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#16 Serefe

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#16 Serefe


When you play with fire, you will get burnt. Guaranteed.

#10 Vintage Fire Chief

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#9 E’wa

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E’wa holding a torch


Once named Negishite Watanabe, this mouthless ghost died due to execution. He spoke too much all his life, and finally, he mouthed off to the wrong person. He can now be seen haunting his site of demise by Nippon city Yamamasa. The official who killed him was said to have fled to Xiu Janyang Province to escape Wanatabe’s tormenting.

#17 Skyclad

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The pod containing abstract creation material (we would probably refer to it as “genetic”) shot off into space, its planet of launch destroyed as per the Protocols of Ta’aru. Rather than a midwestern farm, however, the pod landed at the annual radical arts festival known as Burning Man. The material assembled itself into an infant and was found by a couple of Burners, who saw it as a magical occurrence they had manifested and adopted the infant as their own.

Champion of the Burning Lands, she was raised according to the Principles of Black Rock City. A fierce DIY warrior priestess, she is naked and unashamed, in control of her fiery spinning poi as her mother taught her, and wielding the Tesla blade made by her father. Radical self-sufficiency, radical self-expression, constant invention and radical inclusion are the watchwords of this nomadic adventurer.

She possesses the usual powers of a Champion of Ta’aru: flight, superhuman strength and durability, heightened senses, an inquisitive, activist nature, and the ability to focus her chi into energy that can be projected. Her ‘Special’ is the ability to heal physical, mental, and spiritual damage/trauma.

Day 12: Kindleshanks

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Day 11: Combustion Jak

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YYamakaji. Every un-checked and discarded cigarette butt has the potential to spawn Yamakaji.


#12 Xaiyoi

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Along the arrid mountain paths of the Silk Road, the Fire Nuns of western deserts were renowned for protecting the caravans with their kung fu. For a small donation to their convent, a pair of nuns would escort merchants to their destination, warding off bandits & raiders with their fiery fighting techniques. In many cases, the nuns would use their pyrokinetic skills to simply scare away adversaries before anyone came to blows. But Xaiyoi was different. She loved to fight. And though it broke with the order’s philosophies, she took an almost sadistic glee in setting wicked people ablaze. The other nuns are starting to get wary of her actions. But she just can’t help herself.


Another Eurasian character. Overall, not super thrilled about this one. I like how the face turned out but that’s about it. The pose is awkward, especially for a martial artists & I think I started rushing this without giving it a lot of love. I mean the get up she’s wearing feels weak. Retroactively, it looks too similar to certain existing characters & there were easy choices I could’ve made to avoid that. And the name is syllables hodgepodged together. It seems to kind of fit the vibe I was looking for, but I always hate doing that kind of thing. Especially when it’s something I’m trying to do with a kind of historical basis.

More to come as I get more time. I’m quite happy with the twofer I’ve got coming up next.

Day 14 Burner

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Day 14 Burner for the 30 Characters Challenge!

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#14 Cutey Scorpio

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Cutey Scorpio

Cutey Scorpio

It was after the ninth frog she stung to death on her way across the river  that she realized she’d hit rock bottom. Jeremiah was, after all, a good friend of hers. So she started attending the meetings – Stingers Anonymous. She had to face all the rationalizations she used for stinging:

“Freud says that stinging is a natural reaction to the narcissistic cathexis…”

“Lemuel the Assassin God gave us Stingers for a reason, right?”

“It’s other animals — it’s their fault their blood is so weak. IT IS SICKENING THE WEAKNESS”

Finally, with the help of her rattlesnake sponsor, Cutey makes it through 30 Days of Stinglessness and gets her chip. She merrily sings as she walks through the forest, cluctching her precious and well-earned chip.

Then she gets to the river again. How will she get across? Immolette says “You’re a cute little scorpion.  You can ride on my back, but DON’T YOU STING ME.” Cutey Scorpio proudly brandishes her 30-Day Chip. “Of course not! I’m sober!” But in heart she knows that once you sting, you can always sting again if you’re not vigilant. They begin their journey. Cutey feels the heat of Immolette’s skin, reminding her of her old/ancestral desert home, and the stars, and the ticklish feel of the hairs on her mother’s claw, and all the things that make a scorpion a scorpion. Her tail tenses, stinger at the ready. She stares at the chip for a long, long time.

(note: recently my wife said, “You have to make a cute scorpion.” I wasn’t planning to do it as part of 30 Characters, but then I realized that the scorpion was trying to stay sober.)

#10 The Nega-Dalmation

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The Nega-Dalmatian does exactly the opposite of what a traditional Dalmatian is purported to do… The Nega-Dalmatian impedes firemen, he may even start fires… he is not helpful.

#6 – Galtai

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Galtai is a salamander warlord and Hashim’s master. He’s a native of the Plane of Fire and has a long-standing rivalry with many marids. Galtai will present a constant threat toward later parts of Metamorphosis as he and Hashim cause problems for one of the main characters of Metamorphosis.

I was inspired by those pointy samurai helmets. I wanted him to look like he was wearing one of those fearsome warrior helmets with spines and horns sticking out everywhere. Incidentally, Galtai is a Mongol name meaning Fire or something. Very inspired, I know 😛 It was a working name for a while but it really grew on me. It does have a certain “oomph” to it that fits a warlord.

Colored pencils used heavily in this one. It’s hard to color with just markers when you don’t have quite the right colors 😉