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2013 30 Characters Challenge Completed!

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030 – Louise Erica Morales

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Wife of Jericho and mother of Roland and Henry, she’s a high school teacher.  Louise escaped Hell many, many years ago and found a human vessel to take over.  She and her boys were advocated by the angel Serenitatem and rarely uses her true demon form.  Both Henry and Greg have taken her math class.  Roland was spared.  Louise is very close to her human parents, though not as much with her in-laws who knows that she is a demon.

Day 29: Demon King

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Demon King2Jumping back to Demonstar for today. This is the “end boss” of the module. 3d model (and print) by myself, MS Paint render by my talented brother, Cameron Croft.

Demon King

2013 Challenge: Day 23:- Greyjaw

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Greyjaw is your typical spawn of the Pit, and a great salesman to boot! Small home appliances, mostly.

017 – Demon Brothers Henry and Roland

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Technically, they’re half-human, half-demon.  They’re one year apart, Henry being the oldest.  Wanted to show both their full demon form and partial one.  Both of them also have a pair of wings and Henry’s the only one with the bottom pair of fangs.  They’re proper young men, or at least their parents hopes so, though Roland tends to slack on schoolwork.  They have been advocated by the angel Serenitatem.

#10 Lizhbeth

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#10 Lizhbeth


Lust and temptation is her specialty.

Day 8: Shambling Fiend

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Shambling FiendA playing piece for my WIP, 3d print-and-play board game, Demonstar.

Day 7: Skittering Fiend

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Skittering FiendMonster playing piece for my WIP, 3D print-and-play board game, Demonstar.

Day 6: Separatist Contractor

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Separatist ContractorAnother player piece for my WIP, 3D print-and-play board game, Demonstar. 100_4468

Day 5: Renegade Scout

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Renegade ScoutAnother player piece for my WIP, 3d print-and-play board game, Demonstar.


Day 4: Lopeing Fiend

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Loping FiendA monster piece for my WIP, 3d-print-and-play board game, Demonstar. Once all of these guys (and the tiles, counters, etc) are finished, you’ll be able to download the rules and parts for free on thingiverse.com.


Day 1: Slithering Fiend

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Slithering FiendFor the first post, I decided to go with one of the game’s monsters. I’ll have a 3D print of this guy before long (still waiting on a replacement part)


#25- Biel

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#21 – Madelyn “Maddie” Lopez

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Maddie Lopez is a quiet, introverted 15-year-old girl, born the third child of four in a cluttered, noisy household. Maddie’s mother, an exceptionally strict Catholic, dominated over her children throughout their lives, a trait that only became greater when Maddie’s father died of a heart attack when she was just seven. Maddie’s sister, Isabella, took up the mantle of her mother’s right hand, baby-sitting her younger siblings and helping do the chores around the house while the eldest son, Miguel, was given free roam to go about the neighborhood and find his way. Maddie’s mother held her two daughters close, dishing out incredibly strict, and a times abusive discipline she called “love’.

Maddie and her siblings were latchkey kids, their mother worked two jobs to support the family after her father died, and Miguel and Isabella took control of the household. Miguel was rarely home, often in the streets, while Isabella quickly grew into a beautiful young woman, catching the eye of boys around the neighborhood. Maddie, however, pulled in where her other siblings reached out. She lost herself in books and comics, and wished the dramatic, luxurious life lived by people in musicals could be one she’d have. Maddie created worlds for herself where she was taller, prettier, and popular.

Most of all, and to her mother’s extreme distaste, Maddie idealized superheroes. Maddie’s mother, among other opinions, felt strongly that superheroes and their like were against nature, abominations running around the earth, absolute proof that the time of judgment was at hand, as the Anti-Christ and his acolytes were spreading their filth around the globe. More than once, Maddie endured a disciplinary beating from her mother upon being found with some magazine or poster praising heroes. The conflict between the opinion of heroes her mother had driven into her, how they were all tainted by evil, and the idealized reality created around them in gossip magazines and television left her always feeling exceptionally guilty about her interest, as if she wasn’t strong enough to resist the charms of evil.

A week before her 16th birthday, Maddie stayed home from school, sick. One day quickly turned into two, and two into three as Maddie ran a fever, racked with nausea and chills. The symptoms lasted for four days before breaking. Maddie had a day of peace, returning to school and inviting friends to her 16th birthday party when she noticed an odd discoloration of the skin on her right hand. The discoloration continued throughout the day, creeping up her arm, her skin turning a sickly grayish blue, her fever returning. Maddie made it all the way home, where she reported her affliction to her mother, who immediately banished her to her room, believing she had become possessed.

Early that evening, Maddie manifested her powers, her body changing from a gawky teen to a seven-and-a-half foot tall demonic creature with greyish-blue skin and two horns atop her head. Still distinctly human-looking (her face, while different, is still identifiably hers), Maddie’s mother nevertheless had all but a complete meltdown upon seeing her new daughter, declaring that her child had been taken by Satan, and attempted to murder Maddie, sending her confused daughter out into the streets alone.

Now, Maddie is still a 16-year-old girl in a new body, being forced to live a new life she is wholly unprepared for. She is still learning the extent of her abilities, including the capability to turn herself into smoke, an immensely accelerated healing factor, and the capability to breathe fire. Despite her powers, Maddie is still at her core a clumsy, shy 16-year-old girl, thrust out of her home, a freak, even among superheroes.

#6- Tai

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taiOh dear.. No idea how his leg got broken XD

#2 Cyber-Demon

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Viruses are getting more malicious each day!

Day 1 – Ryan Elizabeth

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Ryan Elizabeth is a demon girl who lives in a quaint town in Hell.  She’s like any normal teenage girl in that she loves hanging out with her friends and is struggling to like, grow up, or something???  Ryan Elizabeth (please, her friends just call her Ryan) has a part-time summer job at a cemetery in town, where she oversees the arrival of Earth’s newly-dead.  Sometimes the job requires subduing aggressive dead people, but usually they arrive very confused and/or depressed, at which point she sees them to the cemetery counselor and returns to her post.

Ryan has had a pretty unremarkable life and has a wonderful family despite growing up poor and having ongoing money problems.  She is very bright, intelligent, and kind-hearted but tends to be lazy and completely unmotivated.  Ryan does not have any big dreams for her future, choosing instead to live life day-to-day and just “see what happens”.  She supports her two best friends with all her energy but often envies them, wishing she could be passionate about something for herself.

#1 Demon (Retired)

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Wanting to just be left alone and tend his Hellfire, this demon can’t catch a break with all these new souls and young devils….

#7 – Pazuzu

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Pazuzu is a Sumerian demon known for his tendency to ward off other demons and a fondess for women.  He often appears in the form of a hawk or a dog.  Pazuzu owes Zagam a favor for reasons he’d rather not discuss.

#15 #16 #17 (Catchup)

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I was severely lacking in my “drawing guys” skills.
This doesn’t make up for it, but it was good exercise.

Also now I’m only TWO days behind. Go me.

#5 – Verin

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Verin is a demon of impatience.  Because of this vice, he’s lost just about everything he owns to the Game (where demons bet on the lifespan of souls).

#2 – The Scarlet Fiend

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The Scarlet Fiend

This is a new hero for my roster. She prefers being in her full body suit due to her skin “condition.” Working on more details.

#8 Inx, Fallen Angel Politician

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Fallen angels broke their halo’s to signify their allegiance. This had an odd effect on them, in Inx’s case it turned his eyes crazy and gave him ashen skin.

Fleeing from the lovecraftian apocalypse that befell Heaven, Inx took up residence in the Void Commonwealth. He became intent on improving the living conditions of the commonwealth, and so went into politics.

However he is met with suspicion at every turn, apparently no-one trusts a politician.

#8 Angel

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#4 – Aldinach

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A demon of natural disasters, Aldinach uses her powerful wings to create tornadoes, hurricanes, and sandstorms.  She can also swoop down with great speed to land and create earthquakes.

#4 Demon Hobo

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He got burnt (literally – look at his hand!) on some a infernal real estate, now jobless and homeless the Demon Hobo spends his time trying to get souls from the homeless!

#2 – Minoson

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A demon who ensures winning in all things. Naturally, he’s not used to losing. At all. So when he does lose a bet to Zagam, he suspects foul play. In his latest bet, he is determined to catch Zagam in the act so he can then end him.

#1 – Zagam

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Zagam is a demon of deceit and frequent gambler in The Game (sort of a horse race where demons bet on human souls for sport).  He is well known for being a liar, thought it’s assumed that it is impossible to cheat in the Game.  The truth is, he’s been rigging the game for centuries.  For him, the Game is not sport.  It’s his way out of the Void (the place where all demons originate).



#11 Gritzfalde

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Gritzfalde is, well, a demon.  He’s adventurous and headstrong and has a touch of a problem with authority figures ordering him around, which is somewhat problematic considering the underworld is ruled by bureaucratic regime which can only be described as Vogonesque.  Gritzfalde has met his intellectual and spiritual match in Angel (see post #10).

(Gritzfalde and Angel are inspired by friends of mine.)

#9 Karynn

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Karynn is a succubus unlike any other.  Sure, she’s a female demon who seduces her victims into having killer sex, literally, just like any other succubus.  However, unlike others of her kind, Karynn has a predilection for consuming her victims once she has had her way with them.

#7 Jinshu Dabhail, High Metal Thane of Demons

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Name: Jinshu Dabhail, High Metal Thane of Demons
Species: Deity
Age/Sex/Race: 734/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Overthrow the Verdant Emperor and take his rightful place on the throne.
Occupation: Ruler of demons and enemy Heaven
Motivation: Anger, Jealousy, Justice
Inner Need: His rightful place on the throne
Flaw: Takes his anger out on those who don’t deserve it.
Secret: Was actually warned of the Verdant Emperor’s treachery, but didn’t believe it.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Immortal, very skilled blacksmith and warrior, some minor sorcery.
Quirks: Always wears his hand-crafted armor and weapons.
Attitude: Gruff, proud
Dialogue Style: Harsh, accusatory, defensive.
Backstory/Description: On the night before Jinshu Dabhail was meant to be coronated as the new emperor of Xinocel, he was kidnapped from his palace by the Emperor’s secret police, beaten into submission, and taken before a bogus trial where he was accused of a score of crimes he never committed, treason key among them. The Verdant Emperor sentenced him to permanent banishment beneath the sea of the mortal realm where his brilliant armor would hold him down and corrode, and he cursed him with a hideous form of sharp fangs, dark blue skin, and flashing red eyes. Those who spoke out in Jinshu’s defense were similarly cursed and banished. Beneath the waves, in all his rage and misery, Jinshu Dabhail organized his supporters into an army, and is now training them to someday storm the gates of Heaven and overthrow the false emperor. His fury is boundless, however, and he often sends his agents to terrorize the Verdant Emperor’s servants, namely the human race.

Yeah, this is a follow up to this post (http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/06/6-the-verdant-emperor-omnipotent-master-of-a-thousand-small-green-leaves/), set in the same Celtic-Chinese setting. The picture itself was really an experiment with using different tools to create textures and looks. What do you guys think?