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Day 30: Abducto, the UFOrnament

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#26 The Mushroom Who Thought It Could Fly

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#24 – Daniel King

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Flying. It’s probably one of the most popular super-powers out there. When you ask people what power they’d like to have, they often choose flight.

And why wouldn’t they? Flying is freedom, it’s the ability to go wherever you want without having to deal with such provincial problems as gas or bus fare. You have three dimensions all to yourself and vast, wide-open skies just calling your name.

For Daniel King, flying is just another way to get around. And not even the best way. It’s cold up there, for one thing, and windy as all hell. You can’t carry anything much bigger than a backpack, it’s hard to find your way around, and there are bugs all over the place. That’s not including the power lines you might smack into, airplanes that get really possessive about their airspace, and the occasional government scare. All in all, flying is nice, but it’s a “sometimes” mode of transportation.

His friend Jeff doesn’t think so, though, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Daniel to bring him up in the air.

Read his story here: Up, Up, and Away

#5 – Ramona Flyfast

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#22 Angela

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