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#9 – Lilac

| November 15, 2010 | 4 Comments

Presenting Lilac, the lovely dancer and favorite performer at the Glowing Gem Festhall in Aremshah, the Plane of Air. Lilac is a genasi of radiance, a person touched by the raw power of light and color at birth. She glows with a vibrant aura and she seems to weave light around her in fascinating patterns while she dances.

She is the most beautiful woman at the Glowing Gem, but she keeps the quiet company of her two closest friends, Icicle and Glacier, ice genasi twins. Lilac shares a bond with the twins, but nobody knows why they are so close. The twins act as her musicians, but also as her confidants and protectors. They’ll be showing up in a later 30 Characters drawing from me.

Again with the pencils and markers. I got a few new marker colors this weekend and got to try them out on this picture. I’m probably going to get some black ink pens though. Some parts of my pictures would be better rendered with a bit of bold black lining. I can see a couple places on this one where a few choice lines might help it pop, but overall I’m very pleased with how she turned out.

#7 – Sorceress

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

This is K’zink’s mother from my comic, Metamorphosis. I don’t have  a name for her yet. She’s a powerful sorceress that K’zink’s been looking for for a while now. K’zink arrived home one day to find the house had been burned down and no sign of his mother.

She was once skilled enough to woo a genie and become his consort. K’zink suspects she’s still alive but doesn’t know how well her powers protected her from the blast.

She will be important in the future of Metamorphosis, so if you are following the comic, keep an eye out!