fun of in school.  His complete lack of regard for standard fashion senses was outwardly laughable.  But once he entered college, he decided to embrace his weirdness and use that as the opportunity to become a warrior for his own personal interests.


…But that went horribly wrong, and he has become the target of every criminal in the city.


Will Donovan the Strange Heat survive this madness?

#29 – The One Known as “Blight”

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Calling herself “Blight”, this half human half spider creature aims to make things as painful for others as possible.  Is a possible ally with Nightmare.

#29 – Sammy “Great” Scott.

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Adorable, cute, lovely, kind hearted all of these words describe Sammy Scott nearly perfectly. Always out in summery dresses and pattern tights enjoying life with a huge grin on her face. She is hard not to love.

However when this young lass isn’t drawing for her art degree or seeing some cool new age folk band she is doing battle with Trolls, ghosts, vampires and all those other beasts of legend and myth. Its this side of her that has earned her the nickname Great Scott.

Her Dad, the late great William Scott was a monster hunter of some considerable note. The only man in resent age to have banished a fully-grown black banshee back to the dimension that it belongs.

Before he passed away he handed his old leather satchel to Sammy and told her that it was her destiny to continue his work.

William Scott’s spirit was the first ghost Sammy had ever seen, for you see as soon as she had taken hold of her fathers satchel not only had it transformed, through some white magic into, a very cute little shoulder bag, it had also passed all of her fathers monster hunting energy to Sammy. She could now see ghosts, sense vampires; she was to be frank, kind of a bad ass.

Sammy and her Fathers spirit spent all that evening talking, they spoke about what it was he really did. He told her all about his greatest adventures and how it had been is honor to protect the world from the things of the night. Before his spirit passed to the other side he told her to reach into her new bag and draw out what ever she found.

She sank her hand into the bag; it was far deeper than it physically should have been. A bag of holding is what he Father told her it was, capable of holding almost anything or any weight, it was the greatest tool in a monster hunters arsenal, well not greatest, the greatest monster hunting tool was currently inside the bag.

As Sammy pulled her arm free she brought something with it. A huge mighty battleaxe, wrought in gold and silver with runes and details engraved all over it. Her Father smiled at her, and with his last few sentences told her how proud of her he was and that he would always love her, and with that he was gone.

That’s how Sammy Scott became the newest monster hunter. Taking up the mantle that had been passed down through the generations. Although it must be said she is perhaps the first hunter to wear heels and a flower patterned dress out to hunt a Wendigo, but damn it if she didn’t rock it with her enchanted battleaxe over one shoulder.

#29 – Elijah

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Last of the space pilots for now.

#29 – Oliver

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Oliver is a young martial artist who is currently training for an important event.