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#7 Gargoyle Madre

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The gods found the woman prideful and after boasting of her beauty rivaling the gods’, they punished the woman. They stripped her of her beauty and when her children came to visit her, they found this horrific figure. They immediately tried to kill the monster that had invaded their mother’s home. She tried to speak, but unfortunately her new form also prevented her from speaking in a language her children could understand. As she pushed her sons aside to escape her sons’ attacks, her monstrous strength slammed them thru the walls killing them instantly. As she cradled her lifeless sons’ bodies the other villagers came to find the monster and what she had done and chased her from the village. She now visits varying villages stealing children as her own, but as soon as they are at an age that recognize her form as an evil form she eats their hearts to fill her black heart.

#7- The Crow

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