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#20 – SafeGuard – The superhero Team comprised of The Guardian, Man-ifold, Sanctuary, Dawn Titan and Backlash.

| November 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

The City of Golden Bridge was a thriving and beautiful metropolis, playing home to a diverse mix of people, some of whom are the greatest superheroes known to man.

Heroes like The Guardian, one of the oldest and most beloved heroes of all time, his superhuman strength and resistance stemming from an experimental muscular stimulant created by the government. The guardian was the only volunteer on the program to gain any such attributes. He uses his newfound strength to stand up as a beacon of hope in the face of all danger. Protecting the streets from all manner of evil.

On the other hand you have the hero known as Man-ifold. He is young and out spoken, seen as a joker but always charming.  His abilities allow him to create duplicates of himself, up to hundreds of them. This allows him to fight against greater odds and win; it also allows him to do more tasks at once. The public loves him but his comedic attitude has him seen as somewhat of a fool in the hero community.

Apollo the ancient sun god left a human trinket on earth that contained a great deal of his power. This power was to be used in the face of pure evil as a way to light the path in the darkest of times. The Dawn Titan is the current wielder of that power. Manifesting itself in different ways in each host, Dawn Titan was granted control over the Suns rays. He can store all its energy in his skin to be unleashed when needed, used as a powerful force blast to either take flight or dispatch foes. The energy also forms a bronze like armor around Dawn Titan making him incredible tough.

Sanctuary is the most powerful female hero currently on Earth. Being able to weave and manipulate all kinetic energy around her make the possibilities of her powers almost limitless, forming protective shields around herself and others, or forcing her body through the air in graceful flight, the energy can be twisted and used at great force. With more belief in herself Sanctuary could be the worlds greatest hero.

Mysterious and unnerving are the terms most often seen in the reports of Backlash. He is said to have never spoken to anyone, not even those he helps. He turns up when people are in dire need or help and uses his power to absorb and reuse any and all force to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

All five of these heroes swore their lives to protect Golden Bridge, but it wasn’t until the vile villain known as Corruption nearly wiped out the city that they join as one, to become SafeGuard.

Corruption had used his fear enduing mind powers to turn all the citizens of Golden Bridge in to weak, helpless creatures to scared to even go outside.  Corruption grew more and more powerful the worse the situation got until The heroes alone could no longer confront him. The Guardian rallied them together and they set out to best Corruption. Man-ifold creating an army of himself to face the foe head on with the help of the sun powered Dawn Titan whilst Sanctuary and The Guardian prepared for the second phase. The army of Man-ifold overwhelmed Corruption whilst Dawn Titan protected the original version. Corruption forced to go super nova ready to unleash a city ruining amount of fear energy, in an instant the Man-ifold army all gathered back into the original as The Guardian, protected by Sanctuary grabbed Corruption and aimed all his energy at Backlash. Backlash absorbed it all and with one final breath before collapsing sent it all back at Corruption with an uppercut.

The day was won, the city saved, Corruption stopped and a team was born.