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Sunday Jones

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Sunday Jones, in the guise of 'Knockout'
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sunday Jones. Yes, that’s her real name. Parents can be cruel sometimes. Sunday was mugged on the way to university one morning and woke to find herself in a world she could alter seemingly on a whim. All she has to do to make changes to the fundamental structures of reality is draw the effect she wants to have as a comic and upload it to the Internet. The effects are mostly permanent; only thing she can’t change for good is herself.

You see her here in the guise of ‘Knockout’, the superhero persona she often dons in order to fight crime. She has other guises, but this is the most common.

In terms of the art for this one, I’m mostly pleased with the overall look and the colour scheme. My major issue is with the general proportions, the legs and the feet. I’m going to have to really work hard at improving my ability to draw legs, that’s for certain. Still, with 29 more characters to go perhaps the last one will look vaguely like a human? Providing the last one is supposed to look like a human, that is.


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Explosive reporter reporting explosions

For my upcoming webcomic project http://www.valkyriesquadron.com I wanted an edgy reporter type to act as a sort of point of view character.  This was after meeting the venerable David Axe of http://www.warisboring.com and reading his book of the same title War is Boring.   I thought to myself “Wow, what kind of a guy goes into war zones willingly to document human misery and dodge bullets?”

An awesome one, that’s who. 

So, drawing inspiration from this guy, I thought I’d incorporate a war correspondent into Valkyrie of my own.  Except I cranked the edginess up to 11. 

LENNOX SLEDGEHAMMER.  Yes, it must be in all caps.

Professor Potbelly

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