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#30 The Black Mollusk

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The Black Mollusk

The first villain to be born superly-abled, Edward “Squidward” Taylor was ostracized since birth. Being teased and abused his entire life, Edward grew up with a nasty disposition and a chip on his shoulder. As he got older, he turned to a life of crime, not being able to support himself any other way.

As The Black Mollusk, he became one of the most dangerous men in the world and Dr. Omnibus’ arch nemesis. Over the decades, Dr. Omnibus captured The Black Mullosk multiple times, but his flexible body and multiple limbs made escaping custody easy.

In 2001 The Black Mollusk invaded Omni Keep and killed Dr. Omnibus. The Black Mollusk is currently in retirement, barricaded within the defenses of Omni Keep.

#8 Dr. Omnibus

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Dr. Omnibus

Dr. Omnibus was one of the first superly-abled born after the Roswell incident. Gifted with super-intelligence, Dr. Omnibus quickly rose to prominence as a hero, fighting some of the earliest super villains such as the Black Mollusk. Dr. Omnibus made his home in Omni Keep, an advanced lab built on a lake near Megalo City.

In 1974, Dr. Omnibus and Squadron Leader c0-founded The Squadronnaires, the world’s premier super team. The two heroes were co-leaders until Squadron Leader’s death in 1984 during the first Invisible War. Dr. Omnibus lead The Squadronnaires himself until he was killed by the Black Mollusk in 2001.