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#2 Fawn Berry

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Brave, swift, kind and whole heartily endearing. Fawn is one of the youngest Elves ever to make it into Tracker training. Her passion to learn and do her very best made sure she made the grade at age thirteen, three years younger than most recruits. Now under the watchful eye of her Sage, Track master Arc she learns the ways of the forest and all the things that dwell within.

Taking on the green cloak of the tracker recruit Fawn spends her days learning to hunt with both bow and spear. She is trained to read tracks and recognize the markings of all manner of different beast and creatures.

If her training continues to go so well she will soon get to leave on her pilgrimage to the forest heart, which if she returns from will be the final sign she is ready to join the Tracker Masters, and become a guardian of the forest.

Day 2: Evans

| November 3, 2010 | 0 Comments

Decided to create some friends for Day 1’s Sebyn, starting with the obligatory love interest, Evans!  She lives on the opposite end of the village from Sebyn, only venturing to his neck of the woods to have meetings with her father’s business clients.  Her parents own one of the largest general stores in town and are very active in the community.  Evans has a good head on her shoulders, but is a little naive about the true circumstances and feelings of those less fortunate than her.  She feels like a normal kid, but tends to get shunned by her peers because they assume she is just a pompous brat.  Her mature lack of concern for their spite further cements their opinion of her.

Sebyn knows Evans from her many trips to visit the shopkeeper he works for.  He will make any excuse to work when he hears that she’ll show up.  Evans is always kind and Sebyn has made it his personal goal to make the other kids realize that.

Anyway, Evans is a perky and bright young gal who doesn’t know it yet but will probably have very big dreams soon!  (Perhaps of the adventure variety WHO KNOWS!)