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#9 The KOALA

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In a freak accident involving a SOBER savage Koala and a mystical Bruja witch, Alec Casava (yes like the cake, but not as squishy) became cursed and the tattoo of a gentle koala on his chest brings out his super Luchadore powers, but only when he is sober. When he is drunk, he becomes soft and cuddly and huggable… Unfortunately ( or is it fortunately? ) because of his size and genetic makeup is 99.999999%(the 9’s keep going) incapable of getting so drunk to be weakened into a cuddly huggable guy. He also makes a delicious casava cake. WHY?! because people always ask “Hey Alec, can you make a casava cake?” and then they laugh as if they’re super smart for being the first person to come up with that joke. JOKES on them, Alec CAN make casava cake.  And he feeds it to them with a dash of eucalyptus leaves.

Favorite Move: The Koala Shuffle (hugs opponent around the waist while shifting from the torso down to the legs like a koala moves down a branch)

Signature Move: The KOALA (hugs opponent until he or the opponent falls asleep and continues to hold without losing grip)


#1 Finnigan

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Master of the Sea

Finnigan is a wild little scamp of a blowfish who likes exploring the ocean depths.  Even though he’s an only child, he is more than a finful for his parents.


#8 Honey B-Boy Badger

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Honey B-Boy Badger say’s “F&%k the police…I play my music as loud as I want…come at me and see what happens.”

#6 Eric the Heartbroken Blue Bottle

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Eric the Heartbroken Blue bottle

'nuff said

This one is self explanatory

#5 Kirby Dot Kid

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The Kirby Dot Kid

Don't make me dot you!

Evan Miller was just an every day guy when out of no where Ethel, the Cosmic Grandmother appeared to him. ” You shall be my herald! I place upon you the power of the Kirby Dot” and with that she left.

Slightly confused as to what exactly being the Cosmic Grandmother’s herald is meant to mean. Evan continued with his life. One day he was preparing himself dinner in his single bed apartment, namely spaghetti bolognese, that he planned to eat whilst watching Die Hard 2 when he sneezed. Suddenly he was surrounded by Kirby Dots. Excited Evan assumed that the dots would hold some power within.

They don’t. It’s just the effect.

Regardless Evan adopted the moniker the Kirby Dot Kid and tries his damnest to battle crime. He’s largely unsuccessful.

#4 Barry the Human Beard

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Barry the Human Beard

Oh hey, don't mind him. he'll probably try and kill you but that doesnt mean we cant be friends

When some toxic waste was irresponsibly discarded in the sewers no one thought that the waste would end up mutating some flushed bearded shaving. Over time the small bundle of hairs grew into a sentient being and through its teenage years it grew to hate the society that would so easily abandon a being whose only crime was loving chins.

Overtime the beared being grew and left the sewers to wreak havok on the human world. Throughout its teenage years it grew into a house sized monster that destroys all it see before it, only momentarily pausing to allow beard men to flee. Occasionally it wonders if it, not the shaving humans are the real monster.

Now it is early 20’s it has grown a beard of its own who goes by the name of Barry. Barry is a friendly beard and will apologise for its owner in particularly destructive rampages. He likes the musical stylings of the BeeGees and his greatest regret is that his owner wont allow him to put some clothes on. He’d be your buddy if he wasn’t attached to a murderous beard monster.

Day 3 – El Guapo

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#1 Tyler, The (Next) Karate Kid

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This is Tyler. He’s a normal high school student with a normal life. He’s very laid back and has a wild sense of humor. One day, he found himself watching The Karate Kid and figured that he could do anything in that movie! After that, he decided to take karate (though no one took him seriously at first). Maybe he’ll be the next awesome Karate Kid?

This was inspired by the new Self-Defense Club at my school 😀 And I figured that since this is the first drawing of the month, I should keep it simple and then just branch out from there. Hoping to see some improvement after this!