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#22 Zania and the Strangedraken

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Zania and the Strangedraken

The Wight child was found and raised by the Draken medicine-maker as his apprentice- But in her teens she was re-discovered and kidnapped by  a tribe of her people.  Zania escaped and returned to her adopted people, but not before discovering the Wight’s secrets of Swordlore.  The Draken take to this craft like nothing before, and Zania, together with her mentor the Strangedraken, will shift the balance of power in their world.


Zania and the Strangedraken is © and TM Mike Dubisch


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#17 nekol and the summoned

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Nekol and the summoned

Nekol, an elven necromancer, and some summoned spirits


This is Nekol, she is an elven necromancer. In this pic she has just cast a summoning spell and various undead spirits have arrived. The spirits are often angry and depressed at having been summoned, altho some are rather mischievous/capricious. It is Nekol’s job to coerce/cajole these spirits into performing tasks for the elven kingdom.


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#16 Ligo, Mogen Priestess

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Mogen priestess

Mogen priestess, follower of Mogena

After the elves discovered the elder forest god Mogena, some of them developed cults around the various elder gods. A group following Mogena called themselves the Mogens. This is Ligo she is a high priestess in charge of ceremony for the Mogens. They wear masks fashioned from skulls and leather, imitating the appearance of Mogena, during ceremonies-initiations/change of seasons. The more elaborate the mask the higher the rank of the Mogen-Ligo has a very well constructed mask so we would know she is of high rank. The skulls used to make the masks come from the huge deer or less frequently dead satyrs or great bears…which makes these skulls highly sought after.

The Mogens are a very secretive society but have come to wield great influence within certain elements of the royal families that dominate elven life.

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#15 Mogena , elder god of the forest

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Mogena , ancient god of the forest

Mogena , elder god of the forest


This is Mogena, he is one of the elder gods of the forest, he hunts thru various parts of the forest. The elder gods are immensely powerful and quite a bit older than the elves…Mogena has tremendous strength and knows very powerful spells. He is also called ‘Run…Flee…’ by the elves :D.

#3 Twins of Ruel

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Lords of a lost empire, the Twins, as they are called about court, arrived in Hold on a mission they’ve shared with none. From their arrival on twin white stallions, they have done little more publicly than attended the evening balls at court, quietly watching the dancers from a distance. They remain silent as to their origins, though, by their demeanor and garb they hold a station of nobility. They harbour an outward distaste towards the Fae of Hold, something the Princess Lorne finds perplexing.

The Ruel Twins wear matching yet reverse-worn clothing, have opposing parted hair styles, and weild matching long swords of the finest craftsmanship. Their stallions – their only possessions save small field packs, are of a breed not seen in the lands of Hold. Their emerald dress is wholly alien in the northern Dominance, as the fashion has ever been of greys and browns, with the nobility wearing white and blues.

Whisperers have mentioned seeing the twins spending odd hours by the streams around Hold. Rumours of the twins performing strange rituals swirl about the townships. One thing is certain, there is a strange fire in their eyes and their secrets are something Chondra Flicker has been tasked to discover.