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#1 Scribe

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Scribe is a clairvoyant who controls fate, life and death, with the stroke of a quill. She can pull as many quills as she needs from the back of her cloak or her headpiece, and in lieu of parchment, she spins her words on an unending, magical scroll.  Her own fate is marked on her hands and body, but she’s too afraid to read it – hence she covers her hands and body in a loose, flowing cloak to conceal it. But sometimes even she can’t resist taking a peek at what’s in store for her future.

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#4. Loom

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Wayward Fate

The Fates are the three godly sisters who control all of destiny, but the Fates haven’t always been the same three sisters. Clothos, Lachesis, and Atropos have been held the jobs long as anyone can remember, spinning life thread and cutting it when it is time. However, they have dozens of little sisters waiting for their turn at the spinning wheel. Loom is next in line to replace Lachesis, the Measurer, and she wants none of that. Planning peoples’ lives for them is ridiculous and offensive to her—the fact that she has no say in taking the job is bitter irony. So she steals the Thread of Fate itself—the entire spool—hoping to place mankind’s destiny in its own hands. On the run from the ticked-off gods, Loom roams the Earth, planning her own life and helping others where she can.