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Day 1: Donnie the Dino-Dragon

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Eh, its just your causal Dino-Dragon hanging out with his lil brother. Day 1, complete!

#5 Velociraptor Jesus

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When he returns it will like that of a thief in the night (or out of nowhere like a Velociraptor)… clever Messiah.

#26 Trudy the Troodon Formosus

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There were a few strange looking dinosaurs that tromped around with the “classic-style” dinosaurs we normally see. Trudy would be one of those. Quick on her feet, she is a survivalist because of her agility. Not sure how Trudy can balance with that size of head though!

We are done with the dinosaurs! On to some modern-day wild life!

#25 Hatchling

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Here is one of the dinosaurs (protoceratops) as a hatchling. Right from the beginning of their lives, carnivorous dinosaurs are bloodthirsty and dangerous. Watch your step!

#24 Fathom

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One look into Fathom’s eyes and you can tell he has more going on in his mind than most dinosaurs. That can be either a good or bad thing within the prehistoric circles. He has dreams and motivation beyond filling his stomach. He is a beast that actually…. cares. Will this lead Fathom to becoming the King of the Dinosaurs, or kill him with a stress-induced ulcer?

#23 Tricerathump

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Back off man! This guy is mean… mean as they come. He’ll thump ya and leave you for dead. He’s vegan, so it’ll be someone else finishing up the job!

#22 SnortStomp

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Large Tyrannosaurus-type animal. Named after the last noises that you’ll hear before he bites your head off!

#21 Moxy

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This is a Zalmoxes. Vicious creature, agile and hungry. Not the greatest combination if you are on the menu!

#20 DeepFried

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Her shape and color make her look like a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken. In battle, her brain functions like it is deep fried as well. Squirrely!

#19 Nutter

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This is the first of the dinosaur collection. Nutter is exactly what the name says: He will lose his mind at any given time for no apparent reason. Fun times.

#13 (and maybe #14) – Robinson and Tilly

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I am going to be busy tomorrow so this MIGHT count for two. Not sure…

I went back in and colored it.

#10 Hunter of the Terrible Lizard

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A young hunter of the great lizards. She wears her greatest kills as trophies and armour, flaunting her skill for the first choice in food and mates.

#9 – Corus the Generic Dinosaur

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Heavily influenced by the movie “You Are Umasou!” which I need to go finish watching right now.


Day 7: “Dinosaur Detective”

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#3 King, the Locksmith

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Once upon a time, there was a town in Kansas.  Seriously.  Kansas.  A town that was not Kansas City or Topeka or Lawrence or Smallville.  And this town, despite being geographically anchored in Kansas (of all places), was quite adrift in time, which caused no end of confusion.  This also caused certain criminal elements in town to be composed of, at least in part, sentient dinosaurs.

King, an albertosaurus, took the name because of the number of people that mistake him for a tyrannosaurus rex.  It might also help that the moniker matches up with the sort of role he sees himself in.  Most anyone engaged in criminal activities around here answers to him; I mean, it helps that he’s the biggest and toothiest of criminals.  Though he’s “a very reasonable creature” by his own admission, his rather morbid predilection for impaling those he dislikes on several ivory spikes – perhaps to suggest his own toothy maw – has earned him a level of Machiavellian respect.

Those who do not wish to invoke his chosen name often called him “the Locksmith”, a nickname which has stuck for years and, like many nicknames, has its origins lost to the mists of time.

#3 Prue Lane aka Dinogirl

| November 3, 2011 | 3 Comments

Prue Lane aka Dinogirl, she may be cute and approachable…but she will rip your face off if she doesn’t get daily dose of caffeine.

# 2 : Rexon Tyrannus

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Every hero is only as good as their villain, and with Blazer, there comes his main enemy, Rexon Tyrannus. Tyrannus is the main antagonist to Blazer. A scientific warlord, Tyrannus has an entire mechanized army which he deploys to seize various territories from the Clan’s homeland. The reason for this is tied into his family history, for years ago, Tyrannus’s own ancestor was the first Unifier of all the Saurian tribes until they rebelled and ousted him out of power in a bloody war that led to the formation of the Clan Lands. The bloodline survived with each ancestor slowly plotting and planning a means to reclaim their lost legacy, with Tyrannus being the last known heir to the Tyrannus Bloodline and the one who enacted their revenge plot.  Tyrannus sees this as a denial of his own legacy and feels entitled to reclaim these lands for his family honor.

I depicted him seated in his command chair, showing the regalia that a leader would wear. I also tried to depict his arms as shorter in relation to his body, as the gauntlets he wears serve as a means to wield specially crafted weapons for him to fire, while hiding a personal shield and energy blade within his gauntlets. Behind Tyrannus, like Blazer where I depicted his past incarnations; here I show his impending future of becoming a cyborg with implants while wearing a more militant uniform to support a more  driven persona.

A scientific and military mastermind, Tyrannus was trained and taught the arts of combat and military strategy while indoctrinated the belief in family pride and in the history of the Tyrannus Family’s Rise and Fall.  He was given the collected knowledge and wealth of all the Tyrannus ancestors, deploying  their plans and tactics while using a number of shell and clandestine operations to finance both his research and scientific endeavors.His attacks across the Clan Lands are focused on key lands that either contain a resource, new tech, or of strategic importance to Tyrannus’s endgame; the complete and utter subjugation of the Saurian Race and the Decimation of the Clans. He rarely interacts personally unless a battle is truly important, as he is comfortable sending his machines to fulfill his ends, yet will hire or make arrangements with other Saurians if it serves his purpose.

Tyrannus isolates himself from the rest of the Saurian world due to a latent Animus ability; Psychic telepathy and telekinesis that he has little control and/or uses as a means of force or manipulation, making it hard for him to interact, yet also serving him as a lie detector when dealing with conspirators. Though his influence is vast, Tyrannus feels truly alone in his life with nothing left for him  but to reclaim his stolen family honor and fulfill the Legacy of the Unifier.

#1: Blazer the Raptor

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Everyone remembers their first moment. That also includes characters. Blazer the Raptor was my first character that I drew as a child based on several unrelated sources. The first is my love of dinosaurs and the second was Sonic the Hedgehog.  Later on, he took on aspects of Goku and even later, Naruto.  Blazer is a character that always pops out now matter what I draw, I always fall back and revisit him, changing his look from time to time based on whatever interests me at the time. The image demonstrates his evolution from his earliest depiction up to his most recent and current incarnation. From the very first, Early Blazer version, to Goku- Haired Blazer, to Extremely Dark Blazer, and finally, his more current and by far, my favorite version, simply called Blazer.

Now for character bio: Blazer is a Velociraptor from the Fire Valley Clan in Patagenea. He was a regular child until his Animus  (chakra, ki, spirit energy) activated, for which any saurian demonstrating Animus is automatically drafted into the military of their respective Clan as a special class, dubbed Servitors.  As a Servitor, Blazer is trained in utilizing armed and unarmed combat while being taught the Anima Techniques from his master, Tenken. Blazer’s main antagonist is the dreaded Rexon Tyrannus, a machinist overlord who uses an entire mechanized army to seize control and subjugate all the Clan lands, for which Blazer is on a mission to  forge a alliances with all the Clans to defeat this encroaching threat and for Blazer, he desires to destroy Tyrannus for a more personal reason; for , Tyrannus was responsible for the death of Blazer’s father and Blazer would like to see justice enacted, by his own hands.

During his travels, Blazer will encounter obstacles that will will challenge him both his physical and mental abilities while exploring the vast and diverse lands of each of the Clans. Blazer will also encounter other Servitors like him, each with their own repertoire of amazing abilities.

Blazer’s abilities focus on using Fire Elemental and Inner Energy Anima Techniques which range from projectile attacks like the Fire Rocket, to enhancements, such as Afterburner, a speed boost technique. Blazer is capable of wielding a Raptor Class Sickle Sword, forged in Star Metal, which can be channeled with Animus energy to superheat the blade for increased cutting power or to deliver a charged attack. Blazer is also capable of fighting with claw daggers and throwing hooks. His fighting style has a heavy emphasis on speed based attacks, while using the momentum to deliver hard strikes when they count. But, Blazer’s biggest assset is his brain, for he does not engage battles head on and utilizes strategy over brute force in defeating his opponents.

This concludes the introduction of my character. I hope you like it.

Day# 21 Sporkasaurus

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#21 Sporkasuarus by Jande Rowe

#21 Sporkasuarus by Jande Rowe


‘Nuff  said.