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#27 Sister Scissors

| November 28, 2011 | 3 Comments

Sister ScissorsSister Scissors

Sister Scissors is the spirit of broken connections. Romantic breakups, estranged families, that moment when you realize that a longtime friend is now just dragging you down, the person you cared for yet somehow lost touch with, all these fall under the purview of Sister Scissors. It’s nothing personal, just business. Sister Scissors harnesses the emotionally atomic energy created by breaking ties, and uses it to trade with other entities.

She is encountered by Tess Himmel during her search for The Infinite. The Infinite’s broken connection with the rest of the universe has made her far more powerful than she’s ever been, and people everywhere are starting to feel the effects, losing their empathy and not being able to maintain connections with colleagues and loved ones.

Her color is aquamarine, and her animal is the praying mantis. Even though she can’t be seen by mortals, you’ll know she’s nearby when you feel like you’re drowning.

Day # 12 – Kirhanna

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Sister Goddess to Marikutonaam
Kirhanna like her brother Marikutonaam created clothing from the sky. She does not shine brightly like her brother but simply admired the beauty of the storms she stole for her garb.
Kirhanna is a theif and a trickster, she wears a mask so she can slip away unnoticed if she removes or switches it.
She once attempted to steal the sun, doing so burned her hands and face. The scars have since healed but the colour remains. When traveling on earth her red hands are the only thing she cannot hide so she often wears gloves. In most of her tales it is her hands that reveal her. It’s also why we use the phrase caught red handed. She also wears a shawl of the night sky. Everyone believes she stole it from her brother, but actually Marikutonaam presented it to her as a gift.

#6 Kihalo The Dealer of Secrets

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Kihalo is an goddess worshiped in the world of Elhi.Long ago during the First Age she discovered the true name of  Dorosyn,god of Chaos, and bargained it away to his daughter Eris in exchange for the knowledge of her heart’s desire.She used this to leverage the ways of Creation from the Wise One Turyn and traded that to Mungul,The First God of the Orcs, so that he could have a race in his own image.What Mungul traded to her has been lost to the ages though radical theologians point out that Kihalo’s daughter Yethrin appears in the world not long after this deal is struck.This is usually met with derision,and the occasional fist from followers of Kihalo and Mungul.


Kihalo trades in information.She doesn’t care how trivial it seems,or useless it is to her,she knows someone will pay dearly for it.Kihalo trades fairly,always taking from supplicants a secret that is just as important as the one she gives.She also doesn’t care what is done with the information,whether it leads the person into redemption or dooms an entire civilization to ruin.In the end it all leads to new secrets for her to trade.

#11 – Medh, the Earth Daughter

| November 18, 2010 | 4 Comments

Another one of Ssilir’s gods. Medh is the daughter of the earth, a goddess of stone and soil. Along with her sister Deph, she influences the animal and plant world, but Medh presides over domesticated animals and agriculture. She is a goddess of architecture, cities, and construction, and is sometimes associated with money and trade.

Finally, she is the goddess of the nest. Ssilirians can procreate on land or in water, but they always nest on land. She is the goddess of female fertility and the guardian of the home.

I’ll have a more detailed write-up of her when I feature her in my webcomic.

#4. Loom

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Wayward Fate

The Fates are the three godly sisters who control all of destiny, but the Fates haven’t always been the same three sisters. Clothos, Lachesis, and Atropos have been held the jobs long as anyone can remember, spinning life thread and cutting it when it is time. However, they have dozens of little sisters waiting for their turn at the spinning wheel. Loom is next in line to replace Lachesis, the Measurer, and she wants none of that. Planning peoples’ lives for them is ridiculous and offensive to her—the fact that she has no say in taking the job is bitter irony. So she steals the Thread of Fate itself—the entire spool—hoping to place mankind’s destiny in its own hands. On the run from the ticked-off gods, Loom roams the Earth, planning her own life and helping others where she can.

#1 Hel

| November 1, 2010 | 6 Comments