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The rest of them

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

So I guess I forfeit now, since I really can’t write all the characters down into fleshed out posts I feel satisfied with in time. But here are the ideas for the rest of the characters.
#20 A therapist for sexist guys
#21 An alien who gets every part of humanity except what the point of gender roles is since there are no sexes on their planet
#22 A woman willingly possessed by a muse scarf so she can have fame and fortune
#23 The muse scarf who’s the reincarnated ghost of an author that just wants to write books
#24 A curious naga boy
#25 A guy with the power to be friends with anyone he talks to
#26 A little girl that keeps trying reckless things because she thinks she has more than just invulnerability as a superpower
#27 A witch with powers of luck and weather, based off old cat superstitions
#28 A robot that treats bodily functions as a novelty
#29 The leader of a slightly-mutated society lving underground after a nuclear fallout
#30 A rich guy who was living in a space hotel before the nuclear apocalypse and goes down to gawk at the underground society

Next year I’ll have better time management skills, probably. Peace out y’all! It’s been fun.