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#5 Huntsman

| November 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Terrifying Neighborhood Hobo

Huntsman was a homeless man who was rounded up and forced into an experiment of augmenting human DNA with that of various animals and insects.  His DNA bonded with that of a Huntsman Spider and was one of the more successful bondings of hte experiment.  When he escaped he put his skills to use to take down those responsible as part of a super group that cannot decide on a team name (He calls them The Hunting Party), he is a fringe member of the team at best but he still does his part in saving the world.

#12 Joshua

| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Joshua is a hobo. He wasn’t always a hobo, once he had a wife and a job and a house and everything. He always wanted to move up in the world, rushing everywhere and being a major workaholic. He accidentally pissed off a disguised witch and she cursed him so that he would never be able to stop walking, ever. He is no longer able to take any form of transportation (except maybe a bike) because he will involuntarily get up and try to walk around. He only stops walking when his body’s too tired to go on or when he’s unconscious. Because he really can’t function in society anymore, his boss has fired him and his wife has divorced him out of frustration and despair. She takes the house too since, well, he really couldn’t do much with it.

After this soul crushing turn of events, Josh tries frantically to find the woman who’d done this to him (walking powers, go!). He finally finds her but it turns out that she’s died in the remaining period.

Angry and depressed, Josh aimlessly well, walks around. After a while he starts to notice (because you can only stew for so long) his surroundings and realizes they’re beautiful. All his years he’s been too busy and distracted to pay attention to such things, but now he’s got plenty of time.

Josh decides to explore the land he lives on. He goes sightseeing everywhere and gets known as the Wandering Hobo worldwide. He’s learned to live off the land but whenever he comes to a city people tend to just hand him food for his never-ending journey. Other than the gift food (which he keeps in a bag) and the clothes off his back, his only keepsake is a picture of his former wife.

#4 Demon Hobo

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He got burnt (literally – look at his hand!) on some a infernal real estate, now jobless and homeless the Demon Hobo spends his time trying to get souls from the homeless!

#2_Wandering Forest Spirit

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"Wandering Forest Spirit"

"Wandering Forest Spirit"

#13 Three-Week Johnson

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They call him Three-Week and on one knows why.

They call him Three-Week and he’ll never tell you why.

They call him Three-Week and he doesn’t know why.

They call him Three-Week and he hates the 4th of July.

They call him Three-Week and he ain’t shy.

They call him Three-Week and he makes the babies cry.

They call him Three-Week and he swears he can fly.

They call him Three-Week and his can his never dry.