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#21 CL-A 02 “A-Two” Vargas

| November 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

"A-Two" Vargas

For those of you confused/creeped out by all this, perhaps I should try to explain the Biots’ backstory.  The company that created them markets them as, essentially, robots made of organic material.  They’re meant to serve as part toy, part assistant, part livestock.  The ultimate pet.  Different people treat them differently, but most overall think of them as just what they’re thought to be: very sophisticated robots.  However, in actuality, the company did not “put them together” as one might expect, synthesizing tissue and wiring commands into their brains.  Rather, the Biots were built from the ground up through DNA tweaking and splicing.  In other words, they’re actual live animals with minds and souls just as complex as our own.  But since they were “coded” with very strong submissive instincts, they can’t help but follow orders, and this preconception that the company leaked into the public, few people think of them as anything but automatons.

I’m still unsure of how A-Two’s story will factor into the Race story, since all of my characters so far are connected to Narinno Delta University in some way.  I’m thinking that maybe the Vargas family has become wealthy enough to own something relevant to the college plot.  I’d like to design her friend soon.

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