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#30 Don Dada, The Dream Merchant

| November 30, 2011 | 3 Comments

Don Dada

Don Dada, The Dream Merchant

“I’m all up in your head, like colors when you shut your eyes” – Raphael Attar, “There’s A Lot of Numbers”

Don Dada, the Dream Merchant, aka the Sultan of the Surreal, aka Stacks Visions, aka Black Morpheus. In the Great Marketplace, he is the bringer of dreams, but not necessarily dreams that are good for you. Where attention flows, energy goes, so he’s more interested in getting you hooked on dreams that appeal to you rather than forcing you to process the information you need or stumble onto some great insight. When Don Dada took over the dream racket, he realized one important thing: the dreams people want can be standardized, and people will choose pedestrian dreams they can understand over the actual mysteries of the subconscious damn near every time. And either way, your dreaming activity still generates the same amount of energy for him.

If you should meet him in a dream, he will tell you this. He will always tell the truth, and share the deep mysteries, to those who want to hear it. Or he can feed you the dreams of riches and success that television told you you wanted. It’s all the same to him, he’ll keep dropping gems in the R.E.M. Due to his mix of bluntness and wisdom, he is occasionally invoked by gods and sorcerors who will trade rituals, dreams or secrets for answers.

The crown over his head is how sentient beings interpret his aura of raw power. His baleful eye, ringed by blue flame, pierces to the heart of things, and it’s something you don’t want directed at you personally. The disc in the place of his other eye records all dreaming activity for the Akashic Record. Needless to say, you don’t want to cross a dude who can be in your head at any time; and that pimp cane ain’t just for show. If you don’t know, now you know.

#27 Sister Scissors

| November 28, 2011 | 3 Comments

Sister ScissorsSister Scissors

Sister Scissors is the spirit of broken connections. Romantic breakups, estranged families, that moment when you realize that a longtime friend is now just dragging you down, the person you cared for yet somehow lost touch with, all these fall under the purview of Sister Scissors. It’s nothing personal, just business. Sister Scissors harnesses the emotionally atomic energy created by breaking ties, and uses it to trade with other entities.

She is encountered by Tess Himmel during her search for The Infinite. The Infinite’s broken connection with the rest of the universe has made her far more powerful than she’s ever been, and people everywhere are starting to feel the effects, losing their empathy and not being able to maintain connections with colleagues and loved ones.

Her color is aquamarine, and her animal is the praying mantis. Even though she can’t be seen by mortals, you’ll know she’s nearby when you feel like you’re drowning.

#11 (The Infinite) Tess Himmel

| November 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Infinite Tess Himmel

(The Infinite) Tess Himmel

Poor Tess. She’s always to vast or too small. Never the right size. She touches the infinite, it courses through her — it’s kind of her job to keep the universe going, just by being her. But she also feels, sometimes, ever so small, and then, when one can float in a bubble or get lost in the tall grass, the world seems full of gifts.

Her father was a German immigrant, her mother is Mongolian. A burgeoning punk/artist, her desperate parents sent her at 13 to the Madewell Girls’ Academy, a private ultraconservative Christian academy run by ex-radicals and bikers. They berated her, telling her she was small, nothing, a worm before Christ. Her rebellious nature meant she spent a lot of time in the Get Close to God room, essentially a small closet. She escaped into her imagination, and met an angelic being who offered her a deal: if she agreed to take on the responsibility of the Infinite, she would be allowed to escape. The Infinite wished to be mortal, but needed someone to mind the store while it was gone. Tess was determined to have the proper nature for the job.

After that Tess escaped the Academy easily, going to the City of Angels and blocking out her painful memories of that place. But eventually, she tires of the responsibility of the Infinite, and when she tires, she also remembers the Academy, and begins to feel smaller. (Since she still has the Power of the Infinite, she actually gets very small and this causes trouble until she can get her mind right again).

But the Infinite has gotten lost, and forgotten its true nature. The angelic being returns and tells her that if she ever wants to return to a human life again, she needs to find it, or she’ll have to be the Infinite for eternity.  She agrees to help search, but she has mixed feelings about being a normal person again.

Track: Big Harp, “Everybody Pays”