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#29 Claude Claus

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#27 Mr. Birthday Hat

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#22 Frosty The Necro-Snowmancer

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There must have been some dark magic in that old silk hat they found… Building a better winter season one undead snowman at a time.

#13 – Pizza Luvin’ Santa

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#13 – Pizza Luvin’ Santa

People picture Santa as a jolly old man who eats nothing but cookies and sweets all year long. Really though, who could eat that stuff all the time? You would have to take a break every so often and eat a real meal.

When Santa’s craving something that will fill him up, he turns to the North Pole Pizzeria where Antonio the elf makes a special pie with his favorite toppings. Recently Santa has been getting a slice or two left for him on Christmas Eve and it’s made his busy night go so much smoother. He’s even decided to modify his outfit to reflect the love he has for the classic dish.

Be a sport and leave Santa some pizza this year instead of the same old cookies and milk.

This picture is another one done in homage to the coolest artist I know, Mark Mariano. Check out his art at his website, www.mypalmark.com, and don’t rub in the fact of how much better he is than me when it comes to drawing.

While you’re out surfing, I’ll put a plug in for my site, www.nosweetsforsanta.com, for a cool story about Santa getting pizza on Christmas Eve.

#9 – Dead Nog

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#9 – Dead Nog

Sir Eggington Nog was a distinguished carton from the U.K. visiting friends in America. He decided to stop by a suburban Christmas party and was viciously attacked by the party goers. He was found after the party ended, laying lifeless on the floor with the last of his contents slowly leaking out.

Found later by the Holiday Hellions, his death only strengthened their resolve to stop the holiday massacres once and for all. Ninjabread Man, Bruit Cake, and Mangled Mallow use his death as a turning point in their campaign of avenging fallen foodstuffs. When going into battle, they often cry out:

“Let’s do this for the Nogster!”

#7 – The Mangled Mallow

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#7 – The Mangled Mallow

On the run after barely saving himself from a boiling cup of Hot Chocolate at a suburban Christmas Party, Marsh looks for a way to avenge his deformity.

His contempt for humanity increases each year as the weather gets cold and he sees bags of his brothers and sisters melted into oblivion to make sweet treats.

While there isn’t much the Mangled Mallow can do to harm humanity, he focuses all of his mental energy on hoping the main villains will develop diabetes. That is the best revenge he can come up with at this time.

As part of the gang called the Holiday Hellions, he typically serves the very important role of decoy.

#6 – Bruit Cake

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#6 – Bruit Cake

Years of feeling no self worth and often being the butt of jokes every holiday season has made him stale. Now, pushed to point of no return, he strikes out at others, wielding the small butter knife that once threatened his existence.

Bruit Cake becomes especially mean during the holiday season when he sees the unappreciation of his kind. His own brother was left at a doorstep, only to be discarded one month later without any remorse.

Losing an eye to a local cat has only made him even more resentful of the world, driving him to even lower depths of depravity.

This post is a follow-up to my NinjaBread Man.  I guess I can call the collection, “Holiday Hellions”.

#4 – The NinjaBread Man

| November 4, 2011 | 2 Comments

The NinjaBread Man

Vowing to avenge his family after they were savagely eaten at a suburban Christma party, the once cute GingerBread Man could take no more of humanity. Arming himself with a candy cane bo staff and concealing his identity with a strand of Christmas ribbon, he wreaks havoc through the neighborhoods in his area.

His typical method of attack is at night while humans are walking on the snowy streets.  He uses Dough Foo, to cause people to loose their balance and become injured.

If you listen carefully on an icy night, you can hear his squeaky voice in the distance, chanting his hunting song:
“Run, Run, Run, as fast as you can. You can’t escape me, I’m the NinjaBread Man!”

While some say he has gone completely over to the burnt side, those closest to him remind us that he still hasn’t given up his colorful gum drop buttons, so there is still hope.

I hope you enjoyed this holiday inspired submission, it’s actually the first picture I’ve tried to draw and color myself, hence the poor quality.