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#24 Swordspell

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When the strength of warriors fail, wizard blood takes up the sword.  Darion Wyrdmaster is warned by the other sorcerers not to proceed, but the enemy army, a monstrous wall of force, is overwhelming-  There is no other choice.  He enchants his weapon with one of the few known Swordspells, and becomes a hero- Dealing out defeat to the invaders and then weeding out monsters and villains throughout the land.  But there is a reason not to mix blood and magic, and soon Darion is fighting a battle for his soul.


Swordspell is © and TM Mike Dubisch

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#17 – Roinal

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Here’s the father of the little family that one of my main characters is a part of! His oldest kid, Mennel, and his youngest kid, Torran, were both featured on the 30 Characters Challenge! Check them out!

Kollan’s got a few articles up over at my blog. He’s the main cast’s “smart guy” and will be doing “smart” things like engineering and knowledge!

Roinal’s the first Ropoldi character I’ve drawn with his mouth open like this. I should note that if you look closely, you can see he has elongated canine teeth. The Ropoldi diet requires high protein. They live in arid plains and while many of the plants are fine for the vast numbers of herd and pack animals that dwell on the plains, they are not as easy for Ropoldi to eat or digest. The Ropoldi are highly carnivorous and they have longer and sharper teeth to facilitate this better.

#16 – Mesara

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For more about some of the characters mentioned above, you can check out the following links!

As always, you can also head over to my comic development blog to read up on the setting and the different characters!



#2 – Warlord Madurk

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Warlord Madurk is a new character who will soon appear in Dungeon Legacy, my webcomic.  His history is a bit of a spolier at this point, but it is clear he will be a powerful enemy if the party chooses to side against him.  What is his true goal?  You’ll have to read the comic to find out.

#1 Zar Karut

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“…and so Zar Karut, once the most revered and honored of all archmages of the realm of Baymaere, did broker deals with the old and ancient beings that once ruled this land, and was thereby transformed into an undead lich of dark and evil powers.  Thus, the five realms were forced to come together to make war with and, after years of struggle, defeat this new enemy, but at great cost to all, which signalled the end of the Third Great Age of mankind in this world…”  — from the diary of Ignatius Peel, grand chancellor of Baymaere (5760-5783)