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#15: Walter Ramsey

| November 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

Loman’s own werewolf agent, Walter Ramsey.

Born in Scotland in the 1600s, Walter was an ordinary traveling merchant until he came across a pack of werewolves in Jurgenburg, Livionia. After witnessing them transform and do battle with demonic entities from a portal, Walter wanted to and was inducted into their pack, called The Hounds of God. As part of the Hounds, Walter protected Europe from demonic threats during his travels, until the height of supernatural paranoia led to the deaths of several of his pack members and the eldest member being lashed when he attempted to reveal their work to the outside world. Walter realized his family was not safe and went to protect them, but his wife, and their daughter, left Walter to sail to the Colonies.

Walter traveled the world in a drunker stupor  over the centuries, fighting any random supernatural threat he comes across while slowly losing himself more and more to his werewolf self, until he was approached by Arthur Loman in working with his Loman Organization. Using a nanomachines to regulate his transformations, Walter was given a renewed sense of purpose in doing the work that he originally started with the Hounds of God.

Currently, Walter works as a field operative for Team Zeus, along with Adam Mortensen. He acts as a semi-father figure to agent Deidra Edelweiss, and a drinking buddy to several members of the Loman Organization.

Abilities: As a werewolf, Walter is capable of transforming into a wolfen creature with enhanced strength, speed and senses. When in his human form, Walter possesses a degree of enhanced strength and all of his enhanced senses.  While Walter is capable of transforming at will, his emotional state in both his human and were forms change based on the phases of the moon.

Having a nanomachine fleet in his body regulates his werewolf states and enable him to have relatively painless transformations via requests to Loman HQ, as well as giving him the ability to transform into various stages of  his Lycan state;

Stage 1: Similar to the Wolfman films, with full hair, enlongated claws and fangs and increased muscle mass.

Stage 2: An in-between to Wolfman and wolf form. Even more increased strength and power.

Stage 3: Looks like a bipedal wolf with a tail and almost full access to his lycan abilities, yet retains his mind

Stage 4: Full access to his werewolf traits, yet is driven by pure instinct and harder to keep in control.

Walter wears flexible body armor that stretches during his transformations and boots that open at the toes when he goes into full werewolf mode. Walter also favors wearing a trenchcoat that is enchanted with protective wards and armor lined to protect Walter form physical and mystical attacks.

Creation: Walter was created as me and Carlos both are werewolf fans and wanted to make a werewolf character. I made him more of a fun character and gave him a laid-back personality, while Carlos helped in fleshing out his backstory and added the father figure role to elemental witch Deidra. I based his character of a historical reference in 1692 by a court testimony about an old man  in Jurgenburg, Livonia, who claimed that werewolves were agents of God and that he and several other werewolves would travel to Hell and fight demons, while the Hounds of God Tag came from a werewolf character in Neil Gaiman’s, The Graveyard Book. The pose shows his semi-casual look as the pose was referencing a Hellblazer cover,, while his werewolf form is shown behind him as a tell of what his werewolf form would look like to the viewer.

#13: Duo

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The Martial Arts Alchemist, Duo.

Jason Kim was an agent of the John Dee Society in Alchemy and partner to Nick Dyer. These Alchemy Agents were responsible with upholding the Rules of Alchemy and the protectors of the Philosopher’s Stone Mound, located off of Lake Michigan, but it was not always so.  Before Jason Kim, he was  Huan Hsaing, and Alchemist during the height of Chinese Alchemy research and he was the first to tap into the Elixir of Immortality in prolonging his life. Throughout the centuries, Huan saw and experienced many great and terrible things until he was approached by John Dee in the 1550’s and was inducted into the secret Dee Society, along with Edward Dyer, an English poet/alchemist, who Huan became fast friends with. The Dee Society went through many ups and downs; from Dee’s research into the paranormal, the rebirth of Hermes Trismegistus and the Books of Thoth, to the civil war within the society between Dee, Edward Kelly/Talbot, and a resurrected Nicholas Flamel. These battles all centered around safeguarding and procuring the Philosopher Stone Mounds, along with Huan’s Elixir of Immortality. Though Dyer never took it, Huan has consumed the Elixir as a means to protect his friend’s family, for contrary to the other prominent Alchemists, Edward a successful Alchemist, able to circumvent certain rules of Transmutation and his gift passed on to his offspring, along with Edwards Philosopher’s Stone as a Dyer has always been a member with the John Dee Society.

It wasn’t until Nick Dyer’s death that Huan, now Jason Kim, suspected any wrongdoing within the Society, but after conducting his own investigation around Nick’s car accident, Jason suspects another coup is in the works within the society and he must prepare Nick’s son, Alan in the ways of Alchemy, before the group that took Alan’s father, come for him next.

As Duo, Jason trains Alan in both harnessing his father’s Philosopher Stone, but also in defending himself in combat. He also acts as Alan’s source of intel in dealing with threats beneath the Society’s notice, but not for the Front Line.

Abilities: With a Philosopher’s Stone embedded in his left eye, Jason is capable of creating organic and inorganic transmutations with his hands and feet via touch. His eye also accelerates his mental calculations so as to be able to make create objects quickly, as well as see the chemical composition of various objects and see various spectrums of light invisible to the naked eye. Jason is also a skilled martial artist, having mastered over 70 different fighting styles, from weapon to open-handed combat, throughout his long lifetime. Jason is also a skilled chemist and is one of the founders of the Elixir of Immortality. Jason is also an Agent of the John Dee Society and has access to their vast library of  alchemy knowledge as well as their resources in determining threats that the Dee society won’t handle, but can get them to Alan and the Front Line to handle.

Creation: I wanted to make a mentor type character to go with the Alchemist, as well as being a fan of stark contrast costumes, with the ying yang motif being the basis for his wardrobe. It also aids in the Taoist philosophies inherent in Chinese Alchemy, which is a happy accident on my part.

#8 – Jezebel Phoenix

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

I’ve been around.

That is, I think, the best way to sum it up.

Most of the early years are a complete blur. The fact that everything keeps changing so damn fast doesn’t hep either.

When the hell did we started carrying phones in our pockets again?

Anyways, I know it may sound a little hard to believe, looking the way I look.

That is, alive.

But, hey. I know who I am and I know where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. The rest is your problem.

Half the people I meet prefer to not believe, mostly because of what that would mean for their own personal believe systems, for science, for history and what not.

The other half likes to believe I’m just making stuff up.

Like I said, it’s their problem.

No one likes to hear that the messiah had a nice caboose. Either because its blasphemy or because it confirms there actually was a messiah.

So, I try to mostly keep to myself. When you’ve lived as long as I have, you tend to not get too attached to, well… Everything.

The people I know and the places I visit tend to end up turning to dust sooner or later. It used to hit me real hard. Left a big hole in me. Like the equivalent of phantom limb for nostalgia or something.

The children were the worst.

My… Children.

Lets just say no one cheered higher when we came up with the first condom and move on, OK?

As far as what I do, well… I’ve done a bit of everything.

Or at least everything they would let a woman do.

Even tried to get into the hero business once or twice. I think the first time was in 1722, when the concept first appeared. Then in the early 40’s but that just didn’t go well AT ALL. And one last time in the seventies.

Thank Buddha I stopped smoking whatever I was smoking back then. That costume… I’m sure there are pictures on your world wide web or somewhere in there.

I never did too well at the hero thing. Mostly because compared to guys who can build giant zeppelins, move mountains with their minds and turn into living energy, the amazing ability of “Not Dying” leave much to be desired.

It does have its perks though. I’ve never been sick in my entire life. Not even a cold. Not even a migraine. Never had any acne problems or anything of the sort.

Even my teeth are completely flawless!! And let me tell you, having leaved most of my life without knowing proper dental hygiene, that is saying something.

But anyway. Starting my own business was mostly a matter of necessity more than anything else. It’s real hard to open a bank account or take a loan when your birth certificate is a museum piece. OK, that was a joke. When I was born, the concept of birth certificates, fire and the freaking wheel had not occurred to us yet. But my condition does make me rely on cash a great deal.

So I started thinking what I could do with all of these millennia of experience that benefits from the fact that I cannot be killed no matter how hard you try.

It’s actually rather silly that it took me all this time to figure it out: Professional Bodyguard.

Got myself a license, a couple of people who are crazy enough to work both for and with me, and there you go!!

Now, don’t believe what the movies have told you: Being a bodyguard is mind numbing job. Cubicle drones get lucky compared to us. But then again the pay is GREAT, you get to meet interesting people and, once in a while, something blows up. Mostly because of me.

It’s a flaw of mine. I’ve been working on it.

So, what do you say kiddo?

You want in?

#4 – Reaver

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Byron Snow was not happy.

He was far from it, actually.

You would think that someone who spends his life sleeping, partying and indulging in any excess his mind could think of in equal ways, a man who would never have to worry about money for as long as he lived, would not have to deal with such things as unhappiness.

Yet he did.

He did because the reason for his unhappiness relentlessly followed him wherever he went. It stared at him at any club he went. It brought him his supper, he could see them even from his penthouse apartment, far above the city, aimlessly loitering like the mindless cattle they all were.

Humans were his problem.

Humans were the reason of his unhappiness.

300 years ago, back when he was “born” into his new life, he and his kind would have no issue with rampaging through villages burning everything in sight, openly feeding under the moonlight, enjoying from the warm sustenance as well as from the fear saturating the atmosphere. But those halcyon days were long gone. Quietly bowing their heads and blending in with the meat was now the name of the game. Both The Council and The Covenant had agreed to this. In this new era of enlightenment and widespread information, acting in such an open manner would only invite more attention than the one they already got from The Huntsmen, and that was more than enough attention already.

So they blended in.

Most of them finally made use of their vast fortunes, amassed through centuries of never needing a single dime, spending it in every possible thing they could conceive off in order to chase boredom and hunger away.

Reaving was unanimously outlawed by The Council, the decision enforced by The Covenant. Anyone found reaving, no matter how careful or privately they did so, would be executed on the spot. No exceptions.

And so, Byron Snow hid. And lived. And was unhappy.

He was unhappy while a once proud and mighty race cowered under the numerical superiority of the meat. While their legend was forgotten, the terror they once instilled in the hearts of men and children alike lost to the passage of time. He saw as the meat made fools out of them, turning them into parodies of their former selves, little more than fodder for the romantic delusions of teen-aged girls, spinsters and unsatisfied housewives.

And the worst part was that every day, every month, every year he kept on feeding but not nurturing himself, he cared a little less about all of those things that should have continued to fuel his righteous indignation. He was growing fat and complacent.

He had to do something about it.

The first night he went out there was yet to be a costume. He had honestly convinced himself it would be a one time thing. Something to sate his thirst and be done with it. He knew it had to be someone who wouldn’t be missed. Someone you’d already expect to found splattered across the walls and floor of a dirty alley. When he heard the woman scream, he knew that was it. Even as weakened as it was, his body did most of the work for him without his even realizing.

The woman in itself was of little interest. Who cared what had happened to her? She was nothing but an enabler. By being the victim, she allowed him to come at him in any way he damn pleased. He was the real star of the show.

His original thought had been to just take things slow and enjoy it as much as possible in order to get the most out of it, considering this was gonna be a one-time thing. Even when the first warm jet started gushing, he innocently still believed this. But it had been so long since he had last reaved. The sensation, the rush, the excitement, the frenzy.

It completely took over him. How could they have stopped doing this?

How could they keep denying themselves something that was so unequivocally theirs?

It was wrong in so many fundamental levels. He knew it all the way inside of him, as he felt his body getting stronger, already demanding more sustenance.

He would need to disguise himself. No need to attract the attention of The Covenant. And already the humans had this long standing tradition of dressing in gaudy outfits and beating the living hell out of each other. And certainly no one would miss a few dead robbers or rapists. Nor the police would dig to deep when they found their broken, maimed and dry remains. They simply had it coming.

Byron Snow smiled.

He was happy for the first time in a long time. Happy that he had finally found a way of being himself once again out in the open, were his kind truly belonged.

Out there in the night.