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#14 Jade and Rhazul

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#14 Jade and Rhazul


One is hunter, other is eater.

Day 1: Donnie the Dino-Dragon

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Eh, its just your causal Dino-Dragon hanging out with his lil brother. Day 1, complete!

11/30/2012: Malithraxus, Void Dragon

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NAME: Malithraxus  SPECIES: Dragon (Observer-Spawn) ORIGIN: ???

Spawned in the cosmic winds and seeded with an intelligence from beyond the Bulk, the cosmic dragon, Malithraxus was born to raze the pillars of reality and birth new life into its smoldering foundation. A being of pure magic, it soars aloft on vast, membranous wings, dripping with the scintillating colors of creation. Its claws and fangs rend through flesh and starship hulls with equal ease, casting those within screaming silently into the void. Its breath is the fire of chaos, giving new form to all that it touches. It is the harbinger of violent change. It has hears the voices of Nexus City, crying for a savior to release them from their prisons of biological and mechanical conformity.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#23, 24, 25, 26 Fairy Panda & Steampunk Man

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A Peppermint Panda, a Steampunk guy, a confused Naga, and various other stuff.

I am forever playing catch-up. Gah.


#7, 8, 9, 10 (Playing Catch-up)

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The Dragon

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This dragon protects the Knight and the Castle from intruders.

#12- Mr Prickles

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mr prickles

#5 – Eliminada

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Eliminada inhabits the world of CosmiCat.


#17 Miranda #18 James

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Miranda is a dragon. Yep. She’s been James’ dragon for a good thirty years. Usually you don’t bond so closely with a dragon because they’re specialized and you get a new one as you move up the ranks. They’re about as smart as crows and are treated as a cross between weapons and warhorses. There isn’t any permanent-magical-bond going on, but if you’re in the same rank for long enough then you do gain a strong friendship in a pet/master way.
Miranda’s a defense dragon, super bulky, super huge, super slow. She’s about 3 1/2 times the size of an elephant and has ankylosaurus-tough armor all over. She can’t fly but she can glide a bit and jump high with wing help. She’s a little rowdy and enjoys crushing people but she loves James and will listen to him when it’s super necessary. She works hard but kinda stopped caring about any human lives other than his. He has to hold her back from doing nasty things sometimes. James loves her but is also terrified that she might get angry he’s ordering her around so much and just kill him. He can never ever really forget how much power she has. She would never do that of course, he’s just kind of paranoid

Okay so James. He’s both the leader of the defensive forces in the war and the trainer for new recruits. He’s in his mid-40’s. He would actually rather…not be in the war, or at least not all up in the front lines.
He’d rather be tending to the wounded and being a nurse-person but that’s restricted to women (aka the witches). He tries to avoid getting hurt or causing hurt to anyone. He used to get in trouble for protecting his unit too well…as in not actually letting them get to the opposing forces (he was secretly trying to protect the opposers as well), and after that, pulling them away too quickly so they’d charge for like 2 seconds until he’d get afraid and tell them to leave. He managed to shape it into an excellent defense technique so that his forces would almost never get hurt and be able to wear down the other side. He’s, over time, become okay with the killing as long as HE’s not doing it, making him kind of hypocritical. He’s also a sort of feminist, less because he wants women to have more jobs and more because he wants to be able to have theirs (previously people’d thought only women could learn to do magic but even though this was proven false before the war, they’re too used to the status quo and really can’t afford to do a giant overhaul of the system cuz, yanno, WAR).

#29 – Lovalor Dragonslayer

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Day 29 - Lovalor Dragonslayer

Lovalor was a great warrior in his youth but a series of mishaps have left him a broken man.  After a great battle on a flying dragon, he finally managed to kill it only to have it crash into a large village, killing many of the inhabitants in the process.  He now travels the land and helps those in need in order to atone for this tragedy.

#28 Mayan Dragon

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I just felt like drawing a dragon.

Day 21 Danielle

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Danielle is the Sea Wolf’s loyal follower and protector (c) G McMurray

#26 Revenir and the Wizard of Endor

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I am not a necromancer.  I have always done white magic. The skull at my side is my companion, my adviser and my closest friend.  It is his mission I am on:  To banish the monsters from this world-  Rid this plain of these creatures before the great evil rises. Revenir has been to the other side, he has seen the future, and I, the Wizard of Endor have sworn to him I will prevent the Dregvant Army from ever forming.

Revenir and the Wizard of Endor © and TM Mike Dubisch

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#19 – Mei-Mei the Red Pandadragon.

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This did not turn out as cute as I wanted it to.
Mmmm bamboo

Welsh Dragon

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Red dragon, once native to the British isles, long since extinct. Represented on the flag of Wales.

#13 Sygfryd’s Daughter

| November 13, 2011 | 6 Comments

She would slay the serpent and drink it’s blood, fulfilling her father’s destiny.


Sygrfryd’s Daughter © & TM Mike Dubisch

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#12 The Dragonautte

| November 12, 2011 | 4 Comments

She could relate to the creatures like no other, and she was physically suited for adventure.



The Dragonautte © and TM Mike Dubisch

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#11 – Carl Stockman

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Carl is a teenage boy who has embraced his weirdness. He wears old hats, he reads tons of comics, and he doesn’t really care what other people think of him. He recently transferred to Ravensbrook High School, where he’s already undergoing the gauntlet of abuse that the strange kids get.

His one friend – and that’s stretching to word – is Annie Deaver. She’s the one person who’s taken the time to talk to him and try to get to know him, even though that’s doing damage to her own social capital. She likes his unending optimism and his eagerness for everything in life, even if she doesn’t understand it.

But that’s okay – there’s a lot more to him than she knows.

His dragon, for one thing.

Read Carl’s story here: Carl’s Dragon

#7 Anil

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Anil is part dragon, part boy, and lives in the high, secluded mountians in a small tribe. He is often ridiculed because of his small wingspan, which are not large enough to support his flight. So instead, he works as an backup assistant for the local medic, where can can stay on the ground. In his spare time he likes to climb and explore around his home.

Day 7 Gardale

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The murderous sorcerer Gardale from my friends pending Dragon Realms project.

#5 Eileen

| November 6, 2011 | 1 Comment

Eileen – dragon lady- tomboy

Took longest on this one and I’m not going to bother with clothes right now, nope.

#1 Xiao, Heavy Steam Machine Chef

| November 1, 2011 | 11 Comments



Feared and worshipped in antiquity, hunted in modernity. The Steam God Dragon Xiao Long lives his days in hiding, disguised as a human being. He is Xiao, the Heavy Steam Machine Chef, creator of the ‘God Steamed Dumpling’ and the “God Steamed Noodles’; delicacies that are said to awaken temporary superhuman abilities in those who consume them. Good luck finding Xiao though; he wanders the streets of china pushing the Heavy Steam Machine, his legendary cart/kitchen, and he never stays in the same place for too long. They say he looks for those deserving and in need of his special talent… you see he might look like a fearsome monster, but under his demonic guise there lies heart of gold… and steam.
-Alejandro R.


#24 Zorn Glitterscale

| November 30, 2010 | 2 Comments

Dragons are regal even at their worst. Zorn could very well be the most evil dragon to have ever lived. He has devoured seven of his own riders, and while some think him misunderstood, the grin he wears after every despicable deed is easy enough to read.

#27 – Komo the Baby Dragon

| November 27, 2010 | 4 Comments

Komo is a new character for the Baby Adventures of Zoe Zeus. He’s a well-meaning, often sad, accident-prone baby dragon. He’s often breaking things on accident since he’s still learning about his super strength.

#23 Nehiku

| November 24, 2010 | 0 Comments


I figured I should have at least one of each Teyran elemental before the month’s up, so here’s a Patlani! Whee. (Aaaand I forgot to color the claws.)

Teyra info can be found here, as usual.

Day# 20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling

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#20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling by Jande Rowe

#20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling by Jande Rowe

Hunter or  Prey?

#20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling: Due to the unfortunate accident of a premature hatching while the Dame Dragon was away on an emergency, Flykk found himself alone, exhausted and very, very hungry when he had finally burst himself through the leathery hide of his containing egg. If there had been any others there they would have remarked on his very large size, and the sharpness of his hatching horn.

There were many other eggs in the lair, and the place was warmer than an oven, so it didn’t take Flykk long to recover a bit of strength and pull himself along in search of food. He opened his eyes but the world was a fog of colour to him, in which he could discern only vague shapes that as yet held for him no meaning.  He found a few bits and pieces of meat near the lair entrance, that the Dame had dropped when she flew off. But his hunger was gargantuan

There are few predators that will attempt violence against a full grown dragon, but will try to feed on the eggs or any unattended hatchlings if they can get away with it.  Gnarwolves for instance, much prefer a hearty meal of hatchling to its usual sparse pickings of hares and other small fast animals. Hatchlings instinctively hunker down and hold perfectly still so that their protective colouring blends them into the landscape around them. But Flykk’s battle with his shell and the absence of the Dame’s restraining hands and wings made his hunger so acute he had to move.

So it was that Flykk found his first meal and his first enemy simultaneously. Making plaintive cries he dragged himself, staggering toward the hot smell of blood and flesh somewhere before him. Though he felt weak with hunger, he was actually gaining in strength as he moved. His wings drying and filling out, began almost to lift him as he gained ground toward that maddening odour. He scrabbled out of the lair and across the rocky terrain, his nose leading the way, his eyes barely opening, mewling for the food he so badly needed.

It was close by now, and there was another smell near it, one that would have spelled instant danger to any animal other than a dragon, hatchling or not. This smell was also food, though less compelling. Flykk was becoming angry now, his frustrated animal need forced him to flap his wings and claw at the ground with his hind claws while he roared his disgust  with the world as best he could.

Unfortunately, that was the moment the Gnarwolf chose to attack. –unfortunately for the wolf, that is. For Flykk was larger that he expected, and heavier, and was in the middle of the instinctive dragon dance of bloodrage, clawing with hands and feet, and buffeting with wings, and striking his blind head back and forth jerking upward the gleaming horn on his nose. By the time the Gnarwolf realised his mistake, it was too late. Flykk gored him with his horn, knocked him senseless with his wings and brought down his sharp teeth and claws in a frenzy spurred by the sweet acrid smell of fresh blood.

The hatchling Flykk fed well that first day on Gnarwolf and it’s half-eaten hare. Then he crawled father into the thicket in search of more.

#9 Long Fengbao Jian

| November 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

Name: Long Fengbao Jian
Species: Dragon
Age/Sex/Race: 143/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Destroy all enemies of the Verdant Emperor.
Occupation: Demon hunter/Spy/Secret Police
Motivation: Loyalty
Inner Need: Praise
Flaw: Blindly Obedient
Good/Bad Habits: Takes very good care of his weapons, but sometimes “zones out” while flying over long distances when he should be looking for demons.
Secret: Embellishes and exaggerates his own accomplishments to earn the endearment of his superiors.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Has a magic sword that can whip up storms, a magic jade eye that can spot demons, a blade on his tail that can rend the earth or call down lightning, flight, fire breathing, underwater breathing, some degree of sorcery.
Attitude: Grave
Dialogue Style: Loud, clear annunciation, harsh consonants, halting gaps between words and sentences.
Backstory/Description: Like all dragons, Fengbao Jian was created by the Verdant Emperor’s sorcery to serve as a hunter of demons and a spy on his behalf. Created to be the perfect soldier, Jian is loyal to a fault and has unquestioningly followed the Verdant Emperor’s orders his whole life.

Yeah, another one in the same ‘verse as this (http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/06/6-the-verdant-emperor-omnipotent-master-of-a-thousand-small-green-leaves/). It was kind of fun re-designing the Chinese dragon.

#10 Ariadne

| November 10, 2010 | 2 Comments


I realized this morning that I wasn’t feeling very inspired.  Then I remembered I’d come up with this dragon girl off the top of my head last Friday, and I liked her.  So I’ll put her up for today and hope my muse returns tomorrow.

Perhaps she lives in a secluded forest in or near Macedonia.  I imagine she’d like to fly around purely for the joy of it, taking in the wondrous feelings that nature invokes.  Perhaps there is one special village that she knows she can trust, and the villagers know they can visit her in the woods safely.  Maybe she fell for a strapping young lad who lived in the town many years ago, and she never had the heart to leave.  It could be that the villagers allow her one pick from their flocks each month in exchange for her protecting the flocks from other predators.  But whatever the case, she is a carefree and benevolent soul.