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#20 Kraka-Düm

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Kraka-Düm is the Lemurian storm god. While the Lemurian civilization was lost, and the rest of the pantheon gone, Kraka-Düm only survived due to his main temple remaining surviving in the sunken city of Mu off the coast of Japan.

Being a storm god, Kraka-Düm is able to create rain and lightning. His Thunderstone dagger allows him to shoot lightning. He can also use his dagger to hitch rides on lightning bolts, catching onto bolts to pull him up into the clouds and riding other bolts back down to earth.

Kraka-Düm is a member of the Last Pantheon, a group of mythical beings formed to prevent the Ragnarokalypse.

#6 Kihalo The Dealer of Secrets

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Kihalo is an goddess worshiped in the world of Elhi.Long ago during the First Age she discovered the true name of  Dorosyn,god of Chaos, and bargained it away to his daughter Eris in exchange for the knowledge of her heart’s desire.She used this to leverage the ways of Creation from the Wise One Turyn and traded that to Mungul,The First God of the Orcs, so that he could have a race in his own image.What Mungul traded to her has been lost to the ages though radical theologians point out that Kihalo’s daughter Yethrin appears in the world not long after this deal is struck.This is usually met with derision,and the occasional fist from followers of Kihalo and Mungul.


Kihalo trades in information.She doesn’t care how trivial it seems,or useless it is to her,she knows someone will pay dearly for it.Kihalo trades fairly,always taking from supplicants a secret that is just as important as the one she gives.She also doesn’t care what is done with the information,whether it leads the person into redemption or dooms an entire civilization to ruin.In the end it all leads to new secrets for her to trade.

#5 Quetzalcoatl

| November 5, 2010 | 11 Comments

Quetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent deity that featured prominently in the belief systems of Mesoamerican pre-Colombian cultures such as the Maya, Aztec, and the civilization of Teotihuacan. The deity was important to several cultures, and therefore has various associations.  Among other things, and depending on the culture, the feathered serpent deity has been associated with the morning star, the dawn, knowledge, the arts, fertility, maize, warfare, culture and civilization.