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Friendventurers 02+03: Nature Pals! Black Forest Hernandez and Countess Kountouros

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Friendventurer 01- Ariman Songfellow

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Ariman Songfellow

018 – Gregory William Robbins

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Gregory’s an owner to a local pub.  His father passed it on to him after he retired many years ago.  His grey hairs are due to a hereditary trait of early greying.  He met Serenitatem, his wife, after a near death experience where she accidentally revealed herself as his guardian angel.  Though they’re working in separate realms, the two maintain their relationship and support their son.

#27 Mr. Birthday Hat

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Day Eighteen: Goblin’ Boy

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#21 Sly The I.T. Guy

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A hard working guy for a guy that stares at a multi monitor array mostly waiting for things to go wrong.  He’s mostly hoping that if something goes wrong it’s worth his time… not that so and so on the third floor still doesn’t “get” how to work his e-mail.

Capt. Bucksnort

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This mighty land pirate travels the land in search of gems and gold. Don’t cross him or he will do you in.

#4 Flintpower Sky-Mountain

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Born as Flint Rockmann in the late 70’s he took on his “spirit name” Flintpower Sky-Mountain

#3 Dr. Mitchell K. Lowery

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Dr. Mitchell K. Lowery is a very Bill Nye type character. He’s very intelligent college professor so when he gets excited he gets to talking fast and most folks don’t actually understand what he’s talking about. Because he looks very much like Colonel Sanders but has Red Hair his unofficial nick name on campus is Dr. Ginger Sanders.

#22 – Marcus Apheus

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Marcus is an interesting character that I really want to use in some of my stories. He’s a WIP that I like to develop more. I might create his parents later.

#3 Signet and #4 Answer

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My next two characters are the two brothers, Signet and Answer. I have significantly less information about them. Most of my characters aren’t as fleshed out as the first two; I spent quite a while thinking about them. Anyway so the premise for these two bros is that one is incredibly pretty while the other is incredibly ugly. All the traits that make Signet beautiful are magnified and exaggerated in unpleasant ways for Answer. But that’s not it, because that’s a terrible premise. I’ll be nice and reveal why I gave them such unusual (awful?) names; Signet–> Cygnet, aka a (baby) swan, and Answer–> Anser, the genus for geese. Really the whole swan thing is the only important part. See, swans are gorgeous on the outside, but are giant assholes on the inside. So, a gorgeous guy with a not-so-gorgeous personality and, as what I feel is a natural extension of that, an ugly guy with a beautiful personality. But the beautiful jerk and the unfortunate looking nice guy thing seem overdone (Quasimodo?). Signet isn’t a jerk, he’s a creep. He’s annoying, stalkerish, awkward and rude. You wouldn’t know until he opens his mouth. There is not one part of him that can be considered suave or endearing. Answer is kind and sweet, but not in a nice-guy way. He’s Rhett Butler, “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy” levels of suave and romantic.

Signet and Answer always hang out together. Girls always hover around Signet but when they discover and are repulsed by his awful personality, they tend to assume that Answer is even worse without even talking to him. If they talked to him first they would see what a great guy he was, but Signet tends to edge in the first word before Answer can say anything.

#13 Joshua

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joshua is a strange character. he lies on a rusting metal bedframe and dirty matress in a dark, rotting room. the room is in a decaying wooden mill on the banks of an underwater stream. to get there you must follow a mineshaft to the bottom.

joshua lies on this bed all day, all night, and does not move. people are searching for him – his sister has come to the underground mill. but she can’t find him, and keeps calling out to him.

and all he hears is a soft dripping of water.

joshua’s based off of a dream i had, and possibly will get a minicomic sometime next october. we’ll see.

#7 Anil

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Anil is part dragon, part boy, and lives in the high, secluded mountians in a small tribe. He is often ridiculed because of his small wingspan, which are not large enough to support his flight. So instead, he works as an backup assistant for the local medic, where can can stay on the ground. In his spare time he likes to climb and explore around his home.

1) Theodore Vaughn IV

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Unfortunately I’m not an artist in any sense of the word. Nor do I posses the tools or software necessary to post any competent art to this site. But I came here to write, and I write to impress, so please judge me based on my words. And feel free to be brutally honest; only meaningful feedback is good feedback!


Prose Introduction

Lily turned the corner, then stopped. Standing in the aisle was a figure wrapped all in dark blue. A blue hood sat upon his head, from which hung a fine veil which obscured the face. His cloak was pinned by a broach on the left breast, and hung all the way to the floor. The only part of the body visible was the right hand in which the figure held a small stack of tomes. It was covered, fingers and all, in linen bandages, betraying not a trace of flesh. A leper perhaps, thought Lily. But what was he doing in the library? They were forbidden to come this far into the city.

As Lily opened her mouth to speak, the figure revealed another completely bound hand, drew a book from the stack, and reached to place it back upon the shelves. The hand extended outward and upwards, but as it reached reached its full extension, the bandage began to unravel. Instinctively, Lily’s hand went to her mouth, expecting the unpleasant smell. But as the bandage came undone, it revealed no flesh underneath. The figure’s hand continued to rise upwards as the arm unwound, until the only thing connecting the body to the incorporeal hand some 5 shelves above was a slim ribbon of linen bandage. Lily screamed.

The figure jumped, its books falling upon the oak floor. Its head spun to locate her, veil flying up and away from the face. Under the hood, Lily could distinguish a pair of small goggles, tucked neatly into an otherwise perfectly linen-bound face. She gasped involuntarily at what she saw, lungs preparing for a second volley of sound. But no sooner had she finished the breath. The figures right hand shot for her, bandages uncoiling like a spring from the wrist. It landed on her mouth and held; its strength not so much as to hurt her, but still too strong for her to break free. She sruggled to release her vocal chords and once again betray their location, but the figure was coming towards her now. It looked as though feet and knees were moving underneath the cloak, but the figure made no sound as it hurried down the aisle towards her.

Lily moaned as it drew near, panic beginning to consume her senses. It was right next to her now, bandages of both wrists reforming into the shape of a man. As the hand reformed, the figure raised a finger to its lips, trying to shush her.

“Please,” it spoke — the voice a boy, young. A voice that sounded muffled, or slightly far away — “Oh please don’t scream. I won’t hurt you! I’m a friend!”


The Breakdown

Theodore Vaughn IV was once a normal child, with normal problems. This was not long, however. As the son of Theodore Vaughn III, a knight of the realm, and grandson of Lady Teresa Vaughn, High Priestess of the kingdom and powerful sorceress, young Theo became the natural target of several enemies of the realm. On his 9th birthday, Theo was attacked by a powerful and sadistic necromancer, who and hoped to break and bind the boy to his own evil purposes. Lady Teresa was able to intervene, but not before the necromancer’s curse had done it’s work on Theo’s body.

Reduced to a spirit, Theo hung on the brink of life. Acting quickly, Lady Teresa poured her power into a ribbon of pure, white linen, speaking substance and form into every fiber and weave. The result was a container spell, powerful enough to house the formless Theo and intricate enough to anticipate and grow with the adolescent spirit. However, the power consumed by the spell proved too great, and Lady Teresa perished from the strain.

Now at the age of 15, Theo has become accustomed to the life of “inhabiting a shell.” He exists as a spirit, bound to the world by a full-body wrap of white-linen with nothing inside. Since this appearance is not quite socially accepted, he has taken to clothing completely in thick, obscuring robes, and wears a veil. In situations where he is unable to avoid detection, Theo has attempted to pass as a leper: a dangerous if possible explanation. As a spirit, Theo is able to leave and enter his shell at will, although he may never stray farther from it than a league. While in the shell, he is in complete control of his form, and can manipulate his wrappings to his own advantage (as illustrated in the Introduction). His shell has also been enchanted to provide strength and stamina, but not in obscene amounts.

In honor of his grandmother, Theo has devoted himself to the study of divine magic. However, unable to participate properly in the academy, Theo has taken up residence in the attics of the Capital Library. He spends most of the time concealed in the attic, but tends to wander the aisles of the upper floors to clear his mind — which, unbeknownst to him, has started the rumor of ghosts in the Library. Natural talent and social isolation have made a competent young spellcaster in the divine schools. His shell has be-spelled with several charms, by both his grandmother and himself, making it more resistant to damage and the elements. However, he is in no way invulnerable, and prefers to flee from conflict.


A character by Skyler L.