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#4 – The Pink Slam

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The Pink Slam is an amateur wrestler who merely wrestles for fun.  He is a really nice guy, and he shows as much honor to his opponents as possible.  He appears to be in his early 20s, and his favorite color is pink.  Outside of the ring, he enjoys watching movies, skateboarding, and reading novels.

Day 4: Dice Slicer the Librarian

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Dice Slicer the Librarian, takes care of the knowledge and books on the Armada.

#4 – Trevor Blue the “Stylish” Detective

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Trevor Blue is a detective of stylish proportions… or so he believes.


He’s more interested in taking naps than actually investigating things.

#4 Arthor Penn.

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Arthor was a scrawny boy of ten, with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes, he looked no different from any other ten year old, but Arthor was mature for a boy of ten. He had had to grow up fast after his father had passed away. He had loved his father more than he would ever be able to show.

Arthor remembered the nights when his dad would come and tell him all the wonderful stories he had been writing for his latest book. The tales of beasts and brave men, of the battles they fought over magical objects and beautiful princesses, these stories had always filled his mind and heart with such wonder.

Now that his dad was gone nothing seemed quite as bright or brilliant as it once had.

Arthor loved to spend time just sitting in his dads study now, sitting crossed legged in the huge leather chair his dad had spent so many hours in. Arthor would let the chair surround him and protect him, as he looked at the rows of old books that lined the walls. It was the one place Arthor felt close to his father. All the stories flooded back to him here.

It was on one of these days on a cold and rainy November when young Arthor Penn found his fathers favorite writing pen. It was a beautiful fountain pen, it looked black from far away but up close had the look of dark purple marble to it. The nib of the pen was a beautiful burnt copper tone that had warmth to it like an open fire on a dark night. From the nib a faint gold pattern spiraled around the pen to its top like a serpent coiling around a branch. As Arthor studied the pen it seemed to glow and draw him in, he placed the lid back over the nib, as it clicked shut the room filled with light.

His eyes opened slowly and he was no longer in his fathers study, nor was he alone. Arthor was now in a cave face to face with a purple dragon.


#4 – Victor

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Victor, who used to be kind of a troublemaker, is a nomadic warrior who often gets himself into a lot of bizarre situations.


Day 4, Ryl

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#4 – Shiloh Kamari

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This is Shiloh!!! He’s the protagonist of the Mahou Shounen story was talking about earlier!  I actually haven’t thought/written out much about him because I literally drew this in about 1 hour oops

Anyways, I’m about to go to bed now so I just want to get this out of the way!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Day 4: Kerry

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Kerry is Sebyn’s mom.  She works two jobs, one as a tutor and the other as a barista at a bar & grill establishment.  Despite having two jobs and working hard to support her family, Kerry is always in great spirits.  She is always patient and willing to listen, especially to children (or drunk citizens who act like children!)