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#6: The Prince

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Well mannered and quiet, he walks in the night.

His raiment is neat, his buttons done tight.

Wandering, always he looks to his ring.

He twists it and watches for light’s dancing sheen.

Smoky, gas streetlamps or windows from taverns,

Tailing watchmen and sailors with lanterns.

But sometimes he sits in the truest of dark,

no moon, nor the stars, or any small spark.

The ring he holds tight to his lips and he smiles

A solitude stronger than distance in miles.

His night is spent waiting for first break of day

He turns into a pendant, and ’till night he will stay.


#5 The Princess

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

She doesn’t say much as she moves through her day.

She doesn’t sleep, she’s a princess they say.

Others say goddess in hushed, hurried whispers.

Still she moves on through the town, never lingers.

Sometimes she stops in a deep contemplation.

She stares into space for enigmatic revelations.

Her fingers ascend and they light on her pendant,

She smiles, or frowns, even laughs for a moment.

She always appears at the sun’s first small light

A quiet transformation from her role in the night.

For when twilight enters and evening bells sing,

as soon as sun’s gone she turns back to a ring.