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G. Brett Williams #18 – Edmund Graye

| November 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

The main character in this story is occult investigator Edmund Graye.  Graye has been traveling through Egypt and North Africa, studying what he believes to be the occult energies hidden within the sands and stones of ancient Egypt.  Graye is a bit of a laughing stock of the scientific community, but there are still enough people left who believe in magick in the late 1800s that he manages to make a living, mainly due to the help of a couple of wealthy benefactors and some off the books support from the British government.  Edmund is also a member of a secret society of various people (not all human, per se) devoted to occult discovery and magickal practices.

Edmund is older but not old.  I would say he’s in his mid-40s.  Edmund is distinguished but hes not overly handsome.  He isn’t a bad looking man, but years of devotion to his work rather than his personal life have taken their toll.  His brown hair is graying at the edges and is beginning to recede.  His form is thin but he hides muscle you wouldn’t expect him to have.  While not an expert combatant, he could hold his own if fisticuffs were called for.  Edmund dresses in the finest suits of the day and he tends to prefer browns or grays to black.  He is often seen wearing a hat and he always carries a cane/walking stick with him.  The stick is a shaft of polished wood with a polished blue stone set into the top.  The inside of the stone swirls with what looks almost like smoke or clouds.  The cane itself has a number of supernatural powers, all of which are known only to Edmund.  Edmund is astute and distinguished.  Something of an Alfred Pennyworth, I suppose.