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Say hello to Theodore, coworker and partner in crime to Delaney. Theodore and Delaney work at CPU Central, a computer store in Industry, California. They both met when they joined the company as low end factory-line workers putting together lines of mass-produced PCs. Delaney was eventually promoted up to an engineer, but the two departments share one giant warehouse space so they still see plenty of each other.

Theodore lives with his retired stay-at-home father, ailing mother, senile grandma, and three younger siblings. While working full-time to supplement his father’s meagre retirement income he also attends night school at a local city college, working towards a degree in Ethnic Studies and Sociology.

Life at the house is pretty hectic usually so he will often head over to Delaney’s place to study or spend some free time.


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Todays unpolished sketch brought to you by ‘didn’t feel like drawing today but did it anyway.’ I apologize.

This is Delaney. She works at a computer store and fixes computer stuff. In her off time she remixes music. Her youtube channel has a small but devoted following, and she’s convinced she can make it big if she makes one big hit (or at least comes up with the an advertising scheme to get the next big hit). Bottom pic is her working on some music. While she loves working on it, any artist can tell you that there is a lot of tediousness in any project and she just happens to be working on one of those tedious segments.


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Blah. Too tired to make a more polished one but I don’t want to fall behind again.
Hondo was originally concieved as a companion and lover of Tallory in the post-timeskip A Jagged Road story, although honestly at this point the entire post-timeskip story is probably gonna get tossed, and Tallory herself may not be sticking around, at least not in her current form. Still, I like Hondo and like Nubia he’s growing on me as I develop his character.
Hondo was born into nobility. Being the ancient world, and the lack of options for decadence and luxury, Hondo took up hunting as a hobby – one that requires a fair amount of survival and wilderness skill in the ancient desert land. Tallory is a highly visible celebrity in the region both as a pale-skinned foreigner and also as a skilled swordswoman, and Hondo was drawn to her at occasional gatherings she attended. When the older jaded Tallory leaves her missionary group to start a mercenary band, he signs up.

20_Handumas, 21_Nameless Child, and 22_Mowah

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These are the characters of a potential short story Fool’s Tales set in the A Jagged Road world. It’s about a handumas (a title, not a name, meaning Caretaker) who is telling stories to a young child (left nameless, and also the plan is to leave him/her genderly ambiguous). The story in question is about Mowah, the First Merchant, who travelled the world, exploring strange lands, learning and trading goods, meeting strange people and supernatural creatures. Mowah was a real historical figure, but her legend has mixed with the facts, becoming a truly larger than life character.


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I ran through a bunch of monkey pictures and picked one that I liked – the Golden Lion Tamarin. After that I had a vision of a guy with a kendo stick on his shoulder so i just ran with it from there.

In hindsight I should have picked a Japanese monkey instead of a brazillian one, but what can you do?

Lessee… Tadashi Platyr. Japanese monkey swordsman. Stoic, perhaps a bit brash, pretty archetypal. Didn’t really have any unique personality or background in mind for him. I guess that’s pretty boring, sorry.


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This marks my second and more effective attempt to create a fantasy/sci-fi character useable in a potential porn comic. Significant credit for influencing facial style (particularly in the nose/lips area) goes to Ovens. Not much story behind Nomia besides she’s a bee. Most of the imagery here developed as I drew her and looked for references. Originally I had planned for her just to be an inexplicably anthropomorphosized bee in some weird world where sentient bees still had menial labor to collect honey.

Potential storlines included:

  • While collecting nectar, Nomia finds a vibrating flower stigma. Sexy solo times ensue.
  •  Nomia returns to the hive after a  long day of nectar collecting and has sexy times with her girlfriend (almost all bees are female)
  • Nomia spills nectar onto a drone and has to make it up to him
Although putting her in a space/sci-fi setting wouldn’t eliminate those options, putting her in a kind of sexy space warrior uniform does – unless she collects nectar for the war effort. Actually that’s pretty good…


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Just got a tickle to draw a Scandinavian Troll. Humon likes to talk about Scandinavian trolls a lot but I can’t actually find anything on the common encyclopedia sites that lines up with what she calls a troll. The art is heavily influenced by John Bauer’s image – as this was my first experiment with the creature I guess I didn’t have too much innovation on hand.

Anywhoo, this is Isotora. As the overseas land of Avori is based loosely on Scandinavia she’s a potential character I might use in future A Jagged Road stories. Trolls in scandinavian literature are much more magical in nature than more recent western versions of trolls, so Isotora can turn invisible and also move on the wind. Trolls, like most mythological creatures that occur frequently in myths, appear in a wide body of stories each with slightly different properties. I took some liberties here and made Isotora ugly like most male trolls are supposed to be – trolls frequently have reputations as shape-shifters and there’s no reason for males to be ugly but females to be extremely human-like unless they are using magic to transform themselves. In the future I’ll probably make a few ‘human form’ versions of her.

Isotora is not human and therefore doesn’t have human motivations – she’s more an incarnation of nature, and her actions are arbitrary. She may do benevolent things one day and malicious things the next. Trolls are also known for replacing human children with their own in Scandinavian lore, so I might integrate something like that in.


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Nubia is another character from A Jagged Road (my graphic novel that has yet to get off the ground). Like Ralyanna, Akoko and Reth, she was taken in from the streets and raise under the tutelage of the suave and cunning Lipho, who uses his network of street urchins to earn him money. Lacking Ralyanna’s merchant talents, Nubia gets by in the world’s oldest profession. Nubia is quite jealous of Ralyanna both for her natural talents and for the disproportionate affection that Lipho has for the fence compared to her. Not that Nubia has no wiles of her own – she has a large base of influential and connected clients and she’s quite adept at prying information from them one way or another.

Besides Lipho, Nubia has a close relationship with another urchin boy, Isoba. She takes the large but dim boy with her when moving through more dangerous areas, or meeting new clients.


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Another character in A Jagged Road, although she won’t be relevant for a long time – until the main protagonists of Beginnings have grown up and started messing about with the politics of Pes Riami. Dendara is a powerful member of the Merchant’s Guild – a political organization on Marus Grand, the wealthy sector of the city. The Merchant Guild represents a capitalistic element of the world of AJR that didn’t exist in historical Egypt. The nobles of the city didn’t try to stick their hands into the lucrative trade market until well after a new class of laborers had cornered the market and amassed a great deal of wealth. The Merchant Guild exists to continue to keep the power and wealth the merchants of the city have accumulated over the generations separate from the hands of the nobles and the government that they control.

The Merchant Guild is by no means out to help the common man however. While social mobility is at least possible as a merchant, they are still much more equatable to a noble nouveau, and they lord their opulence and status over day laborers just as much as the blooded nobles do. Dendara is a dead ringer for the wealthy merchant upper-class, personally controlling a dozen merchant ships that sail up and down the Riami and even across the ocean to distant Avori. She’s dismissive and rude to anyone who can’t give her something that she wants, fortunately there is very little Dendara doesn’t want. Her ambition is tempered only by her patience and cold calculating intelligence.


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Akoko is one of the younger urchins of the Grotto, a network of caves set into the limestone cliffs of the Riami Divide, underneath the twisting switchbacks of the cliffside city Pes Riami. Akoko is a minor character in the story – she’s not particularly clever or skilled at anything, and with her young age comes a short attention span. She’ll often be given tasks by the older urchins to earn her keep, but otherwise her role is to simply be the most adorable thing to walk the earth.

The brightly colored and intricately patterned linens that Birgir and Oletha sport are beyond the means of most people, and certainly beyond the means of a street child. The delicate linens wouldn’t likely last long in Akoko’s care anyway, so it’s fortunate she is content with the many cheap baubles she finds or is given, or occasionally buys with ‘Marks’ that serve as an internal currency system in the Grotto.


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I spent a lot more time (a lot more time) today defining the culture, general dressing habits, researching grooming habits, etc for the Avorans who hail from the land overseas. They are based loosely on Northern Europeans, taking bits and pieces from Bronze Age and Medieval periods as I like to suit my preferences. With that in mind, many of the things that I’ve applied to Oletha (above) apply to Birgir that I posted yesterday. Birger and Oletha (among others) are the body guards of the Blessed of Alansea, and serve as both mercenaries for the local barons and also missionaries for the local people, teaching them the ways of the Church of the Fold. Their function is as much diplomatic as it is proselytizing – and the folders find themselves learning far more about the rich local customs, traditions, beliefs and practices than they wind up teaching.

Oletha is shown dressed in local linen fabrics and jewelry both to fit better in with the local culture but also because the heavy woolen cloaks and tunics that are appropriate in her homeland would be unbearable in the unforgiving sun of Yeanir. Her heavy woolen cloak is still kept with her for the equally unforgiving desert nights, and it matches both the color and trim of her cap.

The spear-head is Bronze, and in hindsight I should have spent more time decorating it – both wood and bronze are expensive materials in Yeanir, and such a valuable item would be heavily decorated to reflect it’s value.