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Day 3 – Orion Azure

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Day 3 - Orion AzureKinda bummed that I haven’t been able to colour these, but that’s what full time work does to a person ^^;

Anywho, continuing on with the theme of humanized electronic devices, this is Orion Azure. He’s a well-known commentator and socialite who dabbles in photography and astronomy in his spare time. He will often have a clear plastic umbrella when it’s raining.


#3 – Road

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Road is just your average bodybuilder who works as a part-time sales clerk.


I gotta get better colored pencils…

Day 3: Rubicante the Space Bear

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Cuddly by day and night. Loves butterflies and the innards of his enemies.

#3 – Jason the “Bare Fisted” Marine

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Jason is another so-called “marine”.  Except that he doesn’t use any weapons.  This means that he will have to find ways to outsmart his enemies.

Frank and Mindy

| November 3, 2012 | 2 Comments
Frank and Mindy

Frank and Mindy

I imagine Frank being this totally lovable, but completely clumsy and destructive alien monster that Mindy created in her secret laboratory! Mindy is probably a very shy girl who only opens up with Frank.

Frank and Mindy probably get into a lot of trouble together, as good friends tend to do.

#3 Doctor Vincent Hyden

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The year is 2067 and the government has a tight grip on everything. Although they put across a positive, happy outlook to the general public, most of the goals the government are working towards are far from fit for public knowledge. Doctor Vincent Hyden is the man they hope will achieve one of them.

The good Dr. Hyden is the leading expert in the newly outlawed study of human animal Hybrids. He was the direct cause of its ban when his serpent men escaped his local lab in Detroit and ate a schools worth of child. However it is exactly this kind of creation, which has seen Vincent recently fully pardoned by the worlds governing council and put to work, in secret, for them.

The middle aged 89-year-old American Doctor now works out of a government funded lab in the wealthy ‘Red Crown’ district of New Tokyo. Currently working on a DNA mutation to allow the growth of soldiers who can breath under water. This, the government hopes will allow them to retake areas of importance that have been lost in the rising sea levels.

His results have been very pleasing to the men in suits Vincent reports to.

Although one thing the government is unaware of, and wouldn’t be too happy to hear about, is the fact that Dr. Hyden is also taking freelance contracts. One of which, if successful would mean that the local Neo Yakuza gangs would be more animalistic than the News currently reports them to be.

Day 2 and 3

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#3 – Sandy Ground

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Cassandra Beatrice “Sandy” Ground is the oldest daughter of a scientist and a former traveller.  The life that she had spent with her parents and her younger sister was very normal.  She and her sister would spent their time together watching TV and skateboarding.  Her father would sometimes create weapons designed primarily for the military for their fights for peace, while her mother would sometimes spend her time helping with the inventions.  One day, Sandy’s father promised to give her one of his inventions whenever he got the chance.


When Sandy turned 18, she stumbled upon his lab to find out that a wicked warrior had been trying to get his hands on her father’s technology.  He tried to ask the scientist to hand over the weapons for him and his army.  He refused, and was subsequently knocked unconscious, being unable to do anything as the mad man takes his weapons.  Fearing that the man will use his technology for evil,  Sandy’s father is left with little choice but to take her to a close friend of his, who would then give her the training she needs to become a commando.  She did manage to track down her father’s attacker, and brought him to justice.


Sandy, now 25, is a commando for hire, taking on the jobs to pursue dangerous criminals, mad scientists (and their insane inventions), and other threats that may be too dangerous for the average crime fighter.  While she keeps quiet as much as possible, she is a very sociable person, but she is not a loud mouth like one would suggest.  She carries around a laser rifle that her father created.

#3 – Zeta

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This is Zeta! She’s an alien lady from a planet full of other types of species of aliens!   The planet has a bunch of different areas for the aliens because they’re all different and need adequate living places obviously.

Anyways, she’s a water-type kind of species, so she can breathe underwater and all that jazz!  I actually left a few of details out of her design by accident here, but it’s nothing too big. (I just think it makes her look…plain oops.)

(Also, Zeta is just a nickname for now!!! I’m terrible at names oops!!)

Day 3: Dr. Calpensky

| November 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

Dr. Calpensky (aka Dr. Calp) runs the store that Sebyn works at.  He specializes in herbal medicines but tends to be curious about a little bit of everything the world has to offer.  He is surprisingly wise, despite his jolly and almost airheaded nature.  Dr. Calp is friends and business associates with Evans‘ father.