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#1 Gorilla Ghost

| November 1, 2010 | 10 Comments

I have to cop to getting this one from watching The League on FX. They kept saying, “ghost monkey,” and it stuck in my head. Hence, the Gorilla Ghost.

Quick run-down: Carl Rundy is our character’s name, and he’s possessed by the ghost of a recently deceased gorilla. Haven’t decided on hero or villain, but that might come organically from the design.

Design: The idea of a gorilla ghost is absurdly Silver Age, but that just means it’s fun. I see GG as being mostly human looking, so Carl is the focus of the design. He’s hunched over, with knuckles dragging and calloused over due to walking on them. He’s in varying stages of undress, due to the perceived uncomfortability that a gorilla would have wearing a man’s clothes. The other, major part of the design is the ghostly avatar of the gorilla that echoes his pose. The gorilla can’t be seen by anyone, save mystics, but he’s always there, influencing Carl’s every thought and movement. Carl doesn’t get any benefits from the possession, like gorilla strength or the ability to climb or anything…he’s just stuck with the ghost. Poor Carl!

By the way, I can’t draw at all, so you’re all going to have to deal with sketches like this for 30 days, so 😛 thhpppppt!

(PS – I’m doing these almost exclusively on my iPhone, so I will reformat the images at a later date)

EDIT: Artist, Danny Kelly, took a swing at GG!  See above!

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